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50 Sweet Curly Mohawk Ideas

The Mohawk has always had one fantastic quality. It helped set you apart from the crowd. The traditional, spiked Mohawk is now a relic of the past but contemporary versions of it survive, and the hottest one today is, undoubtedly, the curly Mohawk. It’s a superb combination between faded sides and a mess of curls on top that keeps all eyes on you. Here are 50 top ideas to inspire you!

1. The Classic Curly Mohawk

A classic curly mohawk means that your hair needs to be cut very short with tapered sides and a tapered back. The top, however, has to be left long so that your curls can show. You can decide the length.

classic curly mohawk


2. Purple Curly Mohawk

If you want to take it a step further, you can choose a non-traditional color for your hair. They have been immensely popular this year. This is a purple and teal curly mohawk on a cute pink base.

purple curly mohawk


3. Rainbow Curly Mohawk

Speaking of non-traditional colors, this is the mohawk to go for when you can’t decide on a single shade for your locks. We have the solution. Treat them to a combination of hues that will make it look like you’re wearing a punk rainbow!

rainbow curly mohawk


4. Pretty Curly Mohawk

It’s important to note that not all curly mohawks have to follow the same pattern as the classic one. This indicates that you can also sport a fauxhawk which essentially means that you don’t have to shave the sides of your head.

pretty curly mohawk


5. Blonde Curly Mohawk

Turn up the rockability with this amazing take on the old Mohawk. It’s a blonde version with beautiful curls and shaved sides in your natural color. We are also in love with the dramatic makeup that has scarlet lipstick and a smoky eye.

blonde curly mohawk


6. Chestnut Curly Mohawk

This is a tamed down version of this amazing haircut that you can wear if you don’t want to go all out or if you have a stricter dress code at the office. Only one side is shaved in this case, and the back is a simple haircut.

chestnut curly mohawk


7. Gray Curly Mohawk

As far as curly mohawks go, this one is our favorite. Everything about it is perfect, from the completely shaved sides to the stony gray color to braids that border the curls to the gigantic neck and head tattoo and face piercings.

gray curly mohawk


8. The Rihanna

There was a time in Rihanna’s life when she played the bad girl or, as she liked to call it, the ‘good girl gone bad.’ As a preferred hairstyle, she went for the curly Mohawk in this sweet honey blonde that highlighted her eyes.

rihanna curly mohawk


9. Copper Curly Mohawk

One of the star colors of the season is copper. It finally dethroned rose gold, that had been reigning supreme for a few years now. Copper is the go-to color now and it has a sister called ‘brass.’ They are part of the metallics family.

copper curly mohawk


10. Fluffy Curly Mohawk

This fluffy version of an afro Mohawk has been teased out into perfection. But what really makes it stylish and Instagram-worthy is the small Bantu knots on the side complete with three metallic embellishments, as well as the artsy earrings which are very on trend right now.

fluffy curly mohawk


11. Exquisite Curly Mohawk

Styling your curly mohawk haircut is everything. As every girl with curly hair will be able to tell you, it doesn’t matter that your hair is short now. It will still require a lot of attention and effort on your side.

Exquisite curly mohawk


12. Curly Mohawk with Buns

Here’s an interesting take on the Mohawk with curls. The hair has been separated into three portions which have then been tied up into buns. It’s a classy and elegant approach but one that still qualifies as edgy and original.

Bun curly Mohawk


13. Curly Mohawk with Flat Twisted Sides

As the name suggests, you need to approach this fauxhawk by first braiding a set of flat twists on either side on your head and in the back if you choose so. You can do this using your own natural hair, or you can add extensions or a weave.

Curly Mohawk with Flat Twisted Sides


14. The Long Curly Mohawk

As previously stated, there are no rules when it comes to a Mohawk, after all, that’s what this hairstyle stood for from the beginning. Here is an example of a curly one with long hair that looks completely badass.

long curly mohawk


15. Orchid Curly Mohawk

The color orchid is not a shade of pink as many people wrongly believe. It is actually part of the purple family. This will help you if you decide to try and dye your hair at home, especially if you have to mix several shades until you get to this one.

orchid curly mohawk


16. Bridal Curly Mohawk

If you’re planning on rocking your mohawk on your wedding day as well, we suggest you try to embellish it a little so that it matches such a grand occasion. You can use a hair comb with gold leaves and pearls like this one.

