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105 Blonde Hairstyles that Prove Blondes Have More Fun!

Icy Blonde

Do blondes truly have more fun? That we do not know for sure, but what we know for a fact is that they have an abundance of blonde hairstyles with tones, accents, and shades to play around with.

One of the numerous advantages of blonde hair is that it provides countless options for those rocking it.

Blonde hairstyles are flirty, exciting, and classy all in one, which is most likely why they have been popular for decades on end. As the main hair color, blonde can vary from warm to cool shades and everything in between.

So why treat yourself to a fresh makeover with the best shade of blonde for your personal style?

Even more so, you can combine blonde with other hair colors, thanks to trendy techniques like ombre hair or balayage hair.

Blonde hairstyles have long been associated with beauty. It is a style that adds youthfulness and vitality. However, it is important to remember that this color isn’t the only option. There are a number of shades of blonde that can suit your hair type and face shape.

During the Middle Ages, a blonde was the ideal color for women. Aphrodite was often depicted as having a blonde hairstyle. In fact, it was even a trait in the Romans and Celts. However, the percentage of blondes in the population is rather low.

Check out the most inspiring blonde hairstyles below!

Blonde Hair Care

Whether you have naturally blond hair or have gotten a nice light hair color by bleaching, you may be interested in how you should take care of your blond hair.

Blonde hair is usually very fine, so it is even more prone to damage and requires specific care. The basis is, without a doubt, the right choice of hair cosmetics. For example, you can choose the ones specially designed for blonde hair. What other care can you give your hair?

Try purple shampoos

Don’t you like the yellowish hue in your hair? Then try special purple shampoos for blonde hair. These shampoos neutralize the shades of yellow and support a shade of cool blond hair.

Focus on nutrition

Do you notice that your hair is brittle and has dry, dull ends? This is a common problem with blond hair, especially chemically bleached hair. How is this issue solved? Take care of your hair with nourishing masks or use hair oils that even the most important stylists can’t miss.

Heat protection

Blond hair is more easily damaged by the warm rays of the sun and seawater. So, when exposing your hair to high heat, don’t forget to apply a special hair protection product for thermal protection. Of course, this also applies if you are going to curl, straighten or dry your hair.

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1. Light Blonde Hairstyle

Light Blonde Hairstyle

Targeting a natural blonde appearance? Although women who are born with this hair color can have different tones, one of the most common is light blonde. This serves as a marvelous summer look or a chic makeover for a new chapter in your life.

2. Icy Blonde Hairstyle

Icy Blonde

You can take a light blonde to the next level by cooling it down to an icy tone. This approach is highly popular this year for reasons we all can easily observe. The shadow roots are also an excellent way of accentuating your hairstyle.

3. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair

We all know that short is relative when it comes to hairstyles. While some ladies classify a pixie cut as short, others consider even a lob a pretty short haircut. We’ll meet you halfway with this short bob, ideal for women growing out pixies or other similar haircuts.

4. Warm Blonde

Warm Blonde

We can find a warm blonde at the exact opposite of the icy blonde pole. Even though we don’t recommend going for a full yellow-orange tint to your warm hair color, we do think that a splash of the sun can work wonders for any bland look that needs an upgrade.

5. Medium Blonde Hairstyle

Medium Blonde Hairstyle

This is the ideal reference for you if you would rather opt for a balanced hair color through medium blonde. Jennifer Aniston is the ultimate queen of medium blonde, with numerous variations showcased throughout the years.

6. Blonde Weave Hairstyle

Blonde Weave Hairstyle

Weave hairstyles are very generous from various viewpoints. Basically, you can get your weave with any hair texture, length, color, and more. If you want to rock a blonde one, you may want to consider dark roots as a detail for a more natural look.

7. Brown to Blonde Ombre

Brown to Blonde Ombre

There’s no doubting the power of an ombre as a factor for your makeover. Mixing any colors with this method will enhance your locks like never before, particularly if the two shades are contrasting. Take brown and blonde, for example, and feast your eyes on the gorgeous results.

8. Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde should be your go-to hair color if you want to look and feel like a million dollars. To boost the glam impact of your hairstyle, you can also opt for golden blonde lowlights on a light red-blonde foundation.

