50 Sublime Chignon Hairstyles You’ll Just Love Wearing

There’s no hairstyle that conveys classy quite like a chignon.

With a rich history behind it, the chignon dates as far back as Ancient Greece. However, this hairstyle gained mainstream popularity in the Victorian era, with a huge comeback 40s fashion.

As for the terminology, the word chignon is of French origin with meanings that range from “nape”, to “collar” or “chain”.

Nowadays, it is perceived as an unmistakable symbol of elegance, which you can further appreciate in the examples below.

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1. Classic Chignon Hairstyle

We’ll begin with a classic version of this timeless hairstyle. The wrapping technique is simple, and the bun rests softly at the base of the neck. What we do want to point out is the fine intersection of a few strands just above it.

2. Hairstyle Mix

If you want to spice up your adaptation, you can blend different styling techniques in your chignon. For example, you can incorporate braiding into the hairdo. This can easily be accomplished over the bun or gently wrapped around the crown of your head.

3. Chignon Bun

In this example, you can see how a chignon was created through a bun styling method. In other words, the hair was wrapped in a spiral motion and tied at the nape. This is a quick alternative if you don’t have that much time at hand.

4. French Twist

While the French twist isn’t precisely a chignon, it is still part of the same family of hairstyles. It is yet another romantic choice for a special event, standing out by twisting the hair inwards. We recommend putting some time into finding the ideal hair piece to complement the look.

5. Low Chignon

Even though the phrase “chignon” is defined by being a low hairstyle, we wanted to accentuate the idea with this example. You can see how the rolled and tuck hairdo is created to lie at the nape, slightly revealing the skin.

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6. Braided Chignon

As opposed to blending styling techniques, this approach focuses entirely on braiding and knotting. The main form that results from the hairstyle makes it a chignon, even though braids were used to create it.

7. Wrapped Hairstyle

This is yet another way of styling a chignon, especially if you prefer a sleek outcome. All you have to do is roll and tuck as you normally would, enclosing the bun with two thick strands wrapped around on each side.

8. Teased Style

There’s no doubt that Brigitte Bardot remains one of the greatest style icons of all time. She has inspired countless women around the world with her staple looks, including this version of a teased chignon.

9. Easy Chignon

If time is not on your side whatsoever, we have a few tips and tricks for getting ready in a jiffy. Instead of a classic chignon, we recommend that you transform yours into a loose, knotted bun at the back of your neck.

10. Fishtail Braid and Low Bun

For a truly memorable hairstyle, you can take the braiding counterpart to the next level. Instead of the French braid we often see, you can experiment with fishtail braiding with your low hairstyle. Start on the side and wrap around, knotting the rest of the bun.

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11. Side Chignon

A highly beloved version of this hairstyle involves creating the low bun to the side. This is a wonderful idea if you want to go against the grain a bit, all while remaining as polished as ever. In fact, the popularity of this alternative is coming close to that of the traditional chignon.

12. Voluminous Hairstyle

Who doesn’t want as much volume as possible? Although this hairstyle is known for being smooth and well-tucked in, you can tailor it to have a dynamic tone. This style works best for women with either long or thick hair.

13. Large Updo

To prove our claim from the abovementioned example, here is yet another one on a similar tone. It goes to show that even the sleekest of hairstyles can enjoy a natural volume boost when arranged accordingly.

14. Messy Chignon

Don’t be afraid to get messy with your chignon! Numerous modern adaptations of this classic hairstyle involve teasing galore, and the results demonstrate the beauty in the mess. Tease the top for some added volume.

15. Loose Chignon

Even though messy chignons always have a loose approach, it’s not always the other way around. For instance, a loose chignon can still be very well-kept and slicked back, like in this photo. The loose strands in the front are a charming detail.

16. Back Tiara Hairstyles

Accessories can go a long way for any updo or formal hairstyle. When it comes to the chignon, you can feel free to add any accessory you deem suitable for your attire. Just one idea is a pearl tiara at the back, ideal for brides to be.

