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50 Stunning Twist Hairstyles for Women

50 Stunning Twist Hairstyles for Women in 2022

Twist hairstyles are so popular for women and in 2022 stylists have come up with so many stunning styles for you to try. Did you know there were over 5 types of twists you can recreate? We have found all the different types on this list so you can pick the best one for you. You can wear these styles long, short, thin, thick, full, and even curly.

Once you find the right type of twist hairstyle for you, you may never want to change it up! There are also plenty of beautiful colors that you can add to your style, but no matter what you decide to go with,, you will love looking through this list of the best stunning twist hairstyles.

1. Passion Twist Court Hair

Passion Twist Court Hair - a woman wearing mustard top

First up is this beautiful passion twist court hair. Just as it says in the name of the hairstyle, you can wear this style to court, to work, or out on the town because you are going to look classy and beautiful.

2. Shiny Box Twist Braids

Shiny Box Twist Braids - a woman wearing pink tank top

What girl doesn’t want her hair to be described as shiny? In the photo above, she is wearing her long box braids of twist hairstyles with a little extra shine. Here she has added a bit of blonde into her long box twists, and it looks amazing.

3. Thick Twist Hairstyle

Thick Twist Hairstyle - a woman waring red shirt

Looking to keep your hair on the thicker side? Well, then look no further because here we have beautiful thick twist hairstyles for you to see. In the photo above she has kept her hair long, black, and thick and it looks amazing.

4. Bob Twist Hair

Bob Twist Hair - a woman wearing white printed shirt

Next up is a bob hairstyle with a twist. Here she has her hair right about chin length with even twists all around. She has also added a few beads throughout her style, which looks perfect.

5. Tight Coiled Twist Hair

Tight Coiled Twist Hair - a woman wearing gray shirt

Here is style with lovely tight and coiled twists. She has kept her hair about mid-length right above the shoulders with big and even twists down. This would be such a pretty style for women of all ages to try.

6. Twisted Braid Crown

Twisted Braid Crown - a woman wearing purple shirt

Here is a hairstyle that will show off your goddess side. In the photo above, she is wearing a twisted braid crown along the back side of her head with pretty curved cornrows on the top.

7. Middle Parted Twist Hairstyle

Middle Parted Twist Hairstyle - a woman wearing hood jacket

Here is a perfect example of how to wear small but long twists. She has parted her hair right down the middle and let the twists hang long. You could also pull this style up into a high bun or ponytail.

8. Beautiful Senegalese Twists

Beautiful Senegalese Twists - a woman wearing polo

Here is a beautiful twisted Senegalese style. She has kept this style long and thick with the two pieces that frame the face with hints of blonde added in. Be sure to part the hair down the middle and divide it into even pieces to get the most out of this look.

9. Short Spring Twists

Short Spring Twists - a woman waring tank top

This big and bold style has short spring twists. She has so much bounce and volume in her look and has left the ends loose and curly, and it looks gorgeous.

10. Short Large Passion Twists

Short Large Passion Twists - a woman waring gray hood jacket

Here is a style that has short but large passion twists. This look is unique because it is created by twisting two strands of hair, usually extensions, together.

11. Box Twisted Hair

Box Twisted Hair -a woman wearing violet top

Here is one of the classic twisted hairstyles for women. This look is called a box of twisted hair, and you can wear it as short or as long as you want. Here they have kept it mid-length and added in a few pretty shells at the bottom.

12. Twist Braid Style with Tints

Twist Braid Style with Tints -a woman wearing cape

Braided twists are so pretty on women of all ages. In the photo above, she is wearing her long and with light brown tints for such a flawless finish. You do not have to add light brown pick any color you want!

13. Swept Twisted Braids

Swept Twisted Braids - a woman wearing indigo jacket

Up next is one of the dark brown twisted hairstyles. This is called a swept-over twisted hairstyle, and it looks fabulous. Since the hair is so long here, you could always pull it up in a half-up half-down style or even a ponytail.

14. Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail - a woman wearing white tank top

If you are looking for fast and fashionable twisted hairstyles, then this is the look for you. In the photo above, she has pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail and twisted the hang hanging down into a beautiful twisted hairstyle.

15. Medium Passion Twists

Medium Passion Twists - a woman waring black sweater

This is one of the perfect medium-passion twist hairstyles for women. She has added hints of blonde throughout to make her new twists pop, and it looks so good.

16. Twisted Long Updo

Twisted Long Updo - a woman wearing black long sleeves

Looking for a new updo style? Here is a beautiful updo for all you ladies out there with long twisted locks. She has taken the front section of her hair and pulled it back to create this stunning style.