9. Long Blonde

Long Blonde Hairstyle

Have you patiently and persistently worked to grow your hair? Reap the rewards by playing around with your hairstyle. For instance, you can try a beach hair look by lightly curling your long strands. Don’t shy away from multi-color highlights with various blonde tones.

10. White Blonde

White Blonde

Didn’t you think any hairstyle could go above and beyond icy or silver-blonde hair? Think again because white blonde is here to stay for at least a few more years. Use it to reflect the snow around you in the winter or to make your tan stand out in the summer.

11. Blonde and Burgundy Hairstyle

Blonde and Burgundy Hair

When combined in a hairstyle, burgundy and blonde have a fantastic effect. Owing to the fact that they’re highly contrasting, the two colors result in a head-turning hairstyle. You can either rock blonde highlights on a burgundy base or a few dark red streaks on a lighter foundation.

12. Butterscotch Blonde

Butterscotch Blonde

Another way you can gracefully brighten your hair is through butterscotch blonde. It is a warm, sweet and playful way to sport blonde locks, all without having to deal with a high-maintenance hairstyle. It’s also subtle enough to be appropriate for all occasions.

13. Blonde Buzz Cuts

Blonde Buzzcuts

The blonde buzzcut is ubiquitous. Take some of the most influential female celebrities in the industry and you’ll notice that they have all ventured into the super short, striking blonde look. Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry, and Kristen Stewart are just a few examples.

14. Black and Blonde Hairstyle

Black and Blonde Hair

You can get the boldest contrast through black and white, especially in a hairstyle. If this is your goal, we encourage you to explore silver-blonde as an option for streaks on a black base. We also think the emo haircut in this shot is super cute.

15. Medium Length Blonde Hairstyle

Medium Length Blonde Hairstyle

Longing for a haircut that’s easy to style but not tiresome to maintain? All the signs point to a shoulder-length haircut. In addition to being a dreamy hairstyle from a practical point of view, it’s also among the top trends this year.

16. Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde

Blonde with a champagne tint is undoubtedly an idea you want to keep in mind for a hairstyle that will leave those around you in awe. It has a classy glow to it, but also a sassy touch provided by the daring color itself.

17. Blonde and Brown Hairstyle

Blonde and Brown Hairstyle

Is a natural-looking hairstyle all you could ever hope for? A brown and blonde blend is just what you require, darling. While the earth tones provide natural beauty, the sunny shades bring the entire look to life. Think about balayage for mixing the two.

18. Bronde Hairstyle

Bronde Hairstyle

To be honest, a trend like bronde is just what we need to make our lives easier. The style combines brown and blonde hair with the most natural angle possible – that of growing out hair color. Gigi Hadid is just one of the A-list celebs rocking it at the moment.

19. Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob

Few hairstyles for women express attitude quite as a blunt blonde bob does. It’s an edgy hairstyle that shows you’re down to business, and in a highly stylish way, for that matter. The lighter you go with your blonde, the more outgoing your final look will be.

20. Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde

As far as warm blonde shades are concerned, caramel is the optimum color for lightening hair. To put it otherwise, we recommend caramel blonde more for highlights or lowlights on a browner base. The difference is astounding.

21. Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage

Thankfully, balayage still stands tall as a hair staple this year. This subtle alternative to an ombre is just what you require to blend multiple shades of blonde harmoniously. Pick your favorite tones, no matter if their cool or warm.

22. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair

As far back as we can remember, platinum blonde hair has always been in style. However, this year it seems to be trending more than ever, especially when paired with dark roots. If you also have tanned skin at the moment, this is definitely the blonde shade for you.

23. Dirty Blonde Hairstyle

Dirty Blonde Hairstyle

We have been drooling over dirty blonde since the 90s, but lucky for us that it’s still as fashionable as it was back then. A hairstyle with this color results in a rich and creamy appearance that flatters any hair texture or skin color.

24. Vintage Blonde

Vintage Blonde

Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe for a blonde hairstyle that will be impossible to forget. The platinum blonde will bring out that old Hollywood glam, while the large and soft curls complete the rest of the look. Don’t forget the red lipstick!