17. Chignon Updo

For this example we decided to mix the concept of a chignon with an elaborate updo. The side braid plays a significant role in the enchanting results, but so does the loosely curly hair texture. Leave it as messy as you can for a chic look!

18. Twisted Updo

You can twist your way to the updo you have always been dreaming of. This example also surpasses the chignon we all know and adore, this time by twisting strands all the way up. The results are like the fancy and loose version of a faux hawk.

19. Black Chignon Hairstyles

Among the myriad of advantages that chignons present, we’re delighted that it’s a hairstyle for all textures. Even if you have afro-textured locks, you can style them in this fashion. Ensure that your hair is relaxed beforehand for the results you desire.

20. Low Curls

Women with shorter hair frequently worry about having limited updo opportunities. However, with some curls at hand, you can get a chignon-like look. If your hair isn’t this way naturally, you can use a curling iron to get a similar effect.

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21. Rolled Up and Braided

As you have noticed by now, there are dozens of ways to style this standard hairstyle. For an excellent play on volume, think about creating two small yet tight braids over the bun. You’ll get more volume not only in the chignon, but also on top, above the braids.

22. Chignon Bridal Hair

We can all admit that this is one of the most endeared hairstyles for brides. In addition to the sheer refinement that it naturally comes with, it is a practical style for your wedding day. Your veil can easily be incorporated into the hairstyle.

23. Chignon for Short Hair

If your locks are really short and you can’t pull through with the roll and tuck technique, we have the perfect backup plan for you. Get some bobby pins ready and start pinning your short locks in a similar fashion. At the end, add generous amounts of hairspray for resistance.

24. Knotted Bun

Prefer a high fashion edge to your hairstyle? You can get inspired by the standard chignon and create it in a totally different way. In other words, you can keep the idea of a low bun at your nape, but style it by knotting your hair.

25. Chignon Hairstyle with Loose Strands

The grace of loose hairstyles can yet again be appreciated in this example. Even though we have already talked a bit about loose strands, this photo proves just how alluring they can be for your updo.

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26. Chignon with Hair Piece

Another must for brides is a hair piece to complement their chignon. This accessory has multiple benefits, from making you stand out at your wedding, to enclosing your veil properly. Always go for a white hair piece if you’re the bride.

27. Wavy Chignon

Having naturally wavy hair is a major advantage if you want to get a chignon hairstyle. Thanks to your malleable hair texture, you will spend less time tucking all your strands into place. We also recommend this style for wavy girls with a layered haircut.

28. Slightly Side Rolled Hairstyle

What makes this version truly special is the original approach to styling. It starts with the idea of a side chignon, but continues with a creative twist through extended width and swirling strands of hair in the bun area.

29. Intricate Updo

Now this updo is guaranteed to make heads turn at formal events. It’s so elaborate, in fact, that it’s a perfect fit for a bride on her wedding day. It is created with a ribbon-like technique for astounding texture and style. The tiny pearls are the cherry on top.

30. Simple Chignon

Nonetheless, you can always maintain a clean and simple look that glows with charm. This hairstyle proves not only that less is often more, but also that you can nail a 5-star hairstyle without too much effort.

31. Banana Bun

A hairstyle that has taken France by storm is the banana bun. It’s not exactly a chignon, but rather a knotted low bun with that messy edge we keep talking about. It’s undoubtedly effortless, but with an intriguing visual impact.

32. Vintage Chignon Hairstyles

Is your heart lost in retro times? You can express your classy style with a vintage adaptation of the chignon. Although this hairstyle is often labeled a vintage one to begin with, this example takes it to the next level with those stunning finger waves.

33. Top Knot

By definition, the chignon is a hairstyle that rests at your nape. Nevertheless, you can provide your personal touch by going in the opposite direction. In other words, you can swiftly wrap your hair in a top knot, especially if the occasion is casual.

