50 Wavy & Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for All Face Shapes & Styles

What can be more adorable, sweet, and classy than a curly pixie cut? After all, if your hair is naturally curly or even wavy, this might be the best new haircut to try out!

After all, although we love long locks sometimes, a sassy short ‘do can look even more fabulous. And even if your hair isn’t curly to begin with, you can easily style pixie cuts into waves or curls.

Fortunately, there is also a curly pixie style for any face shape out there, regardless if it is a square, round or oval one.

We have prepared a list of top curly pixie cut hairstyles that we can’t wait to see and wear – so check them all out below and see which one suits you best!

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1. Curly Pixie Cut with Natural Waves

We’re used to associating pixie cuts with edgy, bad girl looks. However, it all depends on the styling. A curly pixie cut can look really elegant if styled in a natural, wavy look.

2. Curly Mohawk-Like Pixie with Bangs

Nonetheless, to add a bit more edge to a pixie hairstyle, get a razor and shave your way to a gorgeous undercut. To add a feminine touch, leave the top part longer with bangs and let them fall naturally across your forehead in a curly mohawk-like manner.

3. Between a Pixie and a Bob Hairstyle

Not quite sure if you should chop your locks to a bob or a pixie cut? You can always go halfway. This kind of look can ease your transition to a curly pixie cut without going super short from the beginning. It also works the other way around as you can wear it as you are growing out your hair.

4. Short Naturally Curly Afro Hair

Natural curls look absolutely stunning when left to bounce around in a well-made and pretty much perfect curly pixie cut. This style requires little maintenance and styling – just keep the sides shorter and the top longer and curly.

5. Vintage Diva Style

You can still rock a curly pixie cut even if your hair isn’t all corkscrew curls. If your hair is on the wavy side, cut it short for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired style – think Roman Holiday even. This cut will look wonderful on ladies with rounder faces.

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6. Long Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs

While similar to #3 in terms of looks, this particular pixie cut is more adaptable in terms of styling. Considering that the strands are a bit longer, they can be worn in different ways. For example, they can fall as blunt bangs or be face-framing ones.

7. Beach Hair

Love waves both in the ocean and in your hair? Then let your short curly hair go wild with this beachy look that has fun, fresh, and funky written all over it. Choose and style a side part and let the rest run wild and free!

8. Wavy & Classy Pixie

Sophisticated gals can opt for a longer pixie cut that verges on wavy rather than curly. Ladies with a small face should consider leaving a few strands to creep over the ears and on the forehead for a fuller look.

9. Boyish Chic Wavy Pixie

Do it like a dude, and do it in style! Pixies are among the short cuts that can be styled to look either really feminine or actually boyish. The wavy style above somehow combines them both. While the hair is choppy and layered, the shades of gray hair have a pretty girly vibe to them.

10. Dark Shadow Roots with Silver Top Pixie

This curly pixie cut will surely appeal to the tastes of our more alternative readers. It is a play on shadow roots as while the roots and lower part of the hair are left in a brunette shade, the top part is a brilliant silver-gray with blue undertones. Add a bit of mousse or styling products to keep it in place.

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11. The Audrey Tautou Fringe & Wavy Pixie

Who didn’t fall irrevocably in love with this French belle and leading actress after watching Amélie? Audrey Tautou took our breath away with her nonconformist beauty and we love that she kept on rocking a short and wavy pixie with fringe quite like no one else.

12. Pixie with Big Curls

This fusion between a bob hairstyle and a pixie cut looks absolutely jaw-dropping and will look even more so if styled with big curls. Styling tip: stock up on hairspray as this will help prevent floppy curls.

13. Steel Pink Messy Curly Pixie

Let your naturally curly hair shine through by cutting it into short and dyeing it a new color. Above, admire just how pretty and punkish a curly pixie can look as the steel pink with lavender and purple overtones hair color is both feminine and alternative.

14. Pixie with Braided Crown

Behold the beauty of the braided crown! While there are many ways to sport braids even on short cuts such as a pixie, the crown braid has a charm of its own and a versatility that make it wearable at special events and every other day alike.

15. Long Mohawk-Like Pixie Style

We love mohawks, but we’re also aware that you need to get the top length right for it to be easier to style. The image above is a perfect example of how you can take your curly pixie cut to the next level without a lot of hassle (but instead with longer bangs).

