50 Summer Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try ASAP for Fun in the Sun

Hello, sunshine! With festivals, beaches, and sundresses on everyone’s minds, you’re going to need some cute summer hairstyles to complete your 3-month dream story.

What better way to discover them than through a carefully curated list with the best summer hairstyles of the year?

With braids, scarves, and updos galore, our selection includes chic and useful ideas for all hair types.

See how you can fabulously beat the heat, stay cool, and glow with confidence this summer, and all below!

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1. Fresh and Cute Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

During those scorching months, long hair can often prove to be a nightmare. However, when styled wisely, you can end up with some of the prettiest hairstyles you’ve ever tried.

To flaunt the length of your locks while keeping it cool, tie a bandana as a headband for your half up hairstyle.

2. Easy Summer Hairstyles with Half Up Bows

On that note, half up half down hairstyles are indisputably a must when summer comes around. Even more, the great part is that you don’t even need to have long hair for them.

All you have to do is take a section of hair in the front on each side and twist them until the ends meet in the center. Top it all off with a bow accessory and you’ll be ready to slay all day.

3. Great Hairstyles for Summer Vacations

If you’re traveling on vacation, your hairstyle is probably one of the last aspects you’ll be fretting about. Therefore, we encourage you to make the most of your days off with a one-minute loose bun.

To add just the right touch of casual glam on the go, wrap a scarf around the bun and leave the ends hanging.

4. Cornrow Box Braids

Not only do box braids look gorgeous, but they’re also highly practical for protecting an afro-textured base throughout hot and humid months. Additionally, they tie in superbly with cornrows at your roots.

You can also learn how to braid cornrows on your own and make it a fun goal to accomplish by the end of the summer.

5. Best Summer Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Any gal with long and thick hair knows that it becomes quite a burden to handle for the duration of summer. The hotter it is outside, the more your beautifully thick locks will seem to increase the temperature even more.

Nevertheless, with the help of updos for long hair, you can braid, twist, and tie your way into glamorous comfort.

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6. Chill Side Braids

If you’re a chill girl, an easygoing side braid might be just what you need for your summer hairstyle. Pick your most flattering side and create a curved braid starting from your part. You can also look into other braid styles if you want to extend your range of braiding skills.

7. Summer Pixie Cuts

When you peel back the layers, summertime is really all about living your best life. Why not celebrate the season with a brand new makeover? You can get a pixie cut for the occasion and skip the stress of excessive styling altogether.

8. Messy Summer Hairstyles with Scarves

If you’d rather keep your long hair, you can go all out with scarves. No matter how you flip it, hair scarves are an ideal choice for the period. Thanks to their patterns and colors, they bring out the vividness of summer. On the other hand, they also come in handy for keeping yourself cool.

9. Hair Headband Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair

You’ll be blown away by the magic that a handful of hair ties and bobby pins can create. With a bit of patience, you can create a headband with your own hair and look marvelous while doing it. Use the hair ties to section your “headband” from place to place and the bobby pins for securing it.

10. Summer Crown Braids

We’re fairly sure that the person who came up with the crown braid was a big fan of summer. Hands down, it’s one of the most effective hairstyles for escaping a merciless heatwave. As if that weren’t enough, it looks absolutely angelic. So much so, in fact, that it’s also known as the halo braid.

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11. Waterfall Braids

There’s no better time for a waterfall braid than summer. Similar to the crown braid, the waterfall braid wraps around the crown of the head.

However, instead of using all the hair, it weaves in strands that flow down like water. For even more cascading inspiration, check out our dedicated collection to find the perfect waterfall braid with curls.

12. Easy Summer Hairstyles with Loose Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids will always be a summer staple. Not only do they make you think of mermaid hair and seaside fun but they’re also helpful if you want to prevent overheating. Provided your locks are long enough, you can create a loose and luxurious fishtail braid and toss it to the side.

13. Summer Top Knots

It wouldn’t be summer if we didn’t rock top knots every other day. Let’s be honest; any girl with at least shoulder-length hair knows that it’s a lifesaver. For those unbearable dog days, it’s definitely the hairstyle you can count on at any given moment.

14. Bridal Summer Hairstyle Ideas

The day you tie the knot is the last one you want to have an existential crisis in. Once you’ve picked out your dress, plan just as much in advance for your jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle.

For a summer wedding, a braided updo with flowers and ribbons will look gorgeous. While you’re at it, feast your eyes on the rest of our favorite wedding hairstyles for long hair too.

15. Summer Pin Up Hairstyles

Pin up hairstyles have everything you could ever hope for – elegance, history, and femininity. If you’re patient enough to study the trends and techniques of the times, you can enjoy a spectacular pin-up hairstyle. The vintage glam will undoubtedly make you feel like a vintage model.

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16. Knotted Pigtail Buns

When it comes to hairstyles, messy is often a better approach than flawless. It comes across as more laid back and effortless, even if there might be some work involved. If you’re a gal with a carefree personality, try your hand at some loosely braided pigtails with knotted ends on each side.