34. Chignon Headband

Aside from tiaras at the back of your head that graze the top of the bun, you can also add headband-like accessories to your chignon. If the event you are planning to attend is black-tie, we recommend a metallic headband with crystals.

35. Bangs and Low Bun

What about our ladies with bangs? Even if you have a fringe, you can rest assured that a chignon hairstyle will still look dazzling on you. We have included this example so you can see how yours would turn out if this is your case.

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36. Textured Bun

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: messy is best! We do admit that not all events are appropriate for messy hairstyles, but quite a few fancy ones are. This textured bun should be inspirational enough to convince you.

37. Half Chignon Hairstyle

With this example, we have traveled quite far from the initial chignon idea. However, remarkable hairstyles always result from creativity and personal input. Therefore, to stand out, you can try this half-up hairstyle with a knotted chignon approach.

38. High Chignon

This is yet another high version of this timeless low hairstyle. We warmly encourage you to consider this option if you have naturally straight hair and want to benefit from more volume without too much fuss.

39. Headband Roll

Hair accessories are exceptional not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practical purposes. Just an example is an elastic headband, which can be used to ease the rolling part of the chignon styling process.

40. 1940s Chignon

If you want to travel back in time and obtain an authentic hairstyle from the 40s, this is the chignon for you. It comes extremely close to the way chignons were rocked back in the day, with an unmistakable vintage touch.

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41. Scarf Hairstyle

We’ve talked about headbands, tiaras and pearls, but what about other flattering accessories for chignons? If you’re planning on exploring the city on a sunny summer day, feel free to use a scarf to spice up your low bun.

42. Donut Chignon

Just like an elastic headband, a donut accessory is a terrific trick for getting a professional-looking hairstyle. If you want a perfectly round low bun, you can use a donut accessory to get the shape you long for.

43. Swirled Rose Bun

Women with long and straight hair can easily accomplish this look. In essence, it is a large, low bun, but with a unique touch. Through the inward swirling, the final shape strongly resembles that of a rose. Can you say romantic?

44. Prom Chignon

If you’re getting ready for prom night, you may want a chignon style that’s not directly associated with weddings. As you can see in this photo, the tips are curled and the hairstyle is based more on twisting and knotting.

45. Hair Bow Hairstyle

You know we love encouraging you to experiment with different hair accessories, from scarves, to ribbons and bows. But in some cases, we dare you to push your imagination even further and recreate accessories with your own hair. This side bow is picture-perfect!

46. Waterfall Bun

The waterfall braid holds a special place in the hearts of hairstyle lovers around the world. But what happens when you combine a waterfall braid with the idea of a low bun? You get a fairytale-like hairstyle that will make you feel like a mermaid and princess all in one!

47. Twisted Chignon

No matter what happens, you can’t go wrong with twisting as a styling technique. It’s a bit softer than traditional braiding, contributing to the hairstyle with dynamism and impressive shape. The difference is always in the details.

48. Triple Chignon Buns

Be the center attention with this triple bun hairstyle. Aside from the fact that you will leave an unforgettable impression, you will also surprise all those around you with a funky approach to you hairdo. Also, the shape of each bun resembles a delicate flower.

49. Ribbon Updo

If you want to stand out with a radiant hairstyle, seek no further. This hairstyle is expertly shaped with strands transformed into ribbons that grace the bun and top. For this sparkling outcome, we recommend that you work with a professional stylist.

50. Elaborate Bridal Hairstyle

The best way to end our list of chignons is with a final idea for brides. With an intricate, eye-catching bridal hairstyle like this one, we guarantee that your wedding photos will be even more precious than ever.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To sum up, the chignon is a breathtaking hairstyle that will make you sparkle with elegance.

Although there are casual adaptations of this hairdo, it is most suitable for a formal environment.

From our examples and additional research, you will observe a pattern with the main shape.

Still, you can tailor your chignon to the details of your outfit or the event you are attending.

How about you? What’s your favorite take on this hairstyle? Tell us all about it below!

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