16. Curly Pixie Ombre

Short ombre hair is a joy to look at – especially as ombre hair is likely here to stay for good. For a fresh look that will fit no matter the season, try a light red ombre on a curly pixie with faded sides.

17. Pastel Paradise

Women with pale skin and long, oval faces will look exquisite with light hair colors and, of course, pixie cuts. Try a light, cotton candy pink top hair color with white sides for a punk rock glam look!

18. Hot Pink Wavy Pixie

There’s also always the bright alternative to the brilliant shade above too: hot pink. A bright magenta curly pixie cut can be styled with numerous hair accessories and products, like in the lovely example above!

19. Fairy Hair (with Shaved Sides)

Love mermaid hair but would rather rock short locks? Then welcome to the wonderful world of fairy hair! Think Tinkerbell and have fun with various light shades of green and leave the sides of the head in their natural color but shaved for some great contrast.

20. Electric Blue

Hayley Williams never ceases to amaze us with her eye-catching hair color choices. We love her signature fiery locks, but we have to admit that this electric blue is to die for as well! The slightly overgrown pixie above is also perfectly styled in its unruly way.

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21. Dark Top with Shaved Sides

Instead of settling for a dark-colored top, you can also tint your locks without going over the top. A deep shade of steel blue or dark turquoise or even a blue ombre will look really neat when coupled with a curly pixie cut – especially if you shave the sides of the head.

22. Curly Pixie Cut for Oval Faces

Our readers with oval-shaped faces will definitely want to look more into this kind of curly pixie cut. This is neatly arranged but still has a messy edge, it is a little wavy for easy maintenance. The earth tone, almost copper hair color is also stunning.

23. Pixie with Swept-Back Bangs

Brush back those curly bangs to reveal your facial features and even accentuate them. The fact that the hair is cut in a pixie shape helps make the face stand out even more than a long or even medium haircut.

24. Bouncy Corkscrew Curl Pattern Pixie

Ladies born with corkscrew curls will simply love this haircut. This curl pattern means that you can cut curly hair into a pixie without worrying about any additional styling as the curls will just naturally bounce around.

25. Afro Mohawk

A little bit of fading and shaving never hurt a pixie cut, we can assure you of that. Take this Afro pixie cut as an example: while the top part makes the most of those delightfully messy curls, the nape and sides of the head are closely cropped and shaved to make the rest stand out!

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26. Short Cut with Earth Tone Ombre

Here is another ombre curly pixie cut for you to try out. Ladies with golden skin tones will have tons of fun playing with earthy hair colors like the milk chocolate brown and vivid copper ombre in this photo.

27. Beige Lowlights on Curly Bangs

This curly pixie cut glows with a rock’n’roll edge like few others do and is made all the more special by its coloring – that is, besides the cut itself. Those subtle caramel lowlights help boost its dynamism and accentuate the curls.

28. Meg Ryan 90s Pixie Cut Style

We have to thank Meg Ryan for popularizing the pixie in the 90s and visually encouraging girls with curly hair to embrace their curls and show them off. More than 20 years later, Meg Ryan’s iconic hairstyle is still as hot as ever and can be worn with just as much confidence and style.

29. Vivid Green Way and Messy Pixie

This brilliant shade of emerald looks simply wonderful on this messy and seemingly unruly curly pixie cut. Also, if you have the courage and can, shave a bit of the area on the side for some authentic punk inspiration.

30. Soft and Chic Wavy Pixie Cut

We’ve shown you excentric, but you can always tone things down and go for a really natural and soft look. The hair doesn’t even have to be super curly for this – just let it fall around the face and frame your features naturally and beautifully.

31. Chestnut Curls on Short Hair

The color of a curly pixie haircut can be just as important and require just as much courage as going for the cut itself. So go for a tamer but simply beautiful color such as this luscious shade of chestnut – this is a beautiful way to rock natural tones in style.

32. Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair

Pixie cuts will advantage women with both thin and thick hair. Ladies with thinner tresses should consider going for a short and dynamic curly pixie cut that will bring out all the natural volume. They can also add some more by also cutting in some layers for an extra volume boost.

33. Curls and Highlights on Pixie Bob

Even though this is an example of a grown-out pixie cut, it still goes to show how stunning highlights can look even on short curly strands. They can accentuate your curls all around – especially so on a short, bouncy haircut such as this one.

