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55 Flattering Goddess Braids Ideas

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In addition to box braids and cornrows, goddess braids are some of the loveliest traditional braided hairstyles for black women.

As you’ll soon find out, they can be easily styled in many ways that fit all personalities.

From jumbo to narrow, goddess braids are an excellent hairstyle idea for natural hair. See below which style fits you best!

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1. Low Braided Bun Style

Low Braided Bun

Any classic jumbo goddess braids can be wrapped into a chic low bun at any time. Sweep the long locks into this beautiful swirl at the nape of the neck for a stylish effect.

2. Big Goddess Braids in a Bun

Big Goddess Braids in a Bun

Instead of styling your braids into a low bun, you can wrap them in a marvelous updo. This turban-style high bun is easy to get together and works well with both elegant and casual outfits.

3. Goddess Beaded Ponytail

Goddess Braid Beaded Ponytail

Just like box braids, goddess braids look amazing with well-studied accessories. Gold beads, for example, do a fantastic job of accentuating the braids themselves. Simply clasp a few on and tie your braids into a high ponytail for a simple and impactful look.

4. Elegant Braided Updo

Elegant Braided Updo

Goddess braids can glow with sophistication when styled properly. If you have a fancy event coming up, talk to your stylist about experimenting with this elegant updo. It’s easy to maintain, and you don’t have to worry about it throughout the whole event.

5. Ombre Goddess Braids in Twisted Bun

Ombre Goddess Braids with Bun

Ombre hair looks wonderful when styled in goddess braids. For instance, adding a bit of purple to your braids has a playful and chic effect. Style them in a turban bun, and grab your favorite pair of hoop earrings for a style you’ll love.

6. Goddess Locs with Accessories

Goddess Locs with Accessories

We all know about dread locs and faux locs, but goddess locs truly have their own charm. If you decide to go for this style, you can play around with a few thin gold accessories to enhance the locs.

7. Goddess Style Box Braids

Goddess Style Box Braids

A goddess braiding technique can also inspire a gorgeous set of box braids. After you get them, consider styling a half up, half down bun. This is one of the trendiest braided hairstyles you can go for.

8. Long Goddess Braids

Long Goddess Braids

These types of braids are stunning when they’re super long. Not only is the braiding technique accentuated this way, but it also boosts the all-around impact of your style. Two low ponytails are a great way to show them off.

9. Big Goddess Braids Bun

big goddess braids bun

If you prefer having fewer but beautifully big braids, you can go for 3-4 jumbo ones and style them as you please. For instance, you can wrap the tips in a pretty low bun.

10. Beaded Goddess Updo

Beaded Goddess Updo

Beads are a key aspect of genuine goddess braids. Combine them with a flawlessly styled updo, and you have a goddess braid hairstyle you’ll fall in love with time and time again.

11. Long Braid Styling Idea

Long Goddess Braid Styling Idea

Extra-long goddess braids look even better when there are more than two involved. You can go for a cornrows approach on top and then let the braids flow naturally from the back of your neck down.

12. V-Shaped Hairstyle on Top

V-shaped Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Another fantastic aspect of these hairstyles is that they can be designed in numerous ways. The real ‘playground’ for the stylist is the top part, where they can create a neat V-shaped braiding design like the one above.

13. Two Colors & Funky Design

Two Colors & Funky Design

What happens when you mix a stylish braiding design with two hair colors? You get a goddess braid style that’ll make you be showered with compliments. These copper blonde extensions work amazingly with a natural chocolate brown hair color.

14. Unique Goddess Braids Designs

Unique Goddess Braids Designs

We’re all pretty aware by now that low braided pigtails are one of the hottest goddess braid hairstyles. But what if you turn the creativity up a notch? Speak to your stylist about incorporating a few more thin braids on top in an original way.

15. High Side-Swept Braided Ponytail

High Side-swept Braided Ponytail

Ponytails are, without a doubt, a girl’s best friend when it comes to hairstyles. They are extremely adaptable and can be changed around with just a pin or two. For example, a normal high and thick braid ponytail can have a funky approach by pinning it to the side.

16. Sleek Goddess Braid Updo

Sleek Goddess Braids Updo

Another goddess braid idea for formal events is this clean, swirling updo. One braid starts from the side and climbs up and around into a perfect twisted bun.

17. 2 Goddess Braids and Cornrows

2 Goddess Braids and Cornrows

You can also style double low goddess braids with cornrows that braid into them. Feel free to try out this design or get cornrows that are parallel with your main braids.

18. Feed-In Braids Ponytail

feed in goddess braids

There are countless designs with feed-in braids that you can explore. For example, these zigzag swirls beautifully flow into long goddess braids that rest naturally on your back or to the side.