17. Passion Twist with Red Tints

Passion Twist with Red Tints - a woman wearing white turtle neck top

Passion twists are so pretty all on their own, but in this look, she has added red tints throughout. Black and red are a class color combo that will never go out of style.

18. Spring Twists Short Hair

Spring Twists Short Hair - a woman wearing denim polo

You can wear your new spring twists any length, but here she went with short hair. She has also added a few peekaboo strands of light blonde, and it looks so pretty.

19. Tiny Twists Ponytail

Tiny Twist Hairstyles Ponytail - a woman wearing vintage top

Another way to wear your twisted hairstyle is with these tiny twists. She has pulled up her new tiny twists into a high ponytail, which looks so sleek.

20. Red Black Swept Twist Hairstyles

Red Black Swept Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing black blouse

Up next is another stunning red and black style. They kept the hair super short and styled them swept back for a fabulous finish.

21. Stunning Long Passion Twist Hairstyles

Stunning Long Passion Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing maroon tube

Passion twists can transform your whole look. Here she went with stunning long passion style twists with the ends loose for a unique and beautiful new look.

22. Triangle Twist Hairstyles

Triangle Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing denim jacket

Triangle twists are yet another hairstyle for you to try. In the hairstyle above, she has thick triangle twists with a few strands of light brown added into her dark black style, and it adds the right amount of texture to her look.

23. Jumbo Twist Hairstyles

Jumbo Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing big loop earrings

Jumbo twists are a beautiful style for women of all ages to wear. Here she has parted her hair down the middle, divided the rest of the hair into even sections, and added a bit of weave to make her twists jumbo-sized.

24. Defined Tight Twist Hairstyles

Defined Tight Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing doddle mask

Defined tight twists are another way to wear your new hairstyle. She has a perfect blend of black and light brown in her defined style.

25. Havana Passion Twists Big Bun

Havana Passion Twists Big Bun - a woman wearing army polo

Havana’s passion twists are right on trend in 2022. In the look above, she has twisted her hair into a big bun right on top.

26. Large Triangle Twists Bob

Large Triangle Twists Bob - a woman waring blue top

Large twists are a classic look that will leave you feeling beautiful and confident. She has kept her hair in a mid-length bob style with a triangular part on the top.

27. Half Bun Up Twist Hairstyles

Half Bun Up Twist Hairstyles - a woman waring printed gray top

If you need a hairstyle for your active lifestyle, then this half bun-up twist look would be perfect for you. Here she has cornrows on the top that lead into a big twisted bun for a flawless finish.

28. Afro Blended Braid and Twists

Afro Blended Braid and Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing army green tank top

This pretty lady is wearing afro blended braids and twists. She has added cornrows to the top section and added short twists in the back, and it looks so pretty.

29. Kinky Short Twist Hairstyles

Kinky Short Twist Hairstyles -a woman wearing red shirt

This little cutie is wearing kinky short twists. They have kept it simple here with a middle part and even twists throughout, and it looks so beautiful.

30. Sophisticated Jet Black Twists

Sophisticated Jet Black Twist Hairstyles -a woman waring zipper down jacket

Sophisticated styles will always leave you looking fresh. Here she has her hair with sophisticated and long twists, and she kept them natural jet black.

31. Butterfly Blonde Twist Hairstyles

Butterfly Blonde Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing mustard top

If you are in need of a new summer style, then these butterfly blonde twists would be a perfect style for you. This pretty long style has the perfect amount of blonde throughout, and it looks so pretty.

32. Lengthy Rope Twist Hairstyles

Lengthy Rope Twist Hairstyles -a woman waring red shirt

Here is a lengthy style of rope twists with black and red colors throughout. This extra long style looks so good when you wear it straight down your back or pulled up into a big bun.

33. Side Parted Passion Twist Hairstyles

Side Parted Passion Twist Hairstyles -a woman waring purple tube

If you love parting your hair on the side, this side-parted passion style will look so good on you. In the photo above, they have kept the hair long and all one length with a perfect side part, which looks amazing.

34. Twist Hairstyles with Knitting Wool

Twist Hairstyles with Knitting Wool -a woman wearing orange shirt

This next look is called knitting wool twists. This is a beautifully simple look that will keep your hair fresh for weeks on end. You can keep this style short in a bob as they have done here or keep it long for a flawless long style.

35. 18-inch Passion Twists Updo

18 inch Passion Twists Updo - a woman wearing orange tank top

18-inch passion twists can be worn in so many different ways. Here she has it pulled up and twisted in a big bun, be sure to pull a few strands out in the front to frame your face.

36. Half Up Rope Twist Hairstyles

Half Up Rope Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing pink shirt

Half-up hairstyles will always be around because they are easy to pull off, and they also help to keep the hair out of your face. Here she kept it all black and pulled just a few strands up to create a perfect half-up style.

37. Boho Twist Hairstyles

Boho Twist Hairstyles - a woman weairng green top

Boho styles are becoming more and more popular. In the style above, she is wearing her boho style, twists messy and long with touches of light blonde added in for a beautiful style.

38. Passion Twists Half Pony

Passion Twists Half Pony -a woman wearing red shirt and cardigan

Another way to wear your new passion twist hairstyles is to keep them thick and pull them up into a half pony style. Here they kept all of the hair black and natural with a few hair accessories added in, and it looks so pretty.

39. Minnie Low Bun Twist Hairstyles

Minnie Low Bun Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing black knitted top

If you want to keep your hair natural, give these Minnie low bun twists a chance. Here she has a twisted her hair in a french braid style and tied the rest of the long hair into low Minnie buns, which looks so pretty.

40. Messy Copper Twist Hairstyles

Messy Copper Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing mask in denim jacket

Cooper is another super pretty color to add to your new twisted hairstyles. In the look above, they have added medium-sized twists with a pretty copper color added about halfway down, and it looks stunning.

41. Silver Gray Twist Hairstyles

Silver Gray Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing blue top

Whether you have natural silver hair or you are jumping on the new trend of dying your hair silver, here is a pretty silver and grey twisted hairstyle for you to try. Here they kept the hair long and even with the prettiest silver hue added throughout.

42. Updo with Twist Hairstyles and Side Bangs

Twist Hairstyles -a woman wearing printed white tank top

Updos can make or break your whole outfit. Here is a perfect updo to wear to prom or even on your big wedding day. She is wearing an updo with twisted sides that end in a pretty bun. Be sure to pull out a few strands in the front to complete your beautiful updo style.

43. Half Twisted Curled Hairstyles

Half Twisted Curled Hairstyle -a woman wearing black sleeveless top

Here is a perfect bridal hairstyle. She is wearing a half-twisted curled hairstyle with a braided updo, and it looks so pretty. You should curl your hair before you put it up in the updo; it will help to keep the frizz down.

44. Twisted Pin-up Updo

Twisted Pin-up Updo - a woman wearing white polo

It does not get much prettier than this twisted pin-up style. To get this look, braid two sections right above your ears and pull them back; then, you will need to twist your hair into a big thick bun as they have done here. You may want to book an appointment to get this done professionally; it is harder than it looks.

45. Volume Red Black Swept Twists

Volume Red Black Swept Twist Hairstyles -a woman wearing white sexy top

Here is an almost all-red style with hints of black throughout. She has one of the most beautiful medium-sized twist hairstyles here that is swept over to the side to keep them out of her face, which looks so stunning.

46. Cornrow Twist Hairstyles

Cornrow Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing acid wash top

One way to set a new trend is to combine two twist hairstyles into one. Here they are wearing cornrows with long blonde twists for a lovely look.

47. Burgundy Twist Hairstyles Braid

Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing black tank top

If big twists are your thing, but you are tired of wearing them in black, you could always add this burgundy color. Here she has divided her hair into eight pieces and evenly added these big colorful twist hairstyles, and you are all set with a fab new look.

48. Glossy Ash Brown Twist Hairstyles

Glossy Ash Brown Twists -a woman wearing black sweater

Ash-brown is one of the most popular hair colors to wear in 2022. Ash-brown is a mix between grey, blonde, and brown. Here she has added this trendy color to our featured hairstyle, which looks so good.

49. Gorgeous Short Twist Hairstyles

Twist Hairstyles - a woman wearing rust sweater

This gorgeous short twist look is extra edgy. Here she has her twists with three strands to look like big thick braids for a flawless finish.

50. Twist Hairstyles Crochet Braids

Twist Hairstyles Crochet Braids - a woman wearing brown tank top

Crochet braids are one of the women’s most requested twist hairstyles in 2022. In the photo above, she used long crochet braids to create this beautiful long hairstyle.


Since you made it this far, you must have found yourself a stunning twisted hairstyle. Are you thinking of adding weave and having big thick twists? Do you want to keep them small and natural? You must let us know in a comment section down below and tell us which one was your favorite!

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