50 Wedding Guest and Bridesmaids Hairstyles Ideas & Inspo

Hairstyles for wedding guest and attendees typically depend on the type of wedding you have been invited to.

But they also depend on location, the season, and of course, your outfit.

Also, even though weddings are still considered formal events to which black tie must be worn, they are becoming increasingly popular and casual.

Take a look below to see the many ways you can style your hair and look classy or sassy!

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1. The Twisted Waterfall Braid

waterfall twisted braid hairstyles for wedding guest


Let’s start off with a type of braid that has been all the rage since it appeared! This is the waterfall braid, named thusly because the strands that come out of it look like a waterfall.

It’s perfect when it comes to hairstyles for wedding guest. You could wear it even if you are the bride!

2. Flower Braid Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

flower braid hairstyles for wedding guest


Nothing says wedding better than flowers. Did you know that this tradition dates back thousands of years ago to the ancient Romans and Greeks?

Their brides carried wheat and other such aromatic sprigs for fertility and good luck.

3. The Blake Lively

blake lively hairstyles for wedding guest


We have a number of celebrities gracing our list of hairstyles for wedding guest and bridesmaids, and actress Blake Lively is just the first one. Here she is with a messy crown braid in her signature blonde hair.

4. High Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

high dramatic hairstyles for wedding guest


This low bun has a high and dramatic top that will definitely be the center of attention. You can pair it with a set of equally oversized earrings as well as a sequin dress that will dazzle everyone.

5. Messy Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

messy hairstyles for wedding guest


Here’s a lovely bun held together at the back of your head with bobby pins. What’s pretty about it is that it’s messy and has strands of hair coming out of it, which makes it look effortless but chic at the same time.

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6. Classy Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

classy hairstyles for wedding guest


This is a very classy and classic low chignon that you see at almost every wedding. It has been a preferred choice for the female auditorium including the bride herself, her bridesmaids, and the guests.

7. The Emma Watson

emma watson hairstyles for wedding guest


Here’s actress Emma Watson at a red carpet event wearing a hairstyle and makeup that you can easily copy for a wedding. It’s a crown braid for very short hair pinned in the back with a smoky eye and oxblood lipstick.

8. The Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence hairstyles for wedding guest


Before she went platinum blonde, actress Jennifer Lawrence used to sport a lot of these more matronly styles which you can now use as inspiration as hairstyles for wedding guest. This is a messy side bun.

9. Ponytail Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

ponytail hairstyles for wedding guest


A ponytail can easily transform from a day-to-day casual hairstyle into a party one if you know how to style and accessorize it properly.

Wear it with a flamboyant dress and theatrical makeup and you’re all good to go!

10. The Rose Byrne

rose byrne hairstyles for wedding guest


Here’s another example of a fantastic side bun. Actress Rose Byrne also has a set of long, angular bangs that elongate her face and make the whole hairstyle look a lot more elegant and classier.

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11. The Kate Middleton

kate middleton hairstyles for wedding guest


You cannot go wrong if you decide to style yourself after Kate Middleton because she is literally the next Queen of England. Here she is in an amazing turquoise dress and an intricate braided low bun.

12. The Kate Beckinsale

kate beckinsale hairstyles for wedding guest


Here’s another type of ponytail that you can wear when it comes to hairstyles for wedding guest ideas. This one is modeled by actress Kate Beckinsale, and it’s a much shaggier one with lots of layers and a few curls.

13. The Jessica Alba

chignon hairstyles for wedding guest


As beautiful and elegant as this chignon may be, the real star of the show here is the gorgeous curl in the front. It’s easier to get than you may think as well. All you need is your hair curler and some hairspray.

14. The Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole attends the Foxcatcher premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 19, 2014 hairstyles for wedding guest


Here’s singer Cheryl Cole at the premiere of Foxcatcher in 2014, during the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. She wore a lovely swirled chignon coupled with her signature bouffant in the back.

15. The Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins Messy Updo hairstyles for wedding guest


Speaking of messy and bouffants, here’s Jennifer Hawkins taking it to another level in terms of hairstyles for wedding guest and bridesmaids.

You can also wear this matronly hairstyle if you’re the mother of the bride or of the groom.

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16. Lilac Hairstyles

lilac hairstyles for wedding guest


Don’t shy away from non-natural colors because they are the biggest trend of the season. What started as a music festival fad quickly turned into a full-blown mania that spread like wildfire into pop culture.

