30 Emma Stone Haircut Ideas You Should Try Out for a New Look

A-list actress Emma Stone is as relatable as she is glamorous.

One aspect of her approachable, beautiful style that makes her stand out and be the envy of many women is her ability to look amazing in a spectrum of hair cuts and colors.

If you’re wondering what her secret is when going short, medium, or keeping stands lush and long, here are 30 Emma Stone hairstyles, haircuts, and hair color ideas straight from Hollywood that you should try out!

Pick one, or try a few because you’re guaranteed to look as fabulous and polished as one of tinsel town’s highest-paid actresses.

1. Medium Blunt Waves

This beautiful, effortless Style comes from a medium-length, blunt-end scissor cut paired with shine-enhancing lotion to boost definition and style throughout lush, thick waves. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to keep hair follicles smooth and static-free.

2. Sleek and Straight Emma Stone Haircut

This Emma Stone haircut is straight to the point. Blown-out with a large paddle brush, tresses can be flat-ironed for added whimsy. Sleek hair is all about hydration, so try on a serum, they’re available in a number of scents and pack away easily in your day bag.

3. Beachy-Keen Brown Hair Color

This Emma Stone red hair color is beautifully toned-up in this hot, beach-babe A-Line haircut. Finger styling elevates this mid-part lob at its best. To keep the color fresh, shampoo infrequently and always use a color-safe product designed for the hue you’ve got.

4. Mane Attraction

This deep bold hue is a bit left on the spectrum of the popular Emma Stone red hair color, and we love it!

Blunt bangs and a dark, golden-brown semi-permanent gloss is all it takes to capture this trendy look. Try a washable, spray-on, brunette hair color mist to cover up gray, or just enjoy the look on special occasions.

5. Blonde Wavy Lob

Summer style lists just crave for this Emma Stone hair color strawberry blonde. This medium lob style leaves the tresses longer around the shoulders and is ideal for on-the-go style. Remember that lightened hair is super prone to breakage so coat ends with protectant and wash with care!

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6. Emma Stone Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs

To get this glam-look perfect for day or night, part hair to the side and use a twist motion at the nape of the neck while easily securing with bobby pins. Try a touchable-hold hairspray before pinning the hair up to ensure this updo doesn’t become sticky and unmanageable.

7. Sophisticated & Choppy Haircut

Long-ish bangs and a simple, straight across haircut give this style oomph and a sophisticated tousle.

This cut can be finger styled with pomade and you’re red carpet ready! For maximum definition, try a hair wax combined with a little leave-in conditioner. Towel-dry hair after applying (but before styling).

8. Casual, Flirty Style

This Emma Stone bob haircut is weekend-vibes worthy. Use a wide-toothed comb and dry-shampoo to capture this look. Hairspray is a big no-no because it will weigh down your hair and make it less able to feather to the side.

9. Emma Stone Rich Color

This Emma Stone hair color shade is the most beautiful blend of blonde, red, and brunette available. You really can have it all! Just ask a stylist for foils.

This color scheme requires both highlights and low-lights strategically painted to capture the best spectrum of colors. Use a color depositing shampoo that’s made to protect and extend the hair pigments.

10. Emma Stone Haircut with Long Fringe

If you want to rock long bangs or need some style direction for growing them out, this Emma Stone Zombie Land haircut is oh-so Haute. The bangs look best on the long side.

To get the perfect length, always use a comb and cut in the shape of a triangle. You’ll need to make it a smidge shorter between the eyes and longer near the edges of your face.

11. Radiant in Red

The quintessential Emma Stone hair color is somewhere between the shade of a Burmese Ruby and full-throttle candy-apple.

Use hue EQ gloss from Redkin or choose a cream-based hair dye to avoid looking like Ronald McDonald. Remember that lighter hair absorbs color more boldly. When starting from a dark base, seek the services of a professional.

12. Emma Stone’s Chic Pixie

This hot, Emma Stone pixie haircut is cropped in the back and left longer on the sides and crown. Finish with razor-cut bangs, or have your stylist use blending scissors for maximum, customized detail. Pixie cuts look best styled with a little wax or hair paste.

13. Bombshell Bed Head

Roll out of bed and look fabulous? No problem! Request layers in the back and keep the face-framing tresses shoulder length. Finger-style and go! Use a volumizing shampoo and an ultra-light conditioner. The gel can be applied to damp hair and brushed through after it’s dry for extra volume.

14. Emma Stone College Prep Style

Looking for effortless style? Use a spray leave-in conditioner and micellar shampoo for this cut. A micellar product is just a dual-cleanser that tackles both water and oil particles found in dirty hair allowing it to be as light as possible.

15. Face Framing Cut

The most popular Emma Stone haircut uses fine layers to accentuate the face and give movement and feminine length throughout. This cut is a stunning option for oval, heart, and square-shaped faces. Pair different styles with fun barrettes and headbands to enhance the look.

