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50 Cute Crimped Hair Ideas for 2024

50 Cute Crimped Hair Ideas for 2022

You may think about going ahead with a cute crimped hair idea if you plan to get a hairstyle that belongs to the 80s. Crimpled hair appears thicker, edgier, and sexier. It is one of the best methods available to add more volume to your hair. You also have the freedom to try different colors when you get crimpled hair. While keeping that in mind, let’s look at 50 cute crimpled hair ideas that you can consider in 2022.

1. Crimped Wedding Updo

If you are looking for the perfect wedding hairstyle for long hair, you may consider crimpled hair. This crimpled hairstyle would surely make your hair look great by adding volume. You can improve its looks with brown shades.

2. Crimped Hair in Big Knot

You don’t have to keep your crimpled hair free from falling. Instead, you can have a big knot to keep your crimp hair together.

3. Crimped Braid

If you love to get braided hair, you may go ahead with a crimped braid. This is a proven method to get a no-fuss look.

4. Blonde Crimped Hair

If you are looking for something that complements your blonde hairstyle, this would be a great option. You can get it for any season and go anywhere you want.

5. Crimped Long Hair Waves

If you got wavy hair, you could easily improve its good looks with crimped hair. So go ahead with crimped long hair waves, and fall in love with the results.

6. Half Down Half Up Two Buns in Crimped Wavy Hair

Anyone who wishes to try something new with crimped hair may go for this. You can get a perfect look for a night out with black and blue hair and crimped waves.

7. Mermaid Crimped Hair

Do you want to get the hair of a mermaid? Then you must take a look at this mermaid crimped hairstyle. It would surely make you look great.

8. Black Crimped Hair

If you have a date or a photoshoot, you can try black crimped hair. It will make you get a chic look and feel with ease.

9. Bob Crimped Hair with Red Tints

Even if you have a bob haircut, you can try crimped hair. To make your hair look exciting, get red tints on the front.

10. Crimped Mid-Hair with Wispy Bangs

You can get crimped hair to add texture and volume to wispy bangs with this style. Anyone who wants a somewhat elegant updo can try this out.

11. Stylish Crimped Hair Updo

You can release your inner wild woman with the help of this hairstyle. You will require lots of hairsprays for this updo for medium hair, but it would be worth it.

12. 80’s Vibe Crimped Hair

Do you want to go back in time all the way to the 80s? Then it would help if you tried this crimped hairstyle. It can offer a basic and a sweet attitude to you.

13. Rapunzel Crimped Hair

The Rapunzel crimp hairstyle is a sexy, long, crimped hairstyle. It is a perfect idea to go for a night out in the city.

14. Layered Crimped with Rubberband Hair

Layered crimp hair with rubber band styles can deliver a mysterious look to your hair, along with an adventurous spirit. In addition, the layers would soften your face.

15. Crimped Weave with Caramel Highlights

You can add more texture to your face with the help of crimped weave and caramel highlights. This can surely improve your overall appearance.

16. Chocolate Brown Crimped Hair

You can add lots of volume to your hair with crimped chocolate brown hair. It would surely make your hair look modern.

17. Bright Blonde Crimped Hair

Anyone who wishes to turn heads with crimped hair may try bright blonde crimp hair. You can get dark purple at the roots and make it light and shine towards the end.

18. Crimp Accents Throughout

Don’t be afraid of getting crimp accents to your hair throughout. This would provide a youthful and relaxed look to you.

19. Long Crimped Balayage

You can combine crimped hair with balayage and blonde hair. This can provide a careless charm to you.

20. Crimp Ponytail

If you want to highlight your curls differently, you may choose a crimped ponytail hairstyle. It can be a perfect hairstyle for a wedding.

21. Crimped Lion Mane on Blond

You can add a luxurious look to your crimped hairstyle with a lion mane. This is a great way to uplift the appearance of your blonde hair.

22. Traditional Sewin with Soft Crimps

You can combine simplicity with elegance when you go ahead with a traditional sew-in hairstyle and soft crimps. The hairstyle would surely change your day-to-day routine and get you to the center of attention.

23. Crimp Style on Pixie

The short pixie cut is getting more attention nowadays. You can get a timeless look with pixie hair with this crimp style.

24. Platinum Crimped Weave

You can emphasize your hair’s gorgeous, multidimensional color with a platinum crimped weave. In addition, it can add more color to wavy hair.

25. Graduated Crimped with Frontal Designs

This cute and easy hairstyle for school can assist anyone to get a back to the future look and feel. In addition, it will hint at the carefree heart of a flower child with frontal designs.

26. Crimped Brunette with Fine Bangs

If you have brunette hair, you can go for a crimped style and fine curtain bangs. It will make you fall in love with how you look and feel.

