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30 Prettiest Dutch Braid Hairstyles (+ How-To)

Half Up Side Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Braiding is a beautiful way to switch up your style when you’re tired of buns, ponytails, or leaving your hair down. Dutch braid hairstyles, in particular, are a stunning solution for special occasions, like dates or weddings. All the same, they also work for casual events, such as going back to school or hanging out with friends.

Dutch braiding can seem like an impossible goal for someone who hasn’t done that much styling. Well, we’re here to save the day with all the Dutch braiding inspiration you could ever hope for! We’ll start by presenting a multitude of hairstyles with the braid as the foundation. After that, we’ll teach you how to do a Dutch braid, both on someone else and on yourself.

How to Do a Dutch Braid?

Now that you’re inspired by all the styles you can try out, it’s time to dive into a step-by-step Dutch braid tutorial! At a glance, we know that the braiding method can seem to be tricky. However, it’s not nearly as complicated as people believe it to be. If you’ve ever done three-strand or French braids before, it’ll be as easy as pie.

To create a simple yet gorgeous Dutch braid, follow the instructions outlined below!

how to do a dutch braid

Step-by-Step Dutch Braiding Tutorial

  1. Begin with a fresh canvas.

    Brush the hair down and back to detangle it and eliminate your part.

  2. Section off a portion of hair on top between the upper sides of the head.

    For a thicker braid, use more hair. Conversely, use a smaller amount of locks for a smaller one.

  3. Separate the section into three equal parts.

    When preparing to kick-start the braiding process, keep in mind that you’ll be weaving the strands underneath one another.

  4. Start with the piece on the far right.

    Cross it under the middle piece so it’s now in the center.

  5. The first braid.

    Take the piece on the far left and bring it under the center piece, which was previously the strand on the far right. The left piece will now be in the middle.

  6. Section off an additional separate piece of hair from the right, the same width as the first three strands.

  7. Put it together with the initial middle piece, bringing both underneath the initial left-hand piece.

  8. Do Step #7 again with a new strand from the left side of the head. Add it to the first right-hand strand and bring them underneath the first middle piece and the second right piece. Gently tighten the braid as you progress.

  9. Repeat the process until you get to the base of your neck.

  10. Complete the rest of the braid with a classic three-strand weaving technique.

How to Dutch Braid Your Own Hair?

While you can ask someone to braid your hair, you might not have your bestie around all the time. Therefore, we recommend that you try Dutch braiding your own hair. Whether you’re braiding your own locks or someone else’s, the situation remains the same. It’s not at all difficult once you get the hang of it.

For self-braiding, we’ll change the style and show you how to create Dutch braid pigtails, aka boxer braids.

how to dutch braid your own hair

Easy Boxer Braids Tutorial

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly to remove any tangles.
  2. Part your hair directly down the middle, from your hairline all the way to your nape.
  3. Tie one section with a hair band to have the extra locks out of the way while you work on one side.
  4. Start from the hair framing your face and separate about a one-inch wide section from the rest of your hair. Make sure the line at the back of the section is at a slight forward angle.
  5. Pull that piece backward, in the direction you’ll be braiding, and split it into three equal sections. You will now have a top strand (the farthest one back), a middle strand, and a bottom strand (the one right at your hairline).
  6. Put the top piece under the middle so the two pieces switch places. The top piece is now the middle piece, while the middle piece is now the top piece.
  7. Take the bottom piece and pull it under the current middle piece.
  8. Begin adding hair to the braid. Section off a piece of hair and add it to the top strand.
  9. Bring the two strands under the middle piece so they take its place in the center.
  10. Do the same for the bottom piece. Add a strand from underneath and bring it under and into the middle.
  11. Repeat the process and add a piece of hair on each side, placing it towards the center. Make sure you braid at a half-circle angle around your ear, then down towards your neck.
  12. Finish everything off with a regular braid once you reach the lower hairline.
  13. Perform Steps #1 through #12 for the other side of your hair to complete your boxer braid pigtails.

Dutch vs French Braid

To top everything off, we’ll explain the difference between Dutch and French braids – two styles that often get mixed up. Oftentimes, Dutch and French braid hairstyles are mistaken as being one and the same. Even though the two styles are similar in terms of weaving techniques, their approach is pretty much the opposite. While French braiding focuses on the middle, Dutch braiding involves placing strands underneath to get a 3D effect.

As a result, a French braid will be flatter and closer to the scalp. On the other hand, Dutch braids appear over the main canvas of hair.

dutch vs french braid

Owing to their similarities, Dutch braids are often regarded as inverted or reverse French braids. In addition, Dutch braiding is also sometimes referred to as inside out braiding.

1. Easy Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Easy Dutch Braid Hairstyle

To ease into our selection of Dutch braided hairstyles, we’ll begin with a single, simple braid for women with long hair. The braid starts from the top of the head and goes straight down the back. If you’re just getting started with Dutch braiding, it’s likely the best version for you.

2. Half Up Half Down Dutch Braid

Half Up Half Down Dutch Braid Hairstyle

For a similar approach with an extra dash of pizzazz, try a half up Dutch braiding approach. Essentially, the technique is the same as above, just that you apply it only for the top half of your hair. Start by splitting your hair into two horizontal sections. Then, use the upper part for braiding right through the center part.

3. Dutch Braid with Tight Pigtails

Dutch Braid with Tight Pigtails

Boxer braids achieved hairstyle trend royalty status. The look basically consists of two tight ponytails, woven with the Dutch braiding approach. Thanks to the tightness of the braids, the hairstyle is ideal for going to the gym or playing sports as your hair won’t get in the way.

4. Loose Dutch Braid Pigtails

Loose Dutch Braid Pigtails

On the other hand, you might want a more relaxed approach to your Dutch braids. In this regard, you can try a set of loosely braided pigtails. While the technique remains the same as with boxer braids, the pigtails will be more laid back. As a result, they can be more comfortable