19. Criss Cross Braids Style

Criss Cross Braids

Make your braids even more interesting by intersecting them in the final design. This is an amazing way to get a cute braiding style that you won’t see everywhere you go. They are also a great way to mask hair growth.

20. Classic & Cute Goddess Braids

Classic & Cute Goddess Braids

Less is more, so why not go for a classic goddess braid look? Aside from offering simple grace, it can serve as the base for numerous updos and buns afterward.

21. Retro Braided Crown

Retro Braided Crown

Braided crowns are an ever-popular hair trend and also one that can work with goddess braids. The crown braid is a wonderful idea for ladies with shorter hair who want to style their braids easily. Furthermore, it has a vintage glow that few other hairstyles do.

22. Two Braids Idea

Two Goddess Braids Idea

It’s crystal clear that double goddess braids are super stylish. You can braid them extra tight for medium-length hair, starting with the middle part. After that, mix and match them with your favorite accessories and outfits.

23. Thick & Thin Braided Crown

Thick & Thin Braided Crown

Braided crowns don’t have to be simple at all. If you want to stand out from the crowd, add a thinner braid in the front and a big goddess braid an inch or two behind it for a dynamic and sassy look. You can also mix the braiding and go for a goddess and fishtail braid mix, for example.

24. Cornrows & Jumbo Goddess Braids

Cornrows & Jumbo Goddess Braids

Goddess braids and cornrows go hand in hand, but how can you make the combo even more special? Opt for 4-5 jumbo goddess braided locks with a few thin cornrows in between, and top it all off with a few gold beads. It will look amazing with your jewelry.

25. 4 Braids Hairstyle

4 Goddess Braids Hairstyle

When women research goddess braid inspiration, they often look for a specific number of braids. Four, for example, is a popular option, seeing as it provides symmetry and style at the same time. Start with four jumbo ones and braid them down normally, or combine them into one on each side.

26. Swept Up Braided Bun

Swept Up Bun

The art of braiding can undoubtedly be appreciated with this technique. What starts as a swirling design continues in a beautiful, intricate updo that can be rocked on any red carpet.

27. Rainbow Braids

Rainbow Braids

Bring some color to your life! You can weave in rainbow color strands in your goddess braids, no matter what braiding style you go for. Nevertheless, the classic vertical braid hairstyle accentuates the contrasts the most.

28. Loose Goddess Braid

Loose Goddess Braid Hairstyles

We’re used to goddess braid styles being super tight. However, you can also loosen them up for a carefree boho look. For instance, opt for a single twisted braid wrapped around your head. The crown effect is stunning.

29. Swirl Around Updo

Swirl Around Updo

Swirls are a must, and this idea is perfectly illustrated in the image above. It starts as a braided crown at the front of the head and then flows into a swirling, flower-like bun on the crown of the head.

30. Thin Goddess Braids Styles

Thin Goddess Braids Styles

Moreover, you can play around with goddess braids that strongly resemble cornrows. This is the best way to go if you want a subtle approach to your braids.

    31. Sweet Goddess Braid Hairstyle for Kids

    Sweet Goddess Braid Hairstyle for Kids

    Little girls shine with braids, and this styling idea shows how gorgeous they look in them. Not only are the braids age-appropriate, but they’re also easy to style for school and other occasions.

    32. Red Goddess Braid Style

    Red Goddess Braids Style

    Not often do we get the chance to see goddess braids in vivid colors. However, when we do, it’s eye candy for sure. Ruby red is a charming shade to choose for braids, and it contrasts nicely with various types of skin tones.

    33. 3-Tone Goddess Braid Styles

    3 Tone Goddess Braid Styles

    Purple is another color you can try out for your braids. Everyone loves purple these days, which always makes for an eye-catching look. Don’t forget that you can get purple braiding hair in various shades — anything from electric purple to dark violet to lilac. Ombres that combine these are popular too.

    34. Parallel Braids on the Center of the Head

    Parallel Braids

    Most double goddess braids fall gently to each side. But there are also other double braid styles you can experiment with – like these parallel ones with the sides sleekly combed to the center. It has the clean and elegant effect of a well-kept hairstyle with just a touch of faux hawk inspiration.

    35. Feed-In Braids Styled in Low Bun

    Feed In Braids Styled in Low Bun

    If you want to cut the hassle but still look flawless, you can simplify your feed in braids. Part your hair and go for two braids on each side. In the end, have the braids curl into a low bun.

    36. Goddess French Braids with Piercings

    Goddess French Braids with Piercings

    Piercings can be used creatively for a wide range of fresh braid styles. For example, you can incorporate them into your goddess braid. This is yet another loose braid style, and it shines by flowing gracefully to the side. The gold rings throughout the braid make it super special and chic.

    37. Four Low Braids

    Four Low Braids

    If you’re drawn to symmetry but don’t want to settle for the classic double braids, multiply them. Four is a great choice to go for, and it gives the traditional low double braids a fuller impact.