17. Wavy Hairstyles

sparkling hairstyles for wedding guest


If you have wavy or loosely curly hair, this idea might be appropriate for you. Try a loose bun that will show off your waves rather than a tight one that might actually come undone and bother you as the day progresses.

18. The Ralph Lauren Look

Ralph Lauren at New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 - Details Runway hairstyles for wedding guest


Here is an haute couture example of hairstyles for wedding guest and bridesmaids if you want to look flawless on the big day. This is a snippet from the Ralph Lauren 2013 Spring show at the New York Fashion Week.

19. Peony Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

peony hairstyles for wedding guest


We’re back to flowers to show you one more example of how beautiful you can look if you incorporate blossoms in your bridal look. This is a diagonal messy braid with a large, blooming, pink peony.

20. Purple Hairstyles

purple hairstyles for wedding guest


Here’s a purple ombre that will make you stand out in all the wedding pictures of the day. The shade is vibrant and gorgeous, but be careful what color you choose for your dress. We suggest going for lavender or pink.

21. The Julia Roberts

julia roberts hairstyles for wedding guest


Let’s see some more celebrities and their outstanding looks created by the best stylists in the world. You can get inspired and copy these looks and hairstyles for wedding guest and bridesmaids.

22. The Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan hairstyles for wedding guest


This is a masterclass in matching colors. Her hair is a dark brunette, and she’s wearing a brilliant, white dress dotted with 3D black beading.

Therefore, her lipstick is a contrasting shade of fiery red that sets off her green eyes.

23. The Claire Danes

claire danes hairstyles for wedding guest


There’s nothing better than flaunting your natural beauty when you’re just as gorgeous as actress Claire Danes. She wears a shade of golden blonde matched by her gold earrings and very little makeup.

24. The Large Low Bun

 large low bun hairstyles for wedding guest


If your hair is not thick or long enough to pull off this voluminous bun, you can always wear some extensions or a weave on the day of the wedding. No one will know the difference, and you will look stunning.

25. The Zendaya

zendaya hairstyles for wedding guest


This is a very simple, yet highly effective hairstyle for wedding guests and bridesmaids.

Actress and singer Zendaya is wearing a low ponytail with a straight middle parting. Her brunette hair has been straightened and slicked.

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26. The Cara Delevingne

cara hairstyles for wedding guest


Model Cara Delevingne knocked it out of the ballpark with this stunning ensemble.

Her dark honey blonde hair is swept all to one side, and she has some beach waves going one.

Plus, have you noticed the Spanish-inspired earrings and crushed berry lipstick?

27. Bob Hairstyles for the Big Day

bob hairstyles for wedding guest


If you style yourself correctly and elegantly enough, you don’t even need to get a fancy hairdo for the wedding. Your simple hairstyle will be enough, such as this choppy and slightly messy shoulder-length bob.

28. The Dolce & Gabbana Look

Dolce & Gabbana Hair hairstyles for wedding guest


It’s time to take a look at another major brand and how they style their models. This is Dolce & Gabbana in one of their most famous shows to date where they literally decked the models in ruby red roses and carnations.

29. The Olivia Palermo

olivia palermo hairstyles for wedding guest


This is the type of hairstyle you should go for if you’re planning on wearing an over-the-top dress. Your hair and makeup should be subdued so as not to risk the ensemble looking more like a costume in a play than a party dress.

30. The Selena Gomez

selena gomez hairstyles for wedding guest


Normally, stylists advise against your perfectly matching your eye makeup and lipstick to the shade of your dress. However, Selena Gomez did such an incredible job here that you might as well give it a go yourself!

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31. 90s Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

90s hairstyles for wedding guest


The 90s are back, we all know that. So, why not try to bring some of that into your party style as well?

This is a typical prom or wedding look from the 90s with a high and textured bun plus the iconic strands curtaining the face.

32. The Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell wet hairstyles for wedding guest


From the 90s it’s straight to the end of the 2010s for us, meaning a cool 30 years later.

Here’s Shay Mitchell modeling one of the coolest and sexiest looks we’ve seen so far, the wet hair trend.

It’s a comb over look that requires a lot of hair gel.

33. The Flamenco Chignon

flamenco chignon hairstyles for wedding guest


Another type of hairstyles for wedding guest and bridesmaids you can try if you want to add a little international flavor to the mix.

This is a voluminous low chignon with a Spanish or flamenco accessory added to it.

34. The Jessica Biel

jessica biel hairstyles for wedding guest


If you go for this low-key, everyday type of low ponytail, you will make room for some truly spectacular jewelry.