17. Cute Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

Some will argue that short hair is boring, due to the lack of hairstyles you can play around with. We totally disagree. If you’re creative enough, you can come up with a hairstyle just as cute as this for longer hair. For starters, tie your hair half up half down and ruffle the tips all around.

18. Braids Wrapped in Buns

Oftentimes, girls who decide to get braids also want to extend the length of their hair with their help. Nevertheless, we all know that long hair flowing down your back on a hot summer day can be a real struggle. Therefore, we recommend twisting your braids into a sleek bun at the base of your neck.

19. Girl Next Door Summer Hairstyles

To prove our point about messy hairstyles, take a look at this nonchalant beauty. A high ponytail with a couple of loose strands framing your face looks outstanding.

To give the hairstyle a summery touch, use a large bow over your hair tie. The “girl next door” vibe you get is perfect for hanging out with friends.

20. Best Summer Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Even though girls with thick hair tend to have a hard time during the summer, those with fine hair have their fair share of battles.

On the never-ending pursuit of volume, there are some tips you can pick up along the way. Sectioning your hair into a half up hairstyle and tying the top part in a loose bun can help you out.

21. Twisted Scarf Buns

You’ve likely noticed by now that the hair scarf is a summer hairstyles essential. In all honesty, it truly opens up a new world of styling opportunities.

Instead of taking the usual route and wrapping it around the crown of your head, you can create your hairstyle based on your scarf. Twist it in and out of your hair for a stunningly knotted low updo.

22. Turban Hairstyles

Also part of the scarf family, the turban is an enchanting piece to have among your accessories.

Not only does it help women express their culture through their appearance but it also protects your hair from potential damage. Pair it with some large earrings and you’ll be a summer diva indeed.

23. Braid into Ponytail Summer Hairstyles

We’ve shown you how a side braid looks, but what if we turned it up a notch with another hairstyle? If you’re generally fond of ponytails, you can spice yours up with a subtle yet effective braid on one or both sides.

In this situation, we recommend braiding up until you reach the tied point of your ponytail.

24. Faux Bangs Top Knots

One of the benefits that come with having long hair is that you can trick your way into certain haircuts without actually getting them.

To put it otherwise, you can get faux bangs by creating a top knot and using the tips of your hair over your forehead.

If and when you do decide to get to chopping, feel free to use our list of long hair with bangs hairstyles for inspiration.

25. Easy Summer Hairstyles with Ponytails

A ponytail will help you get through any summer day. But a ponytail with a bandana? You’re ready to conquer the world. Choose a bandana that will either match your outfit or add a splash of color to your look. As always, several loose locks in the front are fantastic for framing your lovely face.

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26. Flower behind Ear Hairstyles

Nothing says summer quite like a big and beautiful flower tucked behind one ear. Whether you’re on vacation, at a beach party or just flaunting your latest sundress, a fresh flower can be the picture-perfect accessory.

In addition, you won’t even have to style the rest of your hair, so go ahead and leave it down.

27. Casual Chignons

The chignon is known as one of the most graceful hairstyles in the book. It’s classy, girly, and overall an exceptional choice for a formal occasion. At the same time, a whimsical scarf can tone down the fanciness of a chignon to make it wearable on any given day.

28. Cute Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair

A reverse braid bun is an easy and impressive way to style your hair during summertime. Furthermore, its visual impact is far larger than the effort it takes to create it.

To get a reverse braid bun, tilt your head down and French braid your hair starting from your nape. When you reach the crown of your head, wrap the ends into a messy bun.

29. Fresh Flower Crowns

Take advantage of nature’s goodies this summer and make your very own festival-worthy flower crown. It’s not nearly as complicated as it seems, as long as you know what colors and flowers you want to use. When you’re done, simply lay it on your head and have fun at the event you’re attending.

30. Festival Hairstyles

Speaking of festivals, we girls know that it’s our time of the year to shine. Music festivals allow you to go all out with your makeup, outfits, and, naturally, hairstyles. You can add pretty much any accessories that cross your mind to your hairstyle. The funkier, the better.

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31. Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair with Headbands

If you have a notably short haircut, you can use accessories to make up for any braids or ponytails you can sport just yet. For instance, let’s say that you’re growing out a pixie cut or you have a short bob.

Pick your favorite headband and place it between your bangs and the rest of your hair. It’s a cute detail that’s bound to make you feel fabulous.

32. Protective Updos

Regardless of the season, protective hairstyles for natural hair will always come in handy for women with textured curls. If you want to block humidity, heat, and any other forms of damage, you can try a set of charming sisterlocks styled into a faux hawk.

33. 90s Bandana Scarf Hairstyles

Whether you’re a fan of the late Aaliyah or 90s fashion in general, the full-head bandana look should be on your list of hairstyles to try out this summer. The approach was popularized by Babygirl herself back in the day, but now it’s still as stylish and flattering as ever.

34. Carefree Summer Hairstyles

Simplicity can often help you steal the show without even trying. For example, a hairstyle as basic as a low ponytail will make you dazzle with grace in any environment. However, if you tie a cute scarf around the ponytail and leave the ends loose, you’ll have an extra touch of style.

