80 Balayage Highlight Ideas for Every Hair Color

Balayage highlights are a quick pathway to a refreshed, lovely hair color.

This timeless hair coloring technique has rapidly grown into every woman’s favorite hairstyle.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle, natural looking hair color, that sun-kissed look, or to experiment with more unconventional hair colors, balayage highlights are an ideal way to get started.

Hair stylists around the world endorse the trend, while hair salons still get requests for balayage highlights.

Find your hair inspiration here with these 80 gorgeous images of balayage highlights for blondes, brunettes or redheads.

1. Balayage Highlights in Red and Black

Fall is already gaining full rights. So why not go for these fall colors inspired highlights in gorgeous deep shades of black and burgundy red?

2. Subtle Blonde Balayage

This type of balayage is ideal to refresh your natural hair color if you’re a blonde. The studied mess of curls frames the face and adds more luminosity thanks to the lighter shades of blonde.

3. Chunky Red Highlights

Let your roots show if you’re a natural brunette. Add chunky red highlights for a chic glam look.

4. Brown Hair with Balayage Highlights

An easy way to add texture and volume to wavy layered brown hair is to get these delicious caramel highlights. They blend in naturally as the shade is only slightly lighter than the natural hair color.

5. Light Brown Highlights on Brown Hair

The golden rule with respect to naturally looking balayage results is to use hair color shades in the same color spectrum which are only slightly darker or lighter than your hair color.

This is a beautiful example of light brown hair highlighted by a golden brown, almost blonde shade.

6. Brown Highlighted Hair

When hand painting is involved in the balayage coloring technique, the results are as dazzling as this. Mix brown and chocolate for this refined, stylish look.

7. Blonde Balayage Highlights

Blonde hair colors have the power to make brown hair color shades really pop. Get this sun-kissed look that’s flattering for everyone.

8. Short Hair Blonde Balayage

What’s lovelier than a well-styled short hairstyle for women? One featuring a perfect balayage in blonde and auburn highlights.

9. Stunning Green Blue Balayage

Dark hair flowing in a cascade of curls is ideal for green and blue highlights. With a smooth transition, the tips shimmer in these unconventional yet stunning colors.

10. Balayage Highlighting in Blonde Shades

If your hair is naturally blonde, the sure way to enhancing your color is to apply highlights. Play with blonde shades for a cute look.

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11. Chunky Chocolate Highlights

Pamper yourself and your hair with these delicious chocolate brown highlights. If you’re a natural brunette, the two work together like a charm.

12. Natural Balayage with Blonde and Light Brown

We love the subtle note of sophistication rendered by this balayage on chestnut hair.

13. Blonde Balayage Highlights with Volume

Are you getting ready for an important event? Or do you simply want to look your best at all times? This is a stunning look achieved with blonde and brown on a voluminous lob cut.

14. Pastel Highlights on Short Hair

Here it is.

The proof that this technique works on short hair too. Furthermore, it’s an edgy balayage featuring pastel blue and pink highlights on silver, almost white hair.

15. Golden Blonde Balayage

Bring a delightful warm touch to your hairstyle with this honey hues inspired balayage highlights.

16. Balayage Blonde Highlights

Copper hair with subtle blonde highlights for chilly fall days? Yes, please. We love the texture and chic warm note of this hairstyle for women.

17. Brunette Balayage for Long Hair

Straight dark hair looks gorgeous.

Nevertheless, when you’re looking to spice up your look, get a layered haircut and chunky dark brown and caramel highlights to make your hair the star of the day.

18. Silver Blonde Balayage Highlights

Reserved for the daring ladies out there, this edgy look features silver blonde highlights on silver ash hair.

The transition is smooth, yet the final result is nothing short of stunning.

19. Mermaid Balayage Highlights Technique

This hairstyle isn’t for the faint of heart. We also wouldn’t recommend trying a DIY approach. With such gorgeous hair colors, it’s a pity to not get the balance right.

20. Short Hair Blonde Balayage

Start with this cute asymmetric bob haircut, styled in loose waves. Add a punch of color with the help of baby blonde shades. Your lovely, feminine hairstyle is ready to be flaunted.

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21. Purple Highlights on Dark Hair

Thin purple highlights on dark wavy hair bring just the right punch of color for a refreshed, vibrant look.

22. Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair

We can’t stress this enough. Brunette and dark brown hair goes amazingly well with intense caramel highlights which soften the harsher hues.

23. Rusty Shades Balayage Hair

Another hairstyle that’s a must-try this fall. Chunky balayage highlights in shades of red are always a fall-ready style statement.

