Ghana Braids: 50 Ways to Wear this Flattering Protective Style

Ghana braids are among the highly stylish African hairstyles that have been around since ancient times.

The beloved style dates back to 500 B.C. and is now embraced as one of the most flattering hairstyles for natural hair.

There are countless ways to wear and style Ghana braids and we are very excited to talk more about them below!

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1. Pulled Back Ghana Braids

When researching Ghana braids, you’ll often find that they are pulled back in one way or another. In fact, another name for the braids is ‘straight-backs’, a solid reference to the popular method of styling.

2. Black and White Blend

In most cases, these types of braids maintain an all-natural look, including the root color of the woman wearing them.

However, you can play around with spectacular two tone blends, such as black and white, for a lovely contrast.

3. Low Bun Ghana Braids Styles

There are so many methods of styling these braids that it’s impossible to not find one that suits your personality. If you want a graceful look, go for wrapping your braids in a sleek low bun that rests at the back of your neck.

4. Gold Beads and Braided Ponytail

On the other hand, we can’t neglect the multiple accessories available for spicing up braids. For example, among the most popular choices we can find metallic beads. Gold is one of the preferred colors for them.

5. Ghana Braids for Kids

As these braids serve a double purpose of complementing and protecting, they are undoubtedly a child-friendly hairstyle. Girls can rock Ghana braids to take care of their natural hair in a fabulous way.

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6. Ghana Cornrow Braids

While opinions might differ from source to source, Ghana braids are essentially a form of feed in cornrows.

Owing to their width and softness, they are also referred to as banana braids. This is how you can wear them in a cornrow-like fashion.

7. Dynamic Braids

If you love getting creative with your hairstyle, you will have plenty of fun when designing your braids. For a truly memorable impact, speak to your stylist about having your braids intricately designed on your scalp.

8. Thin Ghana Braid Double Buns

Prefer thinner braids? No problem at all! You’ll enjoy even more styling options. Thanks to the narrowness of these smaller braids, you can style them in cute double buns, either high or low.

9. Half Up Ghana Braids Updo Hairstyles

Half up half down top knots are one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry at the moment, regardless of the texture of your hair.

You can take this idea and apply it gorgeously to your Ghana braids when getting them done.

10. Center Point Feed-in Braided Bun

As you can see, creativity is a pattern when it comes to this braiding style. One unique way to weave yours is to have a center point for your feed-in braids. The result reminds us of a beautiful star, continued in a classy bun.

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11. Chunky African Ghana Braids

The majority of Ghana braids start out thin on the scalp and branch out to thicker braids from there. In this example, you can see how the hair is braided in four, creating a full and thick effect.

12. Defined Braids Updo

Updos are all the rage for Ghana braids, but how can you make yours even more remarkable? One of your options is having your braids well-spaced out and defined by your stylist. The contrast is stunning!

13. Three Braids Hairstyle

A great deal of Ghana braids are created in four or six parts. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop you from standing out from the crowd beautifully.

Odd numbers like three or five can help you with a nice twist on a traditional style.

14. High Ghana Braids Ponytail

If you have enviously long braids, one of the best ways to accentuate them is with a high ponytail. As you can see in this example, the super long braids are charmingly wrapped up to flatter their length.

15. Bi-Color Ghana Braids Updo

Not only is this updo smooth and glamorous, but so is the choice of color. While it maintains the natural hair tone of the woman wearing them, there is a splash of copper at the top middle and throughout the pretty bun.

16. Side to Center Braided Updo

To continue our ideas for elegant ways to wear these braids, this splendid updo is fit for any red carpet event. The braids start from the side and delicately move towards the center to form an exquisite updo.

17. Two Ghana Braid Styles

If you don’t want the hassle that comes with numerous braids, you can always go for two simple yet effective braids. This low pigtail hairstyle is another hot trend, appreciated by women with various hair textures.

18. Blue Ombre Braids

Want to bring your Ghana braids to life? Ombre is the answer. Even more so, you can use a bright color for the process. This rich, royal blue, for instance, will make heads turn in admiration.

19. Intricate Ghana Braid Hairstyle

This is yet another complex hairstyle with Ghana braids. The feed-in braids are extraordinary, owing to their intricately shaped design. The style works perfectly for formal and casual situations alike.

20. Low Side Braided Ponytail

If you got your braids in a ‘straight-back’ style, you can have plenty of fun with low hairstyles.

To keep things simple, go for a classic low ponytail, brushed lavishly to the side. It’s an amazing blend of alluring and adorable, all in one.

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21. Grouped Braids Hairstyle

Plan on getting multiple braids? Then think about exploring unique designs. An example is this hairstyle with braids connected in groups of three or four. To top it all off, micro braids are included between the groups.

22. Two Tone Ghana Braids Cornrows

As shown in other examples, copper goes wonderfully well with these kinds of braids. Consider a balayage or ombre coloring technique so the results will be superbly contoured in the braids.

23. Ghana Braids in a Bun

Buns are one of the easiest ways to wear Ghana braids without them becoming uncomfortable.

This hairstyle works fantastically if your braids were created in an upward movement. As a nice bonus, you can also unwrap your braids for a chic ponytail.

24. Crown Braided Hairstyle

If you know you’re a true queen at heart, don’t be afraid to express your attitude through your hairstyle. Here, you can see how two simple braids become instantly eye-catching, owing to the crown-like part on top.

25. Braids and Bows

No matter how old you are, bows will always be a terrific accessory for showing off your sweet side.

