50 First Communion Hairstyles Ideas

One of the most important religious ceremonies in the Catholic Church is the first communion. Here are 50 first communion hairstyles.

With its being such an important day, a boy’s or girl’s first communion has to be perfect from A to Z. Naturally, apart from a formal and beautiful outfit, one should also think of some fabulous first communion hairstyles.

Both boys and girls should feel spoiled on such an important day and an outfit should be highlighted by some inspired accessories and amazing first communion hairstyles.

Most of these hairstyles and haircuts are easy to do.

You can also get inspired by some tutorials if you feel the need to find out more about the specific steps you need to take in order to achieve the perfect hairstyle.

If you don’t have the time to experiment, you can always go to a hairstylist and let him decide which hairstyle works best for your kid.

Here are some first communion hairstyles ideas and suggestions that can inspire you and make your child feel spoiled on a very special day.

Some of these hairstyles lean more towards a natural style while others are fancy or elegant.

Pick your favorite from a list of 30 first communion hairstyles ideas.

1. First Communion Hairstyles Accessories

A simple, yet efficient trick is to add a headband to any cute little girl’s hairstyle. It will definitely highlight an outfit and a special hairdo. You can also try going for oversized flowers and attach them to the headband if you aim for a more spectacular look.

2. The Popular Flower Crown

It’s no sense in denying the truth; flower crowns will always be trending since they are totally gorgeous and work great for both girls and women. A flower crown can go well with a white dress and when it comes to first communion hairstyles, this is a simple and fast DIY trick that anyone can follow.

3. Cute Wavy Hair for Little Girls

The first holy communion is a reason to celebrate such an important event in a child’s life. A few natural looking wavy locks can go a long way and you won’t be damaging your kid’s hair since it is a one-time event. Just make sure you don’t keep the hair curler for too long.

4. Half-Up, Half-Down Hairdo

A very fancy and inspired first communion hairstyle can be marked by a half-up, half-down hairdo. Add a big flower as a hair accessory and you have a winner.

5. Loose Curls and Natural Looking Hairstyle

Loose curls can be easily highlighted with some fine looking hair accessories that also match your girl’s dress.

6. A More Complex Hairstyle Choice for the First Communion

If you like intricate hairstyles, this is the perfect choice that you can pick. The braids and the stylized beehive can be highlighted with hair clips and hair bows.

7. The Summery Hairdo

This hairstyle sends a summery vibe thanks to the soft braids and pretty long hair. It’s an easy to do hairstyle that won’t take more than 10 minutes to style.

8. Fabric Headbands and Loose Hairstyle

A simple white headband with some fabric flowers can really make a difference. A girl’s communion is all about innocence and beliefs and such an amazing hairstyle with definitely go well with the event itself.

9. A Braided Spiral

Girls with long hair should rejoice because their hair length allows a lot of manipulation and hairstyling. This braided spiral, for example, would definitely be appropriate as a first communion hairstyle.

10. Lily of the Valley Flower Crown

Apart from the cute white gloves and the pretty blonde hairstyle, the flower crown that is made of lily of the valley flowers is the perfect addition to one spectacular first communion outfit.

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11. The Ingénue Hairstyle

Little girls look like angels, especially on their first communion day. This ingénue looking hairstyle is a killer and the little flower makes the hairdo look even more beautiful.

12. The Princess, Her Curls, and Her Tiara

Every girl deserves to feel and look like a princess, no matter what. So don’t be afraid to pick a cute tiara for your girl on her first communion day. The thick, big curls also create a cool contrast with the sparkly tiara.

13. The Little Gentleman Haircut

Boys deserve our attention, too. This simple short haircut is such an inspired choice and the suit looks awesome, too. This little gentleman’s haircut is one of the best first communion hairstyles ever.

14. First Communion Braid Plait

Braid plaits and loose hairstyles go so well together! It’s the perfect combination between casual and formal.

15. Stunning Crown Braid for Girls

Any little princess deserves to shine on her first communion day. So this easy-to-do crown braid hairstyle might be one awesome choice to go with such a special event.

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16. Baby Boy Hairstyles

Long asymmetric bangs go well with a short haircut. It’s a trendy haircut for boys and it can work just fine for first communion hairstyles, too.

17. Crew Cut Hairstyles for Boys

One of the most popular haircuts out there is the crew cut haircut for boys. You can use a little bit of hair gel to make some hair spikes and help your kid look really cool and ready for his first communion.

18. Long Hair with Bangs

Even a plaid shirt can work for a first communion if you plan on picking a casual outfit for your boy. If your boy has long hair you can stylize it by adding bangs to the original haircut.

19. Baby Bangs and Short Haircut

This is a very short haircut that is highlighted by some fabulous looking baby bangs. The baby bangs are such a popular haircut that even grown-ups choose to sport it from time to time.

20. Natural First Communion Hairstyles for Boys

The best first communion hairstyles are the natural looking ones so if your boy has long hair you can add some waves or curls to his typical hairstyle to stylize it a bit but that is more than enough for a cute look.

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21. Undercut Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Who would have thought that a very popular men’s haircut can look so gorgeous on little boys, too?! The undercut hairstyle with shaved sides should be done by a hairstylist because it can get a little tricky, but other than that it is one fine choice for a first communion hairstyle.

22. The Little Mohawk

Don’t you just love trying out daring haircuts for boys? The little Mohawk is a low-maintenance hairstyle that can be worn on a boy’s first communion day. Would you give it a chance?

23. The Retro Hairdo for Girls

A subtle beehive, a teased hairstyle and some cute looking bangs are all that it takes for a little princess to shine on her first communion day. This retro hairstyle can be highlighted with a bandana to copy the rockabilly look.