35. Sun Protection Summer Hairstyle Ideas

It’s all fun games during the summer, but you still need to be careful. Just like we use sunscreen to protect our skin, we need to use accessories to protect our hair and scalp during super hot days.

If you’re planning to spend the whole day on the beach, use a large scarf to prevent heat exhaustion or other forms of sun damage.

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36. Half Up Top Knots

Are you sick of using the same ol’ top knot? You can switch your style around by using the top knot as part of a half up half down hairstyle. It’s more interesting than a classic half up look, all while complementing an adventurous personality that’s ready to make this summer incredible.

37. Braided Scarf Easy Summer Hairstyles

Similar to using a scarf as part of a low bun, the photo above shows how you can apply the same principle to braids. To get the look, flatten out a scarf and set it on the top of your head with each end free on the sides.

Then, as you start braiding your hair, use the scarf as part of the weaving. When you’re done, use the tips of the scarf to tie off the braid.

38. Dutch Braid Pigtails

One of the most popular braids for summer hairstyles is the Dutch braid. Essentially, it’s the opposite of a French braid, with the braid part going outwards instead of inwards. Most of the time, girls like to rock Dutch braids in the form of boxer-like pigtails.

39. Great Hairstyles for Summer with Braided Bow Buns

For the super sweet hairstyle shown above, you have to combine two techniques we’ve covered – the reverse braid and the Dutch braid. Combine the methods to get two reverse Dutch braid pigtails. When you get to the crown of your head, style the ends into hair bows.

40. Pull Through Braid Pigtails

While we’re talking about pigtails, here is an alluring hairstyle that won’t go by unnoticed. It features two big pull through braids that end in mini infinity braids before flowing down into normal pigtails. While the smaller infinity braids are optional, they do help pull the whole look together.

41. Rope Twist Crown Braids

Want to try a crown braid that stands out from the rest? Make your braid look even more like a halo with the rope twist technique.

The hairstyle looks stunning, but we have to warn you that it might be tricky to keep in place if you have straight and/ or fine hair. Bobby pins and hairspray will always help.

42. Boho Summer Hairstyles

At this point, summer and boho are concepts that basically go hand in hand. There’s no better way to get your hippie vibes on than with a nature-inspired bohemian hairstyle. Flowers are the perfect touch to complete the look, whether fresh or artificial (if you’re against picking flowers).

43. Ribbon Bun Summertime Hairstyles

Just like hair scarves, ribbons are amazing accessories to have around your room. If it’s one of those days in which a bun is all you have your mind on, you can use a ribbon to glam it up. Simply tie it once around the bun and create a girly bow to finish up.

44. Double Halo Braid Hairstyles

Why settle for one halo braid when you can be extra angelic with two? Even more, you can take your double crown braid to the next level by using two different braiding techniques. For instance, the top braid can be a classic three or four-strand one, while the second can be a rope twist braid.

45. Beaded Hairstyles

Beads are another treasured secret in the box of summer hairstyle accessories. With their origins in Africa, hair beads in all shapes, sizes, and materials are now loved by women all around in the world. For your summer hairstyle, they can be that discrete yet much-needed detail.

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46. Half Up Braided Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

No matter how simple it may seem, a half up braided pigtails hairstyle will always look sweet. The look is as straightforward as it gets, with two French braids done halfway through your hair.

In the end, there are so many long hairstyles out there that you can try a different one for each day of the summer.

47. High Pigtails

“The creative adult is the child who has survived”. The wonderful quote perfectly describes the playful hairstyle shown above. Whether you’re a teen or a grown woman, a childish hairstyle with high pigtails can always bring out your inner child in a beautiful way.

48. Nubian Twists with Headscarves

Are you up for summer hairstyles that offer double protection? Celebrate your black girl magic with traditional Nubian twists and a colorful hair scarf! The gorgeous hairstyle will not only show not only your heritage but also your great sense of style.

49. Volume-boosting Braids Summer Hairstyles

Depending on your hair type, summer can either mean the birth or death of volume for you. If you want to make sure that your locks are voluminous at all times, choose a helpful hairstyle.

As an example, you can create two or three vertical cornrows at one side. Stop them at the upper side of your head to get full top volume all day.

50. High Ponytail Summertime Hairstyles

Finally, we have one of the easiest but most effective summer hairstyles courtesy of the queen of ponytails herself.

Ariana Grande is well known for her ultra long, super straight locks tied in either a high ponytail or a high half up hairstyle. It’s the version that you can never go wrong with, whether for casual or formal events.

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In summary, we’re confident that all the cute summer hairstyles we presented will keep you inspired from sunrise till sunset.

Ultimately, the true secret to an Insta-ready hairstyle is to be yourself and rock the ‘do with confidence and a smile.

Also, if you want to use summer to change your look around, find out what hair color for summer works best for you!

And, as always, don’t forget to let us know which summer hairstyle caught your eye in the comments below.

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