    38. Playful Braids for Kids

    Playful Hairstyle for Kids

    Children can also rock the high-side ponytail for their goddess braids. The only downside to this idea is that it can only be styled high. However, you can play around with all sorts of ponytails and buns.

    39. Versatile Braids – The Pigtails Version

    Versatile Braids

    What truly makes trendy double goddess braids so admirable is that they are appropriate for various occasions. If you have a busy day in the city, you can match them with your favorite street-style outfit. On the other hand, they look just as magnificent with an evening gown at a wedding.

    40. Double Bun Goddess Braids Updo

    Double Bun Updo Hairstyles

    In most cases, goddess braids are used entirely on your hair. But this doesn’t stop you from choosing to braid just a part of your locks. You can get a unique braided design on your scalp and then try out different hairstyles with the rest. These high double buns are a lovely starting point.

    41. Crown Goddess Braids with Faux Bangs

    Crown Goddess Braids with Bangs

    Regardless if you have long bangs or you want to recreate the effect of having bangs to the side, you can do this with a goddess braid. The process is a lot like a loose goddess braid crown, just tilted to the side to create the illusion of a fringe.

    42. Braided Combinations Hairstyle

    combining braids

    It’s easy to go from four goddess braids to two and back to four with this styling idea. Braid four down your head as you normally would and then combine two each. If you get bored and want to mix things up, unbraid until you get to the back of your next and go back to four.

    43. 3 Goddess Braids Updo

     with Updo

    Now, this is a jaw-dropping updo made with three jumbo goddess braids. Please note that you won’t have many styling options, but it’s an idea to consider for big events like weddings. Ask your stylist to braid upwards diagonally, finishing in a swirling side updo.

    44. 5 Goddess Braids in 2 Shades

    2 Shades

    Light and dark shades look marvelous when combined in braids. You can play around with V-shaped designs combined with vertical braids to get this eye candy look.

    45. Half Up Half Down Braided Hairstyle

    Half Up Half Down Braided Hairstyle

    This is yet another style where goddess braids come close to box braids. Combine wide and narrow feed in braids for a super pretty half up half down bun style.

    46. Long Blonde Braids

    Long Blonde Braids

    If you’re still in love with ombre hair, choose platinum blonde as your secondary color and wear waist-length braids. The contrast looks fantastic, and it’s just a fun style all-around.

    47. Twisted and Curled Low Bun

    Twisted and Curled Low Bun

    As we previously mentioned, this is what medium-length natural hair looks like with an elegant goddess low bun. The twisted curly ends truly add a special touch.

    48. Faux Hawk Goddess Braids Bun

    Faux Hawk Bun

    If you don’t want to go all out and shave the sides of your head, you can create a faux hawk with goddess braids. Use two thin ones on the sides and a jumbo goddess braid on top for an awesome outcome.

    49. Curly Copper Braided Short Ponytail

    Curly Copper Braided Short Ponytail

    For some hairstyle fun, this is how you can combine goddess braids and your natural hair in a ponytail. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different braid widths and finish it off with a simple ponytail using your natural hair.

    50. Goddess Braids in Back Halo

    Back Halo

    So, you’ve seen how goddess braids would look styled as a crown braid. But what if you placed the halo part in the back? The result is a gorgeous and unique hairstyle that helps you showcase your personality.

    51. Creative Braids in High Bun

    Creative Braids

    Braids are all about creativity. While some gals prefer getting standard goddess braids, others love blending them with other styles and types of braids. Try a braided updo that includes cornrows, goddess braids, and even a few loose braids to show your imagination through your look.

    52. Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

    Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

    A mohawk is an excellent way to display your attitude in your hairstyle. With goddess braids, you can create a 3D mohawk that rises atop your head. Complete the look with two goddess braids on each side, uniting them all in a low bun.

    53. Sophisticated Goddess Updo

    Sophisticated Hair

    Whether you’re attending a fancy get-together or even the bride, this can be the perfect impressive and protective styling idea. The square parting provides a brilliant approach to a braided updo, while the braids start thin and grow to jumbo for a halo on top.

    54. Small Goddess Braids with Wooden Beads

    Small Braids with Wooden Beads

    Finally, we have a cute hairstyle with goddess braids that you can sport anywhere. The wooden beads are the perfect touch if you’re passionate about nature. Also, they’re great if you just want a special touch for your hairstyle without using metallic beads.

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    To conclude, goddess braids are one of the most versatile braiding techniques you can use. With so many updos, buns, and half-half-down styling ideas, you have options available for all sorts of events, occasions, or just for everyday wear.

    Try out different goddess braid hairstyles until you get the one that’s perfect for your unique style and then tell us more about your winning look.

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