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16. Emma Stone Haircut with Cascading Ringlets

One lengthy style, this Emma Stone haircut allows natural ringlets to cascade the shoulders and back without being too heavy. Here, a deep Auburn gloss is applied for maximum shine and depth.

This multi-faceted color and cut give healthy, thick hair a bit of bounce while also allowing it to lay tamed and smooth.

17. Thick, Dutch Braid Style

Achieve gorgeous texture by using a volumizing shampoo and mega-hold hairspray before backcombing the crown and gathering hair in a loose twisty braid down the side.

Switch it up by doing a two, three, or even four-strand braid. Side braids can utilize clip-in hair extensions for increased length, volume, and even additional color.

18. Long & Light

Keeping hair light requires strategic blending from a stylist and minimal conditioning product. Longer layers underneath keep curls loose, while top strands blend and catch light throughout locks. This beautiful, long hair needs a soft touch. Never brush out wet hair because it promotes breakage.

19. Youthful & Fun Blonde Haircut

This medium-length Emma Stone haircut is perfect for women with thick hair. Looking to go blonde during the process? Use a purple-blue toner to combat brassy undertones.

Light blonde shades require multiple processing. Give hair time in-between to minimize damage and remember to apply touch-ups around the 4-week mark.

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20. Jaw-Level Bob Haircut

This sleek bob hits the face at jaw-level and is cut straight around the entire head for maximum swing and movement. Tresses are kept in place with a smoothing balm. Short bob cuts need a lot of maintenance. Hair should be trimmed every few weeks.

21. Sunset Starlet

This Star-worthy Emma Stone haircut balances beautiful red-blonde tones and highlights the face with luxurious blonde waves. Cut straight across the bottom, dry shampoo is used to refresh strands and maintain body while just the ends of the hair are deeply conditioned a few times per week.

22. Soft & Shoulder Length Emma Stone Haircut

Keeping hair looking this touchable and soft starts with a clean scissor cut across the ends that is then blown-out on medium heat with a large round brush. Frequent brushing throughout the day will keep your hair tangle-free and add to the volume and shine of this look.

23. Ombre Lob

There is something magical about this ombre lob cut. Lightened ends transition into deeper red-gold tones towards the crown, while thick razor styled bangs flirt just below the brows.

Getting this look will take a few hours in the salon with a professional cut and colorist, but the return on investment is priceless.

24. The Girl Next-Door Look

One Emma Stone haircut women bring in pictures of to their stylist is this girl-next-door, medium cut. All over same-length tresses are easy to care for and can be pulled back into a number of trendy styles.

A deep conditioning shampoo and once-a-week hair mask is recommended to keep hair strong in between trims.

24. Emma Stone Haircut with Sleek Side Tuck

This beautiful hairstyle is ideal for women growing out their bangs who love a flirty style that’s easy to maintain. To get this look, use a large-barrel curling iron or hot rollers on medium heat. Backcomb the crown and use a pomade to shape bangs after parting them to the side.

25. Single Length Elegance

Hair that is cut to all the same length doesn’t have to be boring. Texturizing products combined with easy finger-styling is all this cut requires to look elegant. One length cuts are sophisticated because they convey ease with a high sense of style.

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26. Emma Stone with Carefree Waves

To get this look, simply hand-scrunch damp hair with mousse and air-dry. After strands are mostly dry, spritz on a shine-spray and use leave-in conditioner to refresh waves throughout the day. This style can last for days and days.

27. The Boss Cut

Boss-up with this stunning Emma Stone haircut. To rock the look, ask a stylist to cut hair while dry. This technique gives more shape to the overall cut and does less damage to hair, keeping it from fraying at the ends. Polish waves with a curl-lotion to style.

28. Emma Stone Haircut with Bold Bangs

Getting a cut like this combines incognito style with light-hearted fun. Bold bangs complete this haircut by framing the sides just above the nose. This cut requires a blow-dry, but the upside is that dry shampoo can make it last an entire week.

29. The Hollywood Bob

Women with a long neck or a defined jaw-line will look stunning with this Emma Stone bob haircut. Hair whips elegantly just above the shoulders and boasts just the right amount of movement while keeping its shape. Add a side-swept bang and voila, simply stunning!

30. Emma Stone Updo with Wispy Side Bangs

Emma Stone Updo with Wispy Side Bangs

Last on this list, we have a cute and simple slightly messy updo. To make it even more relaxed, Emma Stone left wispy side bangs that sweetly frame her face. The actress is also closer to her natural hair color than with her usual red locks.

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So, What Is Your Hair Motivation?

Deciding which of these 30 Emma Stone hair ideas you should try out will definitely be a hard choice.

Still, it can be easily settled by going as short as you’re comfortable with now that the weather is hot.

Remember to start with lighter shades of blonde when going short, and before transitioning to brighter hues of red and Auburn.

Darker hair colors will luxuriously saturate lighter strands and provide maximum shine and conditioning as they grow out to shoulder-length styles.

Share your favorites now and help inspire other women looking for that perfect combination of authenticity and style!

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