Take some inspiration from actress Jessica Biel and her dramatic golden jewelry. Keep your makeup to a minimum as well!

35. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely

rosie hairstyles for wedding guest


You can also try the vintage Hollywood look. It works great with a set of ruby red, diva lips, eyeliner, and a pair of diamond earrings to match.

Not to mention that it’s incredibly easy to do at home!

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36. The Rachel McAdams

rachel mcadams hairstyles for wedding guest


This sweetheart of the silver screen found the perfect hairstyle for her emerald green dress, seeing as it has such a high collar. Obviously, if this is the case with you as well, you will need to pull all your hair up in an updo.

37. Pretty Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

pretty hairstyles for wedding guest


The same goes for this type of dress. It’s an off-shoulder gown that needs to be shown off. Therefore, go for a low bun placed on one side of the head, where your bare shoulder would be.

38. The Michelle Williams

michelle williams hairstyles for wedding guest


Actress Michelle Williams complements her blonde hair and yellow gown with dark red lipstick.

The ensemble makes her look sunny, happy, and feminine. In other words, perfect for a garden wedding!

39. Teased Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

hairstyles for wedding guest


If you’re planning on wearing a simple dress, then you must go all out on your hair and makeup.

This dramatically teased ponytail with very long bangs adds all the theatre and jazz you need for a night you will never forget.

40. The Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Loose Ponytail Hair Style for Long Hair hairstyles for wedding guest


Singer Carrie Underwood models a wedding hairstyle for all the good girls out there who want to look like little princesses at this party.

It’s a straightforward side ponytail which has been curled up a little with long, side-swept bangs.

41. The Plaited Ponytail

Plaited ponytail hairstyles for wedding guest


Speaking of ponytails, here’s another pretty one which you can try out. It’s a little higher than the last one and half of it has been French braided to make it more interesting. It goes great with backless dresses.

42. The Decorated Messy Bun

decorated messy bun hairstyles for wedding guest


Sometimes, it’s all in the details. You don’t need a big accessory to make a point. This small, decorated, low bun is very bridal in its nature yet low-key and sophisticated and classy enough to be worn anywhere else.

43. The Half Up Half Down Style

half up half down hairstyles for wedding guest


We love this particular half up half down idea for hairstyles for wedding guest and bridesmaids because it’s very easy to do at home by yourself.

This means that you will be saving a fortune at the stylist’s and not burning a hole through your budget.

44. The High Teased Ponytail

hairstyles for wedding guest


We’ve seen many ponytails on this list of hairstyles for wedding guests and bridesmaids, and now it’s time for one more.

Here’s a very high and teased ponytail that works even better if you’re wearing a weave or some extensions.

45. Intricate Hairstyles for Wedding Guest

intricate hairstyles for wedding guest


Does it get any better or more classical than this? Think about it! How many times have you been to a wedding and seen this exact hairstyle?

Now you can wear it yourself with some help from your stylist and a handful of extensions.

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46. Decorated Half Up Hairstyles

decorated half up hairstyles for wedding guest


Another example of a classic wedding hairstyle is this metallic crown with crystals beads.

It is meant to represent baby breath flowers but in a much more stylized way. Try a waterfall braid and then decorate with this soft, metallic crown.

47. Trendy Hairstyles

trendy hairstyles for wedding guest


Modern hairstyles dictate that your hairstyle should be as loose and messy as possible, even though a wedding is quite a formal event.

The times are changing, and you must attune. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking a bit outdated.

48. Messy Knot Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

knot hairstyles for wedding guest


A good example of how you can follow the above is this messy knot that you can do yourself at home.

But, here’s a tip! Just make sure you have plenty of hairspray on hand because you will need to secure it all through the day and night.

49. Relaxed Hairstyles

wedding hairstyles for guest


This is a festive hairstyle that simply screams wedding. It’s a popular updo that you typically see at weddings, and one could honestly say that it has become part of the wedding ensemble by now.

50. Top Bun Hairstyles

top bun hairstyles for wedding guest


If you want to copy this top bun, you will need a doughnut. Or a sock if we are to believe the multitude of online tutorials. However, the spongy doughnut is still the best option you have to recreate this wonderful look.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

As we’ve seen from this exhaustive list, there are a plethora of wedding guest hairstyles you can try.

What you end up choosing will depend on your needs, budget, mood, and the type of wedding you’re attending.

What you also need to remember is that times are changing, and wedding etiquette is becoming more and more relaxed.

So, which one of these did you end up choosing?

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