50 Updo Hairstyles for Weddings and the Perfect ‘I Do’

We all know that the day we tie the knot will remain one of the memories we will most cherish the rest of our lives.

We also know that the preparation process can bring some of us on the brink of exhaustion if we don’t take care of ourselves.

To help prevent any Bridezilla episodes or last-minute hair decisions and take away from all that stress, we have handpicked and put together a list of superb wedding updos.

Check out this phenomenal collection of updo hairstyles for weddings and get inspired (and make your planning easier)!

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1. Long Hair Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

Blessed with long and thick hair? Then you really have a wide variety of wedding updos to choose from.

Some of the most beloved options involve loose, sweeping updos that come with an abundance of natural volume. The face-framing stray locks help complete the look.

2. Chignon Hairstyles

Without a doubt, chignon hairstyles are among the top updo hairstyles for weddings of all time. Women around the world embrace this hairstyle for its elegance and effortless simplicity.

3. Updo Hairstyles for Beach Weddings

If your wedding will take place on a beach, why not go for a look that fits this natural venue? In addition to getting a mermaid-style dress, you can also brighten your hairstyle with various accessories like stars and pearls.

4. High Bun Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

Just like chignons, high buns are timeless hairstyles that will always be appropriate for any formal event. They work particularly well if you have straight tresses, but having naturally wavy hair or curly locks can help increase the overall volume of the hairstyle.

5. Half Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

Not all eye-catching wedding hair ideas must be fully swept up. Quite the contrary, some of the most flattering looks are actually half up, half down hairstyles. To make yours even more memorable, add some fresh flowers or other accessories that match your dress.

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6. Short Hair Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

We’ve dedicated a whole article to various great ways you can style your short hair for your wedding day, but here’s a preview. Simply wrap your hair in a low ponytail for a bun-like look and curl the tips.

7. French Twist Hairstyles

How can you possibly resist the French twist? If your style leans more towards basic, yet elegant and effective, go for the bun updo above.

8. Arched Bangs Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

There are many types of bangs out there, but we’re certain you can find the perfect wedding hair idea for each of them. Try a loose updo like the one sported by Carly Rae Jepson above if you have full, arched bangs.

9. Natural Hair Wedding Updo

If you have afro-textured hair, we warmly recommend going all-natural for the big day. You can style your corkscrew curls in numerous ways, including this crown-like hair style made complete by the pearl headband.

10. Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles

We have covered hairstyles for women with arched bangs, but what about ladies with side-swept ones? Side bangs are generally easier to fit into any loose swept up hairstyle. Here’s a pro tip: follow the natural direction of your part.

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11. Medium Hair Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

There are several beautiful and easy hairstyles for medium hair that you can wear at a wedding. Considering the pretty generous length, bounce around different style ideas including this high bun with curled tips.

12. Ponytail Hairstyles for Weddings

Another simple yet head-turning hairstyle you can adorn is the traditional ponytail. You will be ready in minutes and look naturally stunning simply by pulling the hair up in a wavy ponytail. Cover the hair tie with a strand of hair, puff it up, and you are all done!

13. Low Side Ponytails

All the same, low ponytails can have just as much of a ‘Wow!’ effect on your appearance as the high ones. In fact, they can be even more appropriate for a wedding – depending on the general theme and dress code.

14. Easy Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

You can count on this updo for a quick yet gorgeous wedding hairstyle. Just make sure to tease your hair to get that extra volume and to pull apart your strands apart. Hairspray will be your best friend with this one!

15. Side Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

There is plenty of wedding updos that are styled to the side because they come across as a sign of elegance. They are also suitable for all face shapes and can be easily transformed too – just add a hair accessory.

16. Bob Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

You may believe that having a bob haircut is an impediment, but think again! See how simple it is to wrap up your bob in a sublime half up hairstyle. Place a sparkling hairpiece in the middle and that is all!

17. Wedding Updos for Thin Hair

Women with thin hair are likely looking for hairstyles that add volume to their locks, and the updo above can do just that! This messy bun involves plenty of teasing and layers for instant volume.

Nonetheless, please be cautious with the teasing though, so you don’t end up damaging your hair.

18. Retro Hairstyles for Weddings

No matter if you have a vintage wedding dress or you simply adore this fashion, there are plenty of retro updo hairstyles to pick choose from.

The curled bangs provide a sense of pin-up style that makes the look all the more gorgeous.

19. Colorful Wedding Updos

Let the vivid colors in your hair shine through even on your wedding day! Go for a simpler approach to prevent complex hairstyling from stealing the spotlight from your hair colors. This braid and waves look is so pretty!

20. Side Chignon Updo Hairstyles

Yet another way to wear a chignon hairstyle on your wedding day is by styling it to the side. Whether you decide on a simple silhouette or an intricately wrapped chignon, remember to create it on one side.

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21. Loose Side Updos

Speaking of side styling, also get inspired by this loose and lush look. The updo is ever so carefully pulled apart and to the side for a highly chic result.

22. Simple Wedding Updos

Oftentimes, the prettiest updo hairstyles for wedding are those that keep things simple. If you want to keep things sweet and simple, consider a low, rolled up hairstyle, with or without a hairpiece.

23. Braided Updos for Wedding

You should never shy away from the fabulous world of braided wedding updos. Just one example is this delicate braid with loose locks.

24. Textured Bridal Hairstyles

We recommend you work with a professional stylist if you want to get the textured look in the image above. The results should be dynamic and alluring no matter the angle.