24. Symmetric Bangs

This is one simple and fast haircut that any mom can pull off. Symmetric bangs for boys are simply adorable and you can do them yourself if you feel like it. It’s a natural and cute hairstyle that would be appropriate for a first communion look.

25. Fancy Haircut for Boys

This retro looking haircut is so fancy and sweet but it is recommended to go to the hairstylist if you want it to look this perfect. This kind of haircut would go well with a very elegant boy’s costume.

26. The Stylish Hairstyle

This is one stylish haircut that doesn’t need too much effort to look this sweet. You can stylize some locks using hair gel and make the hair look a little bit messy to get that natural looking hairstyle. It’s one hairstyle that never gets old or out of style.

27. First Communion Pompadour Hairstyle

There are numerous variations of the pompadour hairstyle so feel free to experiment with different pompadour styles. This retro hairstyle is simply gorgeous and any little boy would feel amazing sporting such a daring, retro look.

28. Get Inspired by Celebrity Kid Hairstyles

Ricky Martin has always been a fashionable, stylish singer and this is why he is a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and hairstyles. Naturally, his kids take after him and have some incredible hairstyles. The shaved sides and the long at the top look work for the little kids and your boy will certainly love sporting such a haircut on his first communion day, too.

29. Medium Hairstyle for Boys

Medium hairstyles can be styled in different ways. You can leave the hairstyle as it is or add an undercut or some waves or curls to add texture to your boy’s hair. It’s all up to you and him. Even layered haircuts and side bangs can do the trick.

30. Sweet Asymmetric Bangs

This is yet another haircut for boys that you can try at home. These sweet asymmetric bangs are just perfect for any first communion hairstyle.

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31. Communion Hairstyles for Long Hair

If your little girl has long hair, this is one of the most beautiful and complex hairstyles that she can enjoy for her first communion. The criss cross strips are decorated with pearl-like accessories and flowers, with the rest flowing into a waterfall braid with curls.

32. Holy Communion Hairstyles Updo

This elegant updo will make your girl feel like a fancy young lady. The best part is the large white bow headband with a flower in the middle, as well as the pretty earrings as additional accessories.

33. Half Up Braid and Flowers

It’s clear that half up half down hairstyles are some of the most popular ones for girls with long hair for their first communion. This one has a wraparound braid sprinkled with delicate white flowers.

34. Side Braids and Half Down Curls

If you prefer a hairstyle that’s a bit simpler, you can always go for a hairdo like this one. It starts with two twin braids on each side that wrap around in the middle. The rest is gorgeously curled down the back.

35. Communion Hairstyles Half Up Half Down

The waterfall braid is another popular hairstyle for holy communions. What makes this look truly memorable is the white flower hair clip in the back.

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36. Flower Crown for a Little Girl’s First Communion

For a beautifully bohemian approach to your girl’s first communion, you can opt for a simple yet effective flower headband. It’s a sweet and pure hairstyle to enhance your daughter’s natural beauty.

37. Medium Hair and French Braids

We’re well aware that not all little girls have long hair. If your lovely lady has medium length locks, you can contour them with cute French braids. Add a few flowers to the braids for an adorable effect.

38. Side Chignon and Flower Headband

Buns are also popular choices for communions. This cute side chignon is complemented with a thin and pretty headband with while rose and pearl beads.

39. Communion Hairstyles with Tiara and Veil

A charming tiara with long, white ribbons is always an excellent choice for communions. With an accessory like this, you don’t even need to worry about putting a complex hairstyle together.

40. Elegant Tiara and Chignon

Indeed, beauty is always found in simplicity. This graceful chignon is enhanced with a thin, sparkling tiara-like headband. Add a pair of small pearl earrings to boost the impact.

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41. Retro Bun and Headband Bow

Long hair can also be styled into an elaborate retro bun. Gently sweep your daughter’s bangs to the side and add a headband with a big bow in their favorite pastel color.

42. Intricate Updo with Crystal Headband

If you’re planning on getting your little girl ready at the salon, you can show this photo to your stylist for a breathtaking updo. The curls are sprinkled with glitter and the whole look is topped off with a crystal headband.

43. First Holy Communion Hairstyles Curly Hair

This hairstyle is based on long and lovely curls all around. Add a few white roses to accentuate their impact, and make sure that you use enough hairspray for the curls to stay in place.

44. Half Up Twisted Braids with Wavy Hair

Another bohemian hairstyle is this delicate half up half down hairdo. The braids are loosely twisted to the center, leaving the rest with naturally wavy hair.

45. French Braids and White Ribbons

Your girl’s communion hairstyle with French braids can also be done this way. The braids are curled up at the end and the hairdo is beautified with a traditional communion accessory.

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46. Large Round Bun

If you want to keep your daughter’s hair up and out of the way, this classic and classy large bun is perfect. The white accessory is pinned at the bottom of the bun for a wonderful effect.

47. Half Up Curved Braid with Tiara

This fabulous half up half down communion hairstyle has a flawless curved braid that makes it glow with beauty. Above the braid, you can see an exquisite white tiara with a neat bow.

48. Simple and Flowery

Another simple approach to a holy communion hairstyle contains side braids decked with flowers. The rest of the hair is left down and slightly curled.

49. Half Up Braids and Gold Flower Tiara

Double half up braids are also a fantastic option. What makes this look stand out from the rest is the light gold flower tiara, which amazingly contrasts with light brown hair.

50. Chignon and Flower Clip

This refined chignon has the perfect white hair clip to make it sparkle. It is just as appropriate for communions as it is for flower girls, as well as any other fancy events.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation for First Communion Hairstyles?

To wrap everything up, you should always put a bit of time, thought, and effort into first communion hairstyles.

Your daughter deserves a hairdo that will make her feel like a princess on the big day.

And, if you choose one that makes her feel as special as she is, she will remember the day forever.

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