25. Pearl Hairstyle

Pearl Hairstyle

It’s hard to get more fabulous than with pearl hair. We have this year’s trends to thank for the idea, which features an opalescent icy blonde with stunning metallic accents. Pick this look if you know you have the soul of a fairytale princess.

    26. Blonde Highlights

    Blonde Highlights

    Just like dirty blonde, the concept of blonde highlights seems to be an everlasting trend. No matter what base color you get them on, blonde streaks will always make your entire hairstyle pop. For a natural look, opt for blonde highlights on brown hair.

    27. Blonde on Top, Black Underneath

    Blonde on Top Black Underneath

    Dare to step out of your comfort zone with an unconventional hairstyle. Back in the early 2000s, Christina Aguilera blew us away with her platinum blonde on top with black hair underneath. The iconic hairstyle still serves as an inspiration to this day.

    28. Neutral Blonde

    Neutral Blonde

    If you have blue or green eyes, neutral blonde is just the hair color you need to bring them out. This hair color is ideal for those who want to accentuate specific facial features. The neutral hair tone leaves the spotlight for your eyes, lips or whatever else you want to emphasize.

    29. Frosted Tips

    Frosted Tips

    Beach hair on your mind? Frosted tips are a must. This technique allows you to blend various earth tones on the majority of your hair, leaving platinum blonde just for the tips. Any choppy hairstyle will look outstanding with this idea.

    30. Honey Blonde Hair

    Honey Blonde Hair

    Add a sweet touch to your look with honey blonde hair. You can juggle honey highlights and caramel lowlights to spice up the hairstyle, with sun-kissed results. Don’t hesitate to choose this version if you have a warm and bright personality.

    31. Chunky Blonde Highlights

    Chunky Blonde Highlights

    Go for an attention-grabbing angle for your hairstyle with chunky blonde highlights. This edgy approach to your look will ensure that you’ll stand out through style. It’s a must-have for girls with a sense of adventure.

    32. Blonde Hairstyle with Bangs

    Blonde Hairstyle with Bangs

    It’s easy to see why bangs and blonde hair are such a popular combination. Regardless of your specific shade of blonde, a set of blunt or side-swept bangs can act as the icing on the cake for your hairstyle. Choose the bangs style that represents your mindset the best.

    33. Afro Curls in Blonde

    Afro Curls in Blonde

    Afro-textured curls are always a pleasure to admire. If you’re thinking about switching up your style, you can consider coloring your curly locks with a bit of blonde. We encourage you to try a warm blonde out to complement your skin tone.

    34. Blonde Curly Hairstyle

    Blonde Curly Hairstyle

    Even if your hair isn’t naturally curly, you can still rock a hairstyle like the one in this example. Get back in touch with your girly side by gently curling your hair about halfway down. It’s an amazing look for prom or any other formal event.

    35. Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair

    No matter the time of the year, you can rock rose gold hair like the ultimate fairy. With cotton candy pink accents and golden tones, this hairstyle is a dream come true for women who adore pastels in their locks.

    36. TWAs in Blonde

    TWAs in Blonde

    Just like buzz cuts are hot for Caucasian women right now, so are TWAs in the same color. You can make your Teeny Weeny Afro sparkle with coolness by bleaching it in blonde. However, talk to an expert about how you can lighten your hair with as little damage as possible.

    37. Blonde and Red Hairstyle

    Blonde and Red Hairstyle

    We’ve talked about a blonde and burgundy combo, but what about mixing blonde with ginger-inspired tones? In other words, you can blend shades that range from copper to honey blonde for a jaw-dropping hairstyle. Alternatively, redheads can sprinkle a few blonde highlights in their hair.

    38. Dark Blonde Hairstyle

    Dark Blonde Hairstyle

    In fashion and beauty trends this year, nude tones are everything. From #ootd ideas to makeup and everything in between, beige, rose gold, and tan are all the rage. Adopt this chic trend for your new hairstyle by getting a dark blonde color.

