50 Gorgeous French Braid Hairstyles You Need to Try Out

French braid hairstyles have been around for as far back as we can remember.

Throughout the years, they have been constantly trending, thanks to their aesthetic value and practical benefits.

You can wear one either in a sporty setting or an elegant environment, all depending on how you style it.

Open up a world of opportunities by checking out the French braid below!

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1. Loose French Braid Hairstyles

When you’re not getting ready for a fancy event, you can always stick to cool and easygoing French braid hairstyles.

In other words, you shouldn’t worry too much about tightly weaving your braid. Leaving it loose provides a strong sense of natural style.

2. Multiple French Braids

On the other hand, you can go all out with numerous French braids. No matter if you interweave them, like in the photo above, or get them done separately, multiple French braids look wonderful in a hairstyle.

3. Knotted French Braid Hairstyles

For a chic and classy look, try out some knotted French braid hairstyles for long hair. Whether you literally knot your hair or just gently pull the sides apart to recreate the look, make sure you add a messy touch in the end.

4. Classic French Braids for Long Hair

You can never go wrong with a classic version of a French braid. All you have to do is follow the basic steps for French braiding and create the braid from top to bottom.

It helps to have long hair to get the results you want out of this hairstyle.

5. French Braid Hairstyles for Black Hair

There is an abundance of braid styles available for natural, afro-textured hair. The majority of them are protective, including the French braiding style.

We recommend choosing the technique if you want to shield your natural locks stylishly.

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6. French Braid Hairstyles with Low Ponytails

Oftentimes, we seek to mix braids with other hairstyles. Arguably the most common combination features French braids with ponytails.

We particularly support the idea for comfortable and even athletic hairstyles for girls.

7. High Ponytails with French Braided Tops

Yet another way you can rock a French braid is with a high ponytail. In this case, we recommend sectioning the top part and braiding that area only.

Once you get to the top center point of your head, wrap the rest of your hair in a ponytail.

8. Pigtails with French Braids

Regardless how old you are, French braid pigtails will always be a pleasure to wear. They’re a fantastic hairstyle idea for little girls, but they’re also a trending choice for teens or older gals with longer hair.

9. French Braid Hairstyles for Long Bangs

Provided you have long bangs, you can experiment with plenty of French braid hairstyles. One of the prettiest options is to braid only the part of your hair around your hairline.

This way, even if you don’t have bangs, you can play around with this area of your hair.

10. Tight but Messy French Braids

If you’re not that much into loose braids but you still want a cool touch to yours, you can toy around with tight yet messy French braid hairstyles.

The easiest way to obtain the look is to get a tight French braid and sleep on it overnight.

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11. Boxer French Braid Hairstyles

This year, boxer braids were all the rage among trendsetters and those who follow them. They’re pretty much like pigtail French braid hairstyles, just that they start from the top upper parts of your head and braid down from there.

12. French Crown Braids

What can be more graceful than a crown braid? Sometimes referred to as a halo braid, a crown braid that follows the crown of your head (hence the name).

We believe it’s a gorgeous French braid hairstyle that will enhance the femininity of the bearer.

13. Diagonal Half Up French Braid Ponytails

Want to add a twist to your braid and ponytail combo? It can be as easy as braiding in an unexpected direction.

For example, you can create a diagonal braid by starting from the top left or right corner of your hairline and going backwards in the opposing direction.

14. French Braids for Short Hair

Having short hair is wonderful, but it also limits the person who has it to the number of ways they can style it.

Be that as it may, you can adapt all sorts of French braid hairstyles to any hair that’s at least chin-length. Just an example is this half up French braid.

15. Low Side French Braid Hairstyles

Side-swept braids or ponytails are definitely a sign of elegance. Whether you have a formal event on your calendar this month or you just want to get in touch with your inner femme fatale, don’t hesitate to try a French braid on the side.

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16. French Braid Faux Hawks

Are you more of a bad-to-the-bone kind of girl and want to show it? The faux hawk is just what you need for showing off some edge without making decisions you might regret later.

Instead of shaving the sides of your head for a mohawk, French braid and knot the middle section for a similar effect.