27. Angel Vibe Crimp

Anyone who wishes to get a cooler look for blonde hair may go ahead with this hair styling idea. It is a perfect style for a day at the beach or a concert.

28. Long Bob in Blue Shade with Dazed Crimps

The long bob that comes with a blue shade would deliver a breachy look to your hair and the right amount of crimping. This is a perfect hairstyle for any girl ready for spring break.

29. Copper Blond Crimps

The crimping combined with the copper-red hair color can deliver a reminiscent look and feel for you. You can get a rock and roll style that belonged to the 70s or 80s with it.

30. Middle Part Big Crimped

Instead of crimping your entire hair, you can only crimp the middle part of it. This will help you in getting a fly-away effect with ease.

31. Closure Sewin and Crimps

Here’s a cute and easy hairstyle for you to follow. Closure Sewin and crimps can help you to get a unique look, along with maroon color.

32. Quick Weave Crimps

This is an elegant and well-structured hair idea available for crimp lovers. You can get a carefree look with the help of it.

33. High Ponytail with Crimped Ends

A high ponytail with crimped ends would look luscious day or night. You just need to crimp the ends to create textural contrast.

34. 90’s Crimped Hair

Travel back in time to the elegant hairstyle of the 90s. The result is a new-fashioned take on an old-fashioned style.

35. Half Up Half down with Crimps

Are you looking for a hairstyling idea that can make you look unique day and night? Then you should try the half up, half down styling idea with crimps.

36. Two-Tone Crimps in High Ponytail

If you are trying to get a lively look and feel to your hair, you should go ahead with this hair styling idea. The high ponytail is simple but adds a lot of volume to your hair with an effortless design.

37. Messy Crimps in Ponytail

Anyone who likes to be messy with hair may try getting messy crimps. This is a simple hairstyle, which offers a frisky look.

38. Sleek and Low Crimped Ponytail

The sleek and low ponytail is one of the most basic crimp hairstyles to consider. If you don’t want to have a lot of teasing, you should try this out.

39. Short Hair in Crimped Ponytail

if you are tired of being professional and staid, you should go ahead with this hairstyling idea. It will help you to get an 80s look and feel with ease.

40. Messy Crimped Hair in Layers

Any woman who wants to display a sense of fearless ambition can try this crimp hairstyle. This can provide you with an unforgettable look.

41. High Crimped Ponytail with Middle Part Crimped Bangs

A high crimped ponytail that comes with crimped bangs on the middle part is a cute hairstyle. Any girl with long hair should try it.

42. Crimped High Ponytail Weave

The sassy look and feel that you can get with a crimped high ponytail weave can make you look good. If you are looking for a great hairstyle for short hair, this is an option to try out.

43. Textured Crimped Hair Updo

You can get a teasing look with a textured crimp updo. It can be a perfect hairstyle for anyone with a sassy attitude.

44. Middle Part Crimps with Zigzag Hairline

If you want to get a romantic look, you can get middle part crimps. On top of that, you can also go ahead with a Zigzag hairline.

45. Swept Side Dark Brown Crimped Hair

Anyone searching for crimp hairstyling ideas can go for swept side crimps. Make your hair dark brown to bring out the best looks.

46. Partial Sewin Crimped Hair

Instead of getting full Sewin crimps, you can go for partial Sewin crimps. It can be a perfect addition to your crimp hair.

47. Crimped Long Hair

If you have long blonde hair, you can follow this idea for crimping. This is an easy-peasy hairstyle that you can try.

48. 30-inch Crimped Hair

You can make yourself look awesome with the help of 30-inch crimps. This is a free and easy hairstyling idea to consider.

49. 8 Locs Braid with Crimped Pony

If you are looking for crimpled hair that can add more volume to your hair, you can go ahead with this. It will help you add texture and dimension to your hair with ease.

50. A-Line Bob Crimp Hairstyle

This cute hairstyle is easily done. You can get the A-line bob crimp and go anywhere you want to with confidence.

Crimped Hair FAQs

I have short hair. Can I get crimp hair?

Yes, you can get crimp hair, regardless of your hair length. All you have to do is take a look at the best crimp hairstyles and follow them.

What should I do before getting crimp hair?

You need to have clean and dry hair before you crimp. Ensure that you wash your hair with a shampoo and condition it to smoothen the tresses. After that, you can blow dry your hair and go ahead with crimping. Instead of using a crimper on your own, we encourage you to get the help of a professional hairstylist.

Will crimping help me to add more volume to my hair?

If you are concerned about the volume of hair you have on your head, you can go ahead with crimping. It is a proven method to add more volume to your head and make you look perfect.

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