    39. Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

    Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

    If you love experimenting with your look, it’s high time you learn more about peekaboo highlights. Like you would expect from their name, these kinds of highlights literally ‘peek out’ from behind your main hair color. Aren’t they wonderful?

    40. Strawberry Blonde Hair

    Strawberry Blonde Hair

    Get a natural redhead appeal with a strawberry blonde hairstyle.  We recommend this hairstyle for girls with pale skin, light-colored eyes, and freckles to get the desired impact. If you’re already natural ginger, you can lighten your locks with some blonde highlights.

    41. Contour Coloring Hairstyle

    Contour Coloring Hairstyle

    Yet another major hair trend this year is referred to as contour coloring, also known as contourage. You may have thought of it before as getting highlights in the front, but industry experts describe the process as accentuating certain facial features through the highlights in your hair.

    42. Blonde Lob

    Blonde Lob

    Impossible as it may seem, a handful of the hottest hair trends this year can all be found in one picture. The choppy long bob haircut, soft beach waves, and icy blonde balayage will all lead you to one of the most stylish hairstyles around.

    43. Copper Blonde

    Copper Blonde

    Blake Lively never ceases to amaze us with her flawless style, from fashion to beauty and more. However, out of all her hairstyles, the copper blonde was among those that impressed us the most. This intense alternative for strawberry blonde is awe-striking indeed.

    44. Blonde and Purple Hair

    Blonde and Purple Hair

    Purple and blonde look phenomenal together. They draw even more attention when prepared with blonde on top and purple underneath. Nevertheless, you can also sport a blonde base with purple highlights for an impressive hairstyle.

    45. Wispy Blonde Highlights

    Wispy Blonde Highlights

    Just like balayage is the discrete alternative to ombre, so are wispy blonde highlights to chunky streaks. In essence, these highlights are a subtle way to get some sunny accents on your already blonde base color.

    46. Amber Blonde

    Amber Blonde

    Daydreaming about a romantic hair color that rests comfortably among blonde, brown and red? Amber blonde is the answer to all of your problems. The shade supplies a beautiful natural glow to your hair by equally blending the three colors mentioned above.

    47. Ash Blonde Hair

    Ash Blonde Hair

    How can you not fall in love with ash blonde hair? With the help of a coloring technique like balayage, you can obtain the ideal mixture of cool blonde with light charcoal hair. Moreover, it’s on the top charts this year for hair trends.

    48. Bridal Hairstyle for Blondes

    Bridal Hairstyle for Blondes

    Depending on the theme of your gown and wedding, you can have fun with countless bridal hairstyles to complement your blonde locks. If you’re tying the knot in nature, you should consider a boho hairstyle with light flowers to match your hair color.

    49. Rebellious Blonde

    Rebellious Blonde

    A woman with a strong personality deserves a hairstyle as bold as she is. To accomplish this goal, you need to think outside of the box and search for courageous hairstyles you don’t see every day. For example, you can get a chunky brown streak over your blonde base.

    50. Blorange


    We’ll end on a trendy note, with one particular hair color mix that will continue trending for many years, if you ask us. As it’s not quite strawberry blonde or peach, nor rose gold or coral, the trendsetters have labeled it as blorange. We don’t know about you, but we totally dig the brave blend.

    51. Blonde Balayage

    blonde balayage

    Wherever you search for the latest beauty trends, balayage hair will be everywhere. This blonde balayage clearly shows is all for a very good reason. What could you want more than warm tones harmoniously mixed?

    52. Beach Blonde Style

    bleach blonde hair

    Whether or not it’s summer, you can take the sun with you everywhere, thanks to beach hair. This combination of light blonde tones reminds you of a sunny day at the beach anytime.

    53. Rose Gold Hair Color

    rose gold

    Regarding blonde hair color trends, rose gold is definitely among the most popular this year. It beautifully mixes the two shades in its name, all to obtain a gorgeous metallic strawberry blonde that flatters any gal.

    54. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

    brown hair with blonde highlights

    If your hair is naturally brown and you’re not ready to bleach it all, you can go for some classic blonde highlights in the shade of your choice.

    For example, these honey highlights shape and define locks without severe damage.

    We always recommend brown hair with blonde highlights for a natural, sun-kissed appearance.