34. Natural Hair Curly Pixie

A pixie haircut is one of the best options when you’re growing out your natural, afro-textured hair. It can help nicely contour a TWA by adding curves along the sides.

35. Pixie Haircut with Statement Jewelry

Curly pixie cuts will look especially gorgeous when enhanced with some help from the wonderful world of accessories – be them hairpieces or jewelry. This type of hairstyle will really bring out statement earrings – so have fun with those bold pieces you didn’t think of when you had long hair.

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36. Loose Pompadour

Another retro pixie hairstyle is inspired by the timeless pompadour. This is a looser version that looks more natural ans which can be flawlessly work for both formal and casual occasions.

37. Thick Hair Curly Pixie Cut

After covering thin hair, we want to give you an example of how you can style a curly pixie on thick hair. As long as the pixie is well cut and and textured to reduce some of its weight, then you will have no trouble styling it and maintenance will be a breeze (as long as you remember to cut it when it grows out).

38. Short Haircut for Women Over 40

Women over the age of 40 don’t have to quit experimenting with their hair, nor do they have to keep it at a specific length or in a particular style. This long, bob-like pixie cut is a modern yet appropriate for women of all ages. It was made all the funkier by the two-tone approach of its white bangs.

39. Miley Cyrus Swept Back and Shaved Style

Miley Cyrus sported pixie cuts beautifully on and off for several years. This particular swept-back look has a wavy feel about it even though her hair isn’t naturally curly. The undercut is a major bonus as it adds rock’n’roll glam.

40. Round Face Pixie Cut – Vanessa Hudgens Style

A pixie haircut with long bangs stylishly swept to the side can be the perfect hairstyle for gals with round faces as it doesn’t extend the width of the face. Just look how glamorous and even retro Vanessa Hudgens looks with one.

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41. Super Styled Pixie

Even though pixie haircuts are usually associated with having a rebellious edge, this hairstyle can also be extremely elegant. For instance, this super styled cut is suitable for any black-tie event that might come up. Styling tip: don’t forget the hairspray and bobby pins – they’ll come in very handy!

42. Curly Pixie with Undercut

This is an excellent hairstyle for young women that want to sport short curls and do so in a style that is easy to maintain. The closely cropped sides and undercut provide just the right edge for teenagers while the curly top is cute and playful.

43. Sweet Ginger Curly-Haired Girl

If you’re a natural redhead, you should definitely keep a pixie haircut in mind when looking for new ideas on how to change your look. Also, in our opinion, don’t even think about changing your natural hair color! We’re sure it’s stunning as is.

44. Shaved Curly Pixie Cut

You can push the rebellious side of your pixie even further by shaving the sides even more than in the previous exapled . You can even shave them entirely – if it matches your preferences and personality. The long bangs are a nice finishing touch as well.

45. Light Brown Locks and Curly Pixie Cut

A curly pixie cut on light brown hair truly has a unique sense of nonechalance and a carefree style about it. It’s almost like it has a bohemian feel, European touch to it that makes the look all the more special.

46. Finger Waves

This marvelous pixie cut shines through the vintage finger waves in the front. What makes the hairstyle even more original is the layered side, as well as the fab attitude with which you’ll rock it.

47. Long Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

An asymmetrical pixie cut will flatter almost any face shape – be it a round or an oval shaped one too! Choose the side you prefer to keep longer for the chop and then play around with it until it reaches your desired length.

48. Balayage Curly Pixie Cut

If you want to blend colors in your hairstyle but don’t want the abrupt transition that ombre comes with, then balayage can easily be the answer to all your problems! This coloring technique will also perfectly outline those curly locks.

49. Flat Twist Out Pixie

Yet another way to rock a pixie cut with natural afro hair is by combining it with flat twists. After creating your flat twists on damp hair, unravel them and use a pick to get the height and dynamism you’ve been dreaming of.

50. Short Red Wine Curls

Our last curly pixie hairstyle on this list shows how good this cut can look when dyed in this gorgeous shade of dark red. This is yet another natural yet daring color you can experiment with to add a touch of glam to this hairstyle.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To sum up, there is, without a doubt, a curly pixie cut out there that fits all face shapes and any tastes and personality.

Whether you want a sleek and laid back look or a rebellious shaved hairstyle, the pixie haircut is a versatile, fun haircut that you’ll adore rocking.

So, which one will you get? Think about it, scroll again through the list if needed, and then let us know!

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