bridal curly mohawk


17. Sweet Curly Mohawk

Styled in the right way with the appropriate makeup, a curly hawk can even look sweet. It loses its edge and becomes a part of that special thing that makes women such sweet creatures.

sweet curly mohawk


18. Edgy Curly Mohawk

However, if you want to stick to the original and be as edgy as possible, then we advise you to style your mohawk with a smoky black eye and a leather jacket. To add extra body to your tresses, use some extensions.

edgy curly mohawk


19. High Curly Mohawk

Here’s another version of this mohawk that you can wear at your wedding. It’s perfect for either the bride or the mother of the bride, depending on how matronly you want to make it look or how teased up you want it to be.

high curly mohawk


20. Messy Curly Mohawk

A messy mohawk is a bohemian style that goes perfectly well with lacey dresses or ball gowns. That’s why we suggest it as a beautiful alternative to classic prom night hairstyles. Combine it with a messy fishtail, and you’ve got a winner!

messy curly mohawk


21. Blue Curly Mohawk

Everything about this artistic take on the hawk speaks of the sea and of its sirens. The pastel and watered-down blue is like the waves of the ocean while the braids and knots at their ends look like coral or fingers of a starfish.

blue curly mohawk


22. Cotton Candy Pink Mohawk

This is a springtime color that can even transition into summer if you style it correctly. Start with a darker purple base and work your way up into the cotton candy pastel pink. The curly hawk can be your go-to music festival hairstyle for this year.

bubblegum pink curly mohawk


23. Artistic Curly Mohawk

Depending on your own imagination and creativity, as well as how far you’re willing to go with your hairstyle, you can combine the curly mohawk with braids, cornrows and even small braided coils to add to the overall effect.

curly mohawk


24. Pastel Blue Curly Mohawk

This gorgeous color is perfect for both the hot and cold season. In summer it will be refreshing, and in winter you will be a true ice queen thanks to these gorgeous locks. And, if you look closely, it’s a fauxhawk, which means you won’t have to shave your head.

pastel blue curly mohawk


25. Ballet Slipper Pink Mohawk

This shade of pink hair color is called ballet slipper, and we’re thinking of dying our hair like this for the name alone. It’s an incredibly girly, sweet, and teenagery color that works well with a makeup based on lip gloss and small pearl earrings.

pink curly mohawk


26. 80s Inspiration Curly Mohawk

Although most original mohawks come from the 70s and 80s, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your inspiration from the curls of the age rather than the spikes. Go for a blonde blowout on top of your head and have fun with it!

blonde culry mohawk


27. Ombre Curly Mohawk

This two-toned mohawk has got us swooning. The primary color is a delicious chocolate brown which you can see in the middle of the hawk. The ombre consists of honey blonde highlights that drip from the brown on her forehead and nape.

ombre curly mohawk


28. Lemonade Blonde Mohawk

Here’s another interesting color that has been part of the most important trend of the season. We’re talking, of course, about extreme blondes. Meet lemonade blonde. It’s called thusly because it’s a mixture of platinum blonde and just a touch of blush pink.

lemonade curly mohawk


29. Dark Violet Curly Mohawk

It’s absolutely fantastic when your hair color gives you the opportunity to match it perfectly to your makeup. And this dark violet is that type of color. You can try a smoky eye in those shades complete with a dark and glam goth lipstick.

dark violet curly mohawk


30. Mohawk with Side Braids

This is a beautiful option for your prom as far as hairstyles go. It’s young and edgy but still retains that air of freshness and sweetness all teenage girls should have. Plus, you can match the side ribbons to your dress.

Curly Mohawk With Side Braids


31. Black and Blonde Mohawk

Opposites attract, as we all know, and that surely seems to be the case with this black and blonde fauxhawk. The basis is a natural brunette while the whole top has been dyed blonde and embellished with side braids and metallic accessories.