    55. Dirty Blonde Hair Color

    dirty blonde hair

    For another natural look, you can always try out dirty blonde hair color. While numerous women are born with this hair color, others have to dye their hair to get it. All the same, it will never come across as flashy.

    56. Warm Blonde

    warm blonde

    Another quite popular shade is this warm blonde hair color. It’s one of the first ones you think about when you hear blonde in the first place, so think about it if warm colors are representative of you.

    57. Caramel Blonde Hairstyle

    caramel blonde

    The way that this caramel color lies between blonde and brown is great if you can’t make up your mind. In addition to this, it is a warm earth tone that provides an all-natural look.

    58. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

    strawberry blonde hair

    If you tone down rose gold, you get a shimmering shade of strawberry blonde. This hair color works especially well for women with blue or green eyes, as the contrast complements their natural features.

    59. Icy Blonde

    icy blonde

    On the other hand, you can play around with cooler shades of blonde.

    Especially over these last few years, varying shades of grey and silver have been all the rage. Get inspiration from this tasteful trend for an icy blonde color.

    60. Dark Blonde Hair

    dark blonde hair

    Yet another way to rock a natural blonde is to go a few shades darker. It’s not as eye-catching as a typical blonde, but it still has a light and warm tone that can be rocked on all occasions.

    61. Champagne Blonde

    champagne blonde

    Going back to cooler tones of blonde, this champagne shade provides a metallic glimmer for days. It’s just shimmery enough to make you dazzle and adore your hair color.

    62. Blonde with Dark Roots

    blonde with dark roots

    Speaking of ombre and balayage, dark roots have also been on the rise again. Not only is this a major bonus for cutting down on the high maintenance that blonde comes with, but it also looks superb.

    63. Platinum Blonde Hair

    platinum blonde hair

    If you consider yourself outgoing and love making a statement through your hair color, go platinum. Indeed, it is a challenging shade of blonde to keep up with, but the results are fantastic.

    64. Mixed Blonde Hair Colors

    mixed blonde hair colors

    With the help of highlights and lowlights, you can mix all of your favorite shades of blonde into the ultimate hairstyle. In the example above, you can find everything from silver and ash blonde to caramel and rose gold.

    65. Bronde Hair Color

    bronde hair color

    If you’re not already familiar with the term, bronde refers to the mix of brown and blonde. It’s yet another way to have an all-natural look that won’t even give off the impression that you’ve colored your hair.

    66. Ash Blonde Hair

    ash blonde hair

    Ash-blonde is easily one of the top 3 blonde hairstyles this year. While many women opt to go directly for grey locks, this mixture has just enough blonde in it to maintain that natural glow.

    67. Buttery Blonde

    buttery blonde

    Blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, and buttery blonde – now that’s a sight for sore eyes. This lush blonde will surely make heads turn wherever you go.

    68. Short Blonde Hair

    short blonde hair

    When you research blonde hair, you almost always find references on long locks. But how about short hair?

    Blonde honestly looks outstanding on all haircuts and textures, from bobs or lobs to silky or afro-textured hair.

    69. Beige Blonde

    beige blonde

    Also known as café au lait, the beige blonde also falls under the natural blonde hair color category.

    It’s a bit light brown with plenty of glowing blonde tones to brighten your complexion.

    70. Honey Blonde

    honey blonde hair

    Just like warm blonde, honey is a staple for this type of hair coloring. The warm blonde tone gets even warmer through the honey reflexes. It’s a lovely color that works well on all hair types.

    71. Silver Blonde

    silver blonde

    Another hair color choice for the young, wild and free is silver-blonde. It is a bold color indeed, but it will give you a mysterious and almost fairytale-like glow that you will adore.

    72. Creamy Blonde

    creamy blonde

    This specific shade of blonde has the perfect name, as creamy truly describes it better than anything else.

    You can appreciate this delicious shade on straight hair very well, but it also looks spectacular on wavy or curly locks.

    73. Blonde Ombre

    blonde ombre hair

    Ombre hair is still as hot as ever, especially when you bring blonde into the mix.