25. Waterfall Braid Half Updos

There are so many diverse and beautiful half updos that you can try out, especially if you’re not into the idea of pinning up all your hair halfway up. Instead, choose a waterfall braid and curl the tips to finish off the look.

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26. Curly Wedding Updos

Naturally curly hair deserve wedding hairstyle that do them justice. To put it otherwise, you should search for wedding updos that accentuate your hair texture, like this half up, half down look.

27. Wedding Updo with Veil

Want your veil to receive just as much attention as the other parts of your wedding look? We encourage you to seek low wedding updos that can hold a veil. Chignons, for instance, are a popular choice for this.

28. Elaborate Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

Although we always vouch for simplicity, we are also very aware that a complex hairstyle works amazingly well with a simple bridal gown. In such cases, we encourage you to venture into the world of intricate hairstyles.

29. A Mix of Wedding Hairstyles

What if you’re torn between braided hairstyles and buns and you can’t make up your mind? Then know that you don’t even have to, simply combine the two!

30. Wedding Guest Updos

If you’re attending a wedding not as the bride, but as a guest, we don’t recommend opting for complicated updos. Instead, rely on a loose low bun to get the job done.

31. African Hairstyles

Never hesitate to turn to your culture for style inspiration, especially so if you want to embrace your roots on your wedding day. For instance, mix prints from your traditional head wraps to obtain a genuinely special hairstyle.

32. Wedding Updos with Headbands

A headband can go a long way, even when we’re talking wedding updos. Not only will the headband take the hairstyle to the next level, but it also comes with practical perks. You can also use one to hold up a veil.

33. Braided Crown Hairstyles

A braided crown will always help you get the results you desire and a stunning wedding hairstyle. This styling technique will free your face, collarbones, and shoulders from hair to focus on your facial features.

34. Wedding Updos for Black Brides

African American women should take advantage of and show off their bouncy, abundant, and heart-stopping natural curls. So if this is the case for you, go for a wedding updo that will highlight not hide them.

35. Fishtail Braid Faux Hawks

It’s easy to see why fishtail braids are as popular as ever! With this braiding style, you can create many unforgettable looks, including this fabulous faux hawk. Also, don’t forget – loose is better!

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36. Braided and Knotted Buns

To continue our braided hairstyle ideas, feast your eyes on this marvelous knotted bun. The hairstyle begins with a half-French braid and continues in a spiraling motion to form the bun.

37. Wedding Updos for Little Girls

Ribbons and roses are some of the best accessories you can add to a little girl’s updo, especially if it is also braided, and if she’ll be a flower girl.

38. Loose Wedding Updos

This loose wedding updo is so simple and natural that the bride’s natural beauty shines through, no extra help needed! Experiment with different styles until you get the loose look that suits you best.

39. Bridal Updos with Flower Crowns

If you are holding your wedding reception somewhere outdoors, such as in a wooded area, get back in touch with nature and use natural accessories to enhance your updo – think natural flower crown.

40. Wedding Updos with Braids

Braids are an excellent way to create a unique shape for your bridal updo. Even though you don’t have to make the hairstyle entirely out of braids, you can use one as the icing on the cake for the look.

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41. Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Any bohemian gal deserves an appearance that represents her personality on the day of her wedding. If you’re all about boho chic, you should opt for messy wedding updos with well-chosen accessories (such as flowers).

42. Side Swept Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Like we described earlier, sweeping your hair to the side adds a touch of refinement to your overall look. For a side-swept wedding updo that won’t go by unnoticed, we recommend a half up half down – take the lower half and style it over one shoulder.

43. Messy Bridal Hairstyles

Want a bridal look with a striking contrast? Choose a messy bun hairstyle! Even though you might not associate the concept of messy with a wedding updo, we ensure that the results will be breathtaking.

44. Asian Wedding Updo Hairstyles

If you’re blessed with Asian facial features, you should do everything you can to let them shine through. A fully wrapped updo can help with that. Take note that the updo is loosely styled with delicately parted bangs.

45. Reverse Braid Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

This reverse braid updo is created starting from the back of your neck. All you have to do is choose your favorite braiding technique and work your way up into an updo!

46. Swirling Fishtail Braid Buns

Yet another way you can wear a fishtail braid for your wedding updo is by incorporating it into a low bun. Begin from the top corner of your part and braid your way down and into a swirling bun.

It’s a comfortable and beautiful hairstyle you can enjoy all day and night.

47. Relaxed Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Prefer rocking your natural hair in a relaxed updo for your wedding? Then depending on the length of your hair, you can try out faux hawks, braided crowns, or several other such hairstyles.

48. Wedding Half Updos for Short Hair

Regardless of how short your hair is, there are always plenty of options to style your tresses. For instance, try this half up half down look with a twist. Part your hair half up and interweave a few strands for an ultra-chic look.

49. Asymmetrical Wedding Updos

Have a strapless wedding dress, with a relatively simple design? Then go all out with an asymmetrical updo! Rest assured, you won’t have to cut your hair asymmetrically, but rather style it in an outgoing and creative fashion.

50. Flower Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Last but certainly not least, you can definitely put the spotlight on your hair by going for a flower bun updo. Instead of using real flowers to enhance your hairstyle, create a hair flower – roses are usually the easiest.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

All in all, this list of updo hairstyles for weddings will help save you precious time prior to your big day.

Not only will this reduce the massive stress that comes with preparing a wedding, but you will also find inspiration in details that you didn’t think about before.

So, which of these are you tempted to go for? Or did you already pick a hairstyle? Let us know in a comment!

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