Black And Blonde Curly Natural Fauxhawk curly mohawk


32. Mint Green Curly Mohawk

The perfect summer hair color combination is here so you can stop your search! Platinum gray plus mint green? Where do we sign up? This is as fresh as summer can get, radiating waves of coolness all around you everywhere you go.

mint green curly mohawk


33. Blue and Green Curly Mohawk

Speaking of the perfect color for summertime, how about a daring combination of blue and green? Outside of the ones who support a particular team who has these colors, you won’t see them put together, but in a curly mohawk? Forget about it!

blue and green curly mohawk


34. Copper and Brass Mohawk

We’ve mentioned copper and brass once before in this piece as the new color crazes that replaced rose gold. Now it’s time to see what they look like put together in a classic curly hawk with an undercut.

copper and brass curly mohawk


35. Tangerine Curly Mohawk

Let the summer come because we surely are ready for it! Here’s another color which you can try. This is tangerine with just a splash of orange in the back and cherry red on the sides. The sun blazes in your hair!

tangerine curly mohawk


36. Modern Punk Mohawks

The hair color, makeup choices, and face jewelry make this styling performance truly unique. It is more like the original punks than everything else calling out to the true nature of what the mohawk hairstyle was all about.

curly mohawk


37. Dark Blue Curly Mohawk

If you look closely at this one, you will notice that it’s not the entire hair that has been dyed dark blue. Instead, the glossy, brunette hair has some dark blue peekaboo highlights through it that make it so interesting.

dark blue curly mohawk


38. Flat Top Mohawk

You can also choose a flat top for your curly hawk instead of the puffed up and blown out versions we’ve seen so far. It’s still a mohawk, just a slightly more toned-down version of it and a bit easier to manage and maintain.

curly mohawk


39. Curly Spikes Mohawk

Here’s an absolutely interesting idea for the curly hawk. It tried to replicate the traditional spikes but using curls instead. The hairstyle also has a few cornrows that slither along the sides of the scalp, radiating from behind the ear toward the top of the head.

curly mohawk


40. Daring Curly Mohawk

There are no limits when it comes to mohawks. That’s the only rule you need to be aware of. Therefore, this means that you can let your creativity run wild and get the edgiest and craziest haircut of your life.

curly mohawk


41. Redhead Curly Mohawk

For all your goth needs, you can always go for red hair. Choose a cuff earring with dangling chains that can further your styling message, and which will complete your look. The sides of this haircut are tapered.

redhead curly mohawk


42. Zebra Curly Mohawk

This zebra mohawk is thusly called because of the way the blonde and brunette strands of hair alternate on top of the head, making it look like the famous pattern. Of course, you can choose whichever two colors you like best in case you decide blonde and brunette are not for you.

curly mohawk


43. Lavender Curly Mohawk

We’re back to spring hair color ideas. Therefore, here’s a sweet and powdery pastel lavender perfect for sunny days and spring dresses. Match it with natural or neutral makeup and let this gorgeous hair color shine in all its glory.

lavender curly mohawk


44. Blonde and Lavender Mohawk

Speaking of lavender hair color, here’s another idea for you. Use the lavender to create a few peekaboo highlights in your blonde hair. It’s a perfect way to breathe new life into your old hairstyle without going too much out of your way or spending too much money.

curly mohawk


45. Casual Curly Mohawk

This cocoa bean brown mohawk is perfect for women who prefer a more natural hair color. However, you still have to add a handful of blonde underlights or baby lights just to attract some natural light toward your features.

curly mohawk


46. Themed Curly Mohawk

Celebrate the 4th of July in style with an updo worthy of Instagramming. This blown out curly Mohawk goes up seemingly for days, which means that you will be the talk of the barbeque. We’re also in love with the theatrically long earrings.

curly mohawk


47. Blush Pink Mohawk

Another shade of pink which you can try is blush. It’s just a cut above platinum blonde and a few steps below cotton candy. Here’s a piece of advice. It’s a difficult hair color to achieve by yourself at home, though, so it’s best to leave this one to your stylist.

curly mohawk


48. Instagram Curly Mohawk

Get yourself ready for a new Instagram pic with this fantastic mohawk. Bust out the old hair curler and prepare those beautiful blonde curls. Use plenty of hairspray so that they can perch perfectly on your forehead.

culy mohawk


49. Fiery Red Mohawk

Whether this is your natural hair color, or you have to dye your hair to get to this result, it’s still a wonderful thing to behold. Therefore, a mohawk can only add to its beauty. Discuss with your stylist the best options you have.

red curly mohawk


50. Gray Ombre Mohawk

The color palette here is just fantastic. The hair is brunette with a matte gray ombre and everything is playfully set off by a dramatic pair of jumbo red earrings that says ‘Kiss Me.’ This is how you do accessories the right way.

curly mohawk



The curly mohawk has become a huge trend lately because it has the unique quality of looking edgy, beautiful, sultry, and romantic, all at the same time. There are a few haircuts available to women that can check all the boxes on this list. So, what do you say? Are you brave enough to get a Mohawk? Let us know in the comment section below.

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