    A popular and easy-to-wear option is a brown to blonde ombre. If your roots are dark, just work with the second half of your hair to lighten it.

    74. Kim Kardashian Blonde

     kim kardashian blonde hair

    Even though we usually associate Kim Kardashian with rich, dark locks, she’s also had her fair share of blonde looks that have inspired us.

    We all know her platinum blonde long bob, but this natural approach to lighter locks is a lot more wearable.

    75. Auburn Blonde

    auburn blonde

    Speaking of natural, this particular blonde tone almost doesn’t seem to have been applied by a colorist at all.

    It has a refreshing glow about it, all while keeping those pretty natural vibes.

    76. Copper Blonde Balayage

    copper blonde balayage

    Like auburn, copper blonde is a fantastic way to spice your look up without overdoing anything. The reddish tones bring the blondes to life and vice versa wonderfully.

    77. Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

    blonde hair blue eyes indiana evans

    If you have blue eyes and you’re thinking about going blonde, actress Indiana Evans might give you an idea of how the outcome will be.

    In other words, blonde is one of the most flattering hair choices for light-colored eyes.

    78. Cherry Blonde

    cherry blonde

    Channel your inner redhead with a fabulous cherry blonde color transformation.

    Even though the shade is dreamy, and you won’t find it on everybody else, it still honors the keyword for successful blonde locks: natural.

    79. Blonde and Brown Hair

    blonde and brown hair

    While bronde is certainly an option, you can mix blonde and brown hair creatively through highlights and lowlights. The final impact is truly special and balances the contrasting shades nicely.

    80. Chocolate Blonde

    chocolate blonde

    The chocolate blonde also plays in the same arena as bronde, but it stands out by exploring rich shades.

    The chocolate brown undertones make the look complete, while the blonde coat is like the icing on the cake.

    81. Red and Blonde Hair

    red and blonde hair

    Another idea for ombre hair that involves our favorite light hair color is red to blonde.

    This stunning transition will leave a long-lasting impression on those around you and will most likely play a significant role in boosting your confidence.

    82. Chestnut Blonde

    chestnut blonde

    Warm, playful, and completely suitable for work or school, chestnut blonde is another delightful shade you should take into consideration. Like most other blondes, it works for short and long hair.

    83. Yellowish Blonde

    yellowish blonde

    Although yellowish blonde is generally avoided, Carey Mulligan proves that you can rock it like a superstar. In the end, it’s all in your attitude, how you hold yourself, and whether the specific tone fits your personality.

    84. Golden Blonde Hair

    golden blonde hair

    One of the most beautiful hair colors for tanned skin is golden blonde. The two shades go hand in hand perfectly, especially if you have a bronze skin tone all year round.

    85. Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

    blonde highlights on brown hair

    If you’re out of styling ideas for your brown hair and highlights, you should start learning how to braid.

    This styling technique is honestly one of the absolute best for enhancing your different hair colors.

    French braids, fishtail braids, and Dutch braids are just a few ideas for you to get started with.

    86. Blonde and Pink

    blonde and pink hair

    You can try mixing platinum white blonde with cotton candy pink for balayage or ombre hair that’s light all around. Even though pink is far from being a natural hair color, the two will flow together amazingly.

    87. Neutral Blonde

    netural blonde

    Not too flashy, not too boring – neutral blonde will pave your way to balance. It’s as natural as blonde can get, while still standing out positively.

    88. White Blonde Hair

    white blonde hair

    The next level of platinum is white blonde. It’s an eye-catching shade that works wonderfully for the girl who isn’t afraid to express her personality.

    89. Blonde Tips

    blonde tips

    Before we had ombre hair, we had dyed tips. Nevertheless, the trend has not disappeared just yet.

    Go for bleaching your tips if you don’t want a full head of blonde.

    90. Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

    red hair with blonde highlights

    You already know that burgundy and blonde go quite well together, but what if you combine them differently?

    Instead of getting a gradient from one color to the other, experiment with equal amounts of each through highlights.

    91. Sun-Kissed Streaks

    sun-kissed streaks

    If you have natural red hair and you want it to seem like you’re always soaking up the sun, go for blonde highlights.