24. Copper Highlights on Long Hair

This is a truly classy look that can take your from the office to an evening out and a cocktail party. Copper hair colors, in addition to being a top trending choice, are also elegant and playful.

25. Balayage Highlights Brunette

Fiery red and deep brunette hair colors meet in a balayage meant for a powerful and edgy look.

26. Autumn Color Balayage Lights

Wine-inspired red hues are a must-try if you’re planning to change your look with balayage highlights this upcoming season.

27. Blue Balayage Highlights

Do you want to try something different? Go for unconventional hair colors when considering a balayage. Green, pastel colors, purple or blue are some of the hottest colors you can try out.

28. Balayage Highlights and Ombre in Blue

To prove that cold colors such as blue aren’t reserved for brunettes, here is a perfect example of baby blue balayage on long blonde hair.

29. Pastel Pink Balayage

A soft feminine look with lovely pastel colors. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, try it on. The mesmerizing choice of colors is flattering for every skin tone.

30. Silver Blue Balayage

Ash hair and subtle silver and blue balayage highlights. Can you think of a reason why this lovely look shouldn’t be yours this year?

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31. Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair

These intense hair colors look made for Asian black hair. This edgy look counts among our favorite balayage highlight ideas.

32. Rainbow Hair Balayage

If you can’t make up your mind about one or two colors for highlights, adopt this fashionable trend: rainbow hair. It’s a different type of balayage that’s certainly worth trying.

33. Short Bob Natural Balayage

Short haircuts can easily become boring. However, with a punch of color and volume packed with balayage highlights, you hardly run that risk.

34. Green Balayage Highlights on Black Hair

Dyeing your entire hair in this intense hair color may be too much. Instead, experiment with highlights at first so as to get a real feeling of how you like the color.

35. Natural Brown Hair Balayage

Add instant luminosity, volume and texture to your brown hair by getting balayage highlights in a few shades lighter.

36. Layered Hair Balayage Highlights

You’re simply heading for a winning hairstyle if you enhance the layered haircut with a few touches of color here and there.

37. Balayage Highlights Short Hair

A perfectly smooth bob haircut on black hair embellished by subtle balayage highlights in complementary colors that everyone can rock.

38. Long Hair Purple Balayage

Purple, pink, blue, and a dash of blonde for additional highlighting are the rock stars of summers. Nevertheless, the trend seems to transition into fall.

39. Mermaid Rainbow Hair Highlights

Mermaid hair or rainbow hair are a different types of balayage using unconventional colors. Use strong or pastel colors for edgy looks with a soft touch.

40. Balayage Ombre Highlights

A balayage can follow the length of the hair or be applied mid-length for a more natural transition. In the latter case, it may resemble ombre. Nevertheless, the color isn’t applied in a block, but rather in highlights.

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41. Pixie Cut Balayage

Even the rad pixie cuts are perfect for balayage. A dash of color on the tips of the fringe layers looks gorgeous.

42. Braided Pastel Balayage Hair

This hairstyle looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. If you’re willing to go for a more radical change, then this is a great idea.

43. Brunette Balayage Highlights

Overhaul the deep brunette hues with these lovely balayage highlights in copper and dark blonde hues.

44. Chocolate Balayage Highlights

Another instance of a brown hair balayage with a soft transition between the chocolate and caramel hair color shades.

45. Medium Hair Balayage

The balayage hair coloring technique is really a one-size-fits-all. You simply can’t go wrong by choosing the subtle changes brought about by these hairstyles.

46. Red Brown Balayage Hair

Another complementary shade for brown hair is a soft, warm red. Combine the two for a beautiful fall look.

47. Caramel Balayage Highlights

Lighten the dark brown shade of your hair by applying caramel highlights in chunky strokes.

48. Rosewood Balayage Hair

Rosewood is the equivalent of rose blonde but tailored for darker hair. With intense red hues, this shade is ideal for brunettes looking for a stunning balayage.

49. Different Balayage Highlights

This is a balayage hairstyle for women looking to break the conventional standards. Nevertheless, it’s still sufficiently subtle to be worn in more conservative environments.

50. Caramel Chocolate Balayage Highlights

Here is a great idea on how to emphasize the texture of your new layered bob haircut. Add delicious caramel and chocolate highlights for instant glam.

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51. Dark Cherry Highlights

Toned down hair colors like this cherry-infused red are perfect for a soft feminine touch to your hairstyle this season.

52. Long Copper Hair

Catch a ray of sun in your hair with stunning copper balayage highlights on dark brown hair. A shimmery hair color for style-forward women.

53. Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

These dramatic highlights in chocolate caramel shades applied on naturally dark hair really pop. Style in waves for a fully stunning effect.