You can use one or two bows to accessorize a delightfully braided bun, especially if you want to make a young lady feel like a princess.

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26. Long Ghana Braids Hairstyles

The longer the braids, the more jaw-dropping the results will be. They might require a bit more maintenance than regular braids, but the outstanding impression you will leave wherever you go will be worth it.

27. Red and Black Ghana Braid Updo

Light earth tones like caramel or copper are extremely fashionable for braided blends.

Nonetheless, vivid colors like burgundy are also quite loved and lovely. Mixing this deep red with black hair results in a dreamy and radiant hairstyle.

28. Long Jumbo Braids

Jumbo Ghana braids are certainly a breathtaking sight to see, but what happens when you make them extra long? Without a doubt, this dazzling hairstyle will help you channel your inner African goddess.

29. Zig Zag Braids Hairstyle

These Ghana braids stand out marvelously through an appealing design. Between the braids, the hair is parted in a zig-zag fashion, adding even more dynamism to the already ravishing look.

30. Big Ghana Braids

To really make your hair seem thick and full, go for lots of jumbo braids. In this case, you can see how eleven braids can create a magnificent impact.

The key is to have them braided at the right angles to get your desired effect.

31. Purple Braids

Just like electric blue, purple can also be an excellent way to show off your braids. It is a flattering shade that goes exceptionally well with dark natural roots. We recommend choosing a darker tone for a subtle blend.

32. Accessorized Ghana Braids Bun

Even though styling your braids in a low bun is a brilliant choice on its own, you can always add some glam. An idea is to pick a sparkling accessory like this rhinestone piece, especially if you have a formal event coming up.

33. Connected Braids

You can also start with several braids and connect them at the base of your neck. To glamorize the look, make sure the primary braids are spaced out on your scalp. In between, add some feed-in micro braids.

34. Ghana Braids Mohawk

Although this isn’t a traditional mohawk with shaved sides, the results are as close as you can get without using a razor.

The main point consists of two jumbo Ghana braids that flow down the middle of the head, with the sides sleeked back.

35. Braids with Silver Beads

Metallic beads are indeed great accessories for braids. Here you can see how they look in silver, as opposed to the popular gold. You should go for this variety if you tend to wear silver jewelry.

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36. Two Braids with Numerous Gold Beads

The gold variety can also look amazing in great numbers. For instance, these two Ghana braids are sprinkled with gold beads all over, and the results are utterly fabulous.

37. Blonde and Black Ghana Braid Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a fine contrast but you don’t want it to be as radical as black and white, choose blonde! Regardless if you go for an icy platinum blonde or a warm caramel, it will surely look lovely with dark roots.

38. Ghana Braids Pompadour

This is the kind of Ghana braid hairstyle that can easily be worn at weddings. Even though it might not fit into a casual environment, it is just what you need to dazzle at fancy events.

39. Curled Under Braided Bob

We usually see these types of braids at least mid-back in length. Nevertheless, you can have a funky approach with shorter braids. Consider a long bob that’s curled under for a voluminous effect.

40. Mixed Ghana Braids

You can combine different widths for an interesting hairstyle. For example, start with cornrow-like braids on your scalp and connect them in two low pigtails at the end.

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41. Braided High Side Ponytail

An uber-high ponytail can look even more marvelous when tossed casually to one side. If you ever get tired of this style, all you have to do is take the braids and wrap them around into a top knot.

42. Balayage Ghana Braids

If you want more color in your braids but you don’t want the abrupt transition that ombre comes with, go for balayage. This way, the gradient is pleasant and harmonious, providing you with a natural look.

43. Twisted Ghana Braid Bun

For a wider, fuller and flower-like bun, you just have to twist your braids. Start from one side and gradually spiral into the center to get this picture-perfect outcome appropriate for formal occasions.

44. Elegant Ghana Braids Updo

Elegance is an understatement when describing this braided hairstyle. It starts with thin Ghana braids on each side and continues with a sensational faux hawk made from Havana twists.

45. Cornrows, Ghana, and Senegalese Braids

If you can’t decide on just one braiding technique, go ahead and use more!

Here, you can see how the spaces between the main Ghana braids are filled with angled cornrows. After that, the top bun comes to life with Senegalese twists.

46. Curled Ghana Braid Hairstyle

This is a Ghana braid hairstyle that young women will adore. It starts normally at the top, but the best part is from the neck down. The thin braids are gracefully curled, making it quite the ladylike hairstyle.

47. Honey Colored Ghana Braids

If you’re looking for a softer color than copper for your braids, you can count on this shade of honey. It looks absolutely beautiful against darker skin tones and is a perfect color for spreading summer vibes.

48. Pastel Rainbow Ghana Braids

If you have the courage and a colorful enough personality, you can express yourself through this phenomenal Ghana braid hairstyle. Quite a few pastel shades are included, from pink, blue and purple to silver.

49. Ghana Braid Faux Hawk

This is another way you can rock a faux hawk with a Ghana braiding technique.

Yet again, it is a flawless choice for black tie events and special moments in your life. It also allows you to wear statement jewelry as it accentuates your ears and neck.

50. Golden Braided Updo

Last but certainly not least, Ghana braids in gold are, without a doubt, sublime. Although they come pretty close to honey blonde braids, their metallic tint lets you adorn them with gold jewelry to match.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, Ghana braids are easily one of the most versatile and gorgeous African braiding techniques you could choose!

Even though it was initially worn only by women of this community, more and more ethnic groups are wonderfully embracing this stunning and unique hairstyle.

Which one is most representative for you or is your favorite?

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