    They look marvelous on cinnamon locks and will bring the whole look to a new level.

    92. Amber Blonde

    amber blonde

    Just when we thought that auburn or copper blonde had it all, Pamela Reif proved that amber blonde should also be among the options.

    This tone leans more towards blonde than red and complements brown eyes magnificently.

    93. Black and Blonde

    black and blonde hair

    There are various ways you can combine black and blonde hair. As an unconventional alternative, you can go for a rebellious half-and-half look.

    Do this either vertically, like in the image above, or horizontally, through the ombre. Highlights are also a good idea.

    94. Blonde Hair with Lowlights

    blonde hair with lowlights

    Platinum hair with ash blonde lowlights is quite a breathtaking combination.

    You can appreciate the technique on long, curled hair, but feel free to get it even if you have a pixie haircut.

    95. Light Brown Blonde

    light brown blonde

    Light brown blonde is as natural as you can get. This earth tone is fit for all women, regardless of hair length, face shape or skin tone.

    96. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

    dark brown hair with blonde highlights

    If your hair is naturally dark brown, then a few scattered ash blonde highlights are just what you need for a twist. This is an excellent idea if you still want to keep your natural hair color as the base for your new style.

    97. Blonde Afro-Textured Hair

    blonde afro-textured hair

    Corkscrew curls look charming in blonde.

    Nevertheless, we recommend speaking with your hair specialist about how to protect your natural hair while going blonde not to undergo a lot of damage during the process.

    98. Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes

    blonde hair brown eyes

    Among modern celebrities, Rita Ora sports blonde hair and brown eyes like many others do. It goes to show that you don’t have to be a light-eyed woman for a blonde to look glamorous on you.

    99. Silvery Ash Blonde

    silvery ash blonde

    Instead of choosing between silver or ash blonde, get a mix of the two. They have pretty much the same base tone, but adding a bit of both will make the final look even more special.

    100. Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

    blonde hair with brown highlights

    Here’s a reverse approach for a popular blonde mix for some major eye candy.

    You can often find blonde highlights on brown hair, but the other way around looks even more interesting.

    If your hair is naturally blonde, think about getting some chocolate highlights for your next hair appointment.

      101. Wedding Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

      Wedding Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

      If you’re prepping for the most important day of your life, you’re going to want to look your very best.

      Blonde hair is a lovely idea for wedding hairstyles, as they always boost the femininity of your overall look.

      Style yours in a loose, ornate French twist updo.

      102. Blonde A-Line Bob

      Blonde A-line Bob

      Let’s say that you have picked your favorite shade of blonde. Wouldn’t you want a neat new haircut for the makeover to be complete?

      There are tons you can try out, but we say the choppy A-line bob has a specific charm of its own.

      103. Platinum Blonde Contourage

      Platinum Blonde Contourage

      We’re ecstatic that contouring is a huge trend this year. Contouring involves applying highlights on the strands that frame your face.

      As a result, your features will be “contoured” (hence the name), all with a marvelous effect.

      104. Short Blonde Ombre

      Short Blonde Hair Ombre

      One of the biggest hair myths is that you can’t do much with short hair. Here’s a gorgeous short bob with a blonde ombre to prove it.

      The first half focuses on a neutral shade of dirty blonde while the rest blends out to warm platinum.

      105. Blonde Hairstyles with Rainbow Roots

      Blonde Hair with Rainbow Roots

      Finally, here’s a blonde hair idea that isn’t for the faint-hearted. Instead, it’s destined for those who love experimenting with color in their hair.

      Take your hairstyle to a whole new level with super cute rainbow roots.

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      So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

      To conclude, you can enjoy a huge variety of options if you decide to venture into blonde hairstyles.

      There aren’t any limits regarding how cold or warm your blonde will be, nor are there any restrictions for hair length or texture.

      In a nutshell, you can go for whatever blonde tone reflects your personality accordingly.

      There is a tone for every type of personality, from honey or caramel to ash or icy blonde.

      We recommend choosing a shade that goes well with your facial features and skin tone and reflects your passions, hobbies, and lifestyle.

      Which one of these blonde hairstyles will you choose? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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