54. Short Dark Balayage Hair

One way to add instant volume to thin layered hair is to style your locks in waves. A lighter shade applied in chunky highlights also helps.

55. Dark Copper Balayage Highlights

Dark copper and auburn highlights are ideal for women with fair to medium skin tones. Furthermore, they’re also flattering whether you’re a natural brunette or blonde.

56. Balayage Hair Highlights

The first time we set eyes on a fiery colors balayage, it was a couple of years back. With minor tweaks, it looks like this edgy hairstyle is here to stay.

57. Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Get that sun-kissed look by strategically applying blonde to locks which naturally get lighter during summer.

58. Auburn Balayage Highlights

A peachy look with a brilliant feminine note brought about by the use of delicate auburn hair color shades.

59. Dark Balayage Highlights

Even if summer is now behind us, that’s not a reason to not wear a stunning sun-kissed hairstyle for brown hair.

60. Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

Get office ready with this subtle balayage using just a hint of caramel hair shades to make the natural brunette hair color pop.

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61. Layered Balayage Hair

This hairstyle ranks high among our favorites. From the fringe layers to the well-defined waves and the subtle brown shades, everything looks stunning.

62. Brown Shades Balayage Hair

Brown hair colors are ideal to create unique yet natural looking hairstyles thanks to their versatility.

63. Balayage Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

We love this cascade of wavy locks highlighted by sweet brown hair colors. Bring out the beauty of your hair with a soft, natural balayage.

64. Natural Brown Balayage Hair

The face-framing balayage highlights are a must when it comes to beautiful long hair like this. The gradual transition between the hair colors softens the look while adding a delicate note.

65. Pastel Pink Balayage for Long Hair

Break the monotony with an unconventional balayage in pastel colors. This may require bleaching. Nevertheless, if you’re a natural blonde, you’re bound to look stunning with these hair colors.

66. Brown Balayage Highlights

The dark brown lowlights and nougat highlights make this brown hair balayage a must-try. It’s simply too cute to not give it a chance.

67. Dirty Blonde Highlights

This edgy hairstyle is recommended for its versatility. It’s suitable for casual or more formal environments and it looks great.

68. Chocolate Hair Balayage

Can you say ‘yummy’? These flowing rivers of chocolate are nothing short of delightful.

69. Different Balayage Highlights

A hint of red, a hint of blonde, a hint of brown. What more can you ask of an expertly done balayage for dark hair?

70. Pastel Hair Colors in Balayage

If you’re looking for a rule-bending hairstyle for short hair, this is it. Pastel hair colors in soft hues applied to an edgy short haircut and you’re ready to shine.

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71. Blue Green Highlights Balayage

With a cold blue shade as the base color, this balayage hairstyle for short hair uses a complementary shade of green and purple to really make a stunning style statement.

72. Green Partial Balayage Highlights

The green color is most prominent mid-length all the way to the tips of the hair. While the hairstyle looks almost of vintage inspiration, it remains a chic modern one.

73. Green Balayage Ombre Highlights

Used as an under-color on light brown hair, green adds a strong punch of color and energy for an edgy look.

74. Balayage Highlights Straight Hair

The wavy green balayage highlights on the ashy brunette base color create a powerful contrast that’s bound to get a lot of attention.

75. Soft Pastel Hair Colors in Balayage

Start with a washed-out shade of blonde as the base color. Each of the pastel colors used in this balayage add an extra soft and feminine note.

76. Blonde Balayage Highlights

Baby blonde highlights framing the face are ideal to create a natural look that’s flattering for everyone.

77. Honey Blonde Highlights Balayage

Light brown hair and sweet blonde highlights work together like a charm. Not only do they add depth to your hairstyle, but also create more volume.

78. Dirty Blonde Balayage Highlights

This look must be the number one balayage style flaunted by celebrities everywhere. Its timelessness and feminine charm have been vetted over and over again.

79. Blue Purple Balayage

With a neutral base color such as ash silver, the purple and pink highlights really stand out. This hairstyle has been one of summer’s favorites. Nevertheless, who says you can’t transition it into fall and maybe winter?

80. Soft Pink Balayage Highlights

Iced pastel hair colors like this gorgeous pink against a shimmering light silver shade look stunning. Definitely a hairstyle for the style-forward woman who’s looking to dazzle everyone.

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So, What’s Your Hair Motivation?

With the exception of very short cropped hair, balayage highlights are flattering for any hair length, hair type, or hair color.

Hopefully, these inspiring balayage highlights ideas have proved that the balayage hair coloring technique is for everyone.

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