17. Half Up French Braid Hairstyles

You can also rock half up French braid hairstyles without styling the lower part of your hair.

To put it otherwise, you can just section off a portion of your hair on top and braid that part. Leave the rest in a half up ponytail, like in the above photo.

18. Long Side French Braids

Although this example comes pretty close to the faux hawk idea, it stands out in a different way.

Instead of focusing on a braided middle area, you can switch things up and use the braids for the edges. It looks particularly nice if you have significantly long hair.

19. Reverse French Braid Hairstyles with Ponytails

The concept of reverse braiding is pretty self-explanatory. It basically involves braiding from the lower part of your head as opposed to starting somewhere from your upper hairline. You can start your French braid at your nape and finish it off in a ponytail.

20. Side Part French Braids into Ponytails

We love the versatility of this simple yet effective braided hairstyle. You can actually wear it in two ways – as a half up hairstyle or with the ponytail shown in the photo.

It all begins with parting your hair to the side and creating a braid on each part. After that, optionally tie the rest up.

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21. Boho French Braids

Bohemian hairstyles are undoubtedly lovely, especially when they mirror a personality with the same vibe.

If you resonate with the boho lifestyle, you can discover delicate French braid hairstyles that use an out of the box approach.

22. Half Side French Braid Hairstyles

We previously spoke about the crown braid and its princess-like effect. Well, here’s a follow-up idea that begins with the same principle. However, instead of braiding all around the head, stop halfway and tie the rest in a low ponytail.

23. Loose Updo French Braid Hairstyles

There’s no doubt that updos are some of the most elegant hairstyles for women in any situations.

In this situation, we can only highly recommend this category of French braid hairstyles for any special occasions that come your way.

24. Dreadlocks with French Braids

Dreadlocks are a wonderful way to express your cultural preferences. No matter how limiting they may initially seem, dreadlocks can actually serve as the foundation for plenty of creative hairstyles. Take this side French braid, for instance.

25. French Braid Highlights

Sometimes, braided hairstyles can pave the way for accentuating certain features you want to draw attention to. As an example, highlights can be gorgeously emphasized with the help of French braid hairstyles.

26. Subtle Half Up French Braid Hairstyles

On one hand, half up half down French braid hairstyles can be eye-catching.

On the other hand, you may want one that shines through simple sophistication. To get this outcome, start braiding after you get a few inches down and do it loosely.

27. Double French Braid Hairstyles with High Ponytails

We’ve talked about plenty of ways you can wear French braids with high ponytails. But what if you take yours to the next level? Feel free to put your imagination to the test as much as you’d like, such as with using two French braids on top.

28. French and Dutch Braids Hairstyles

In addition to mixing French braids with various hairstyles, you can also blend them with other braiding techniques.

A unique approach is to do this with Dutch braids, which are practically use the opposite method by braiding outwards.

29. Mermaid Hair French Braids

If you follow our articles, you already know that we’re head over heels in love with mermaid hair.

But what happens when you combine mermaid hair with a French braid? The result is a marvelous and feminine hairstyle you’ll end up adoring.

30. Reverse French Braid Hairstyles with Buns

Earlier we spoke about reverse French braid hairstyles as an original twist on this classic braiding method.

If we showed our first example with a ponytail, here’s a version with a messy bun. You may want to consider it as a laid back alternative.

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31. Waterfall Braids

Even though the waterfall braid is separate from the French one, they share a common technique. The main difference is that you pull strands through the weaving points of the braid to create a waterfall-like effect.

32. French Braid Hairstyles with Large Side Buns

We’re back with another French braid hairstyle that glows with refinement. In any formal environment, a side bun will always attract the admiration of those around you.

Mix that with a French braid and you have a hairstyle that can’t go by unnoticed.

33. Goddess Braids Hairstyles

It’s obvious that goddess braids are not synonymous with French braids.

Nevertheless, we support them as a close alternative for women with afro-textured hair. They can serve as a beautiful and effective protective hairstyle.

34. Overlapping French Braid Hairstyles

Creativity plays a major role in achieving a truly memorable hairstyle. Why try to look like everyone else when you can create your very own look?

To support this claim, we have a gorgeous example of how you can overlap your French braids.

35. Three Side French Braids

Yet another original hairstyle you can try out for yourself is a half up half down look with three French braids on the side.

We recommend it as a neat alternative for a regular half up hairstyle, especially for proms, weddings and similar events.

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36. French and Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Remember what we said before about mixing braiding styles in the same hairstyle? Well, another cute example is French with fishtail braiding. The two methods are pretty close, which makes them perfect for combining.

37. Horizontal French Braid Hairstyles

Now how adorable is this French braid? If you have a little girl or you want a youthful hairstyle, it’s definitely an idea to keep in mind.

Select one side of your head and braid horizontally from there, over your head, and down the opposing side.

38. Half Up Double French Braid Hairstyles with Top Knot

Top knots are the close cousins of messy buns, which we always find to be sweet.

In a nutshell, a top knot usually comes in the form of a half up half down bun, casually tied at the top part of your head. Throw in some loose French braids to boost the cuteness even more.

39. Pull Through French Braids

Although pull through braids are a separate category of their own, they can be molded into French braid hairstyles.

The key to nailing this hairstyle is sectioning the hair on the sides for braiding, leaving the center portion directly down.

40. French Braid Hairstyles with Twisted Braided Buns

For a spectacular appearance, we always encourage women to experiment with a wide variety of options.

To begin with, you can create two French braids, one on each side, and swirl them together for a bun that rests at the back of the neck.

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41. Headbands with French Braids

Hair accessories are always a delightful way to liven up any day-to-day lifestyle. Notwithstanding, it’s even more fun to “create” some accessories of your own.

In this case, you can recreate a headband with your own hair using a French braiding technique.

42. French Braid Hairstyles with French Twists

The French twist is a posh hairstyle that will bring out the feminine side of the woman wearing it.

Although it’s obviously not a hairstyle to wear on a daily basis, it’s a must for fancy rendezvous. Put it together with a French braid for a genuinely unforgettable look.

43. Ribbon French Braids

Do you have a sports event with your favorite team coming up? Or a celebration of your school’s pride? Show off some colors with ribbons in your braids! Take a ribbon and weave it through the French braid from top to bottom.

44. Criss Cross French Braid Hairstyles

Why not explore pattern ideas for your French braid hairstyles? Just an example is a criss cross braiding style, in which you make a braid on each side and then connect the two through intersecting strands. The outcome looks almost like a corset.

45. Lace French Braids

On this note, you can also try out the lace French braiding style. All in all, it’s like a normal French braid, just that one side is closed off into a disconnected braid, while the other incorporates strands from the same side.

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46. French Braid into Low Messy Bun Hairstyles

Here is the opposite of a reverse French braid with a messy bun. In this photo, you can see a regular French braid starting from the top of the head and ending in a bun. You should gently wrap the tips in the bun and leave it at the nape.

47. Half Up Double Bun French Braid Hairstyles

Space buns, also known as double buns, are incredibly sweet. For a cute boho hairstyle, you can opt for half up half down space buns.

To spice them up even more, add a French braid on the top part leading into each bun.

48. Faux Side-Shaved French Braid Hairstyles

Who better to look for inspiration from than the lovely Jessica Alba? The beautiful actress shows that you can use a small French braid on the side of your head for a faux shaved-side hairstyle. It’s a practical alternative for hitting the razor.

49. Pastel Rainbow French Braids

Just like with highlights, any ombre or balayage styles will be marvelously accentuated with French braids. With that idea in mind, imagine how pastel rainbow hair would look with a set of fantastic braided pigtails.

50. Intricate French Braids

To conclude on a fabulous note, here is a hairstyle that will be impossible to forget once witnessed.

Not only does it involve imaginative braiding, but it completely takes it to a whole new level with creating flower-like shapes with the hair.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

Indeed there are numerous French braid hairstyles that you can try out for different occasions.

As you now know, you can use one for any event, whether it’s a prom, sports game or even a regular day at work or school.

We love how all of them look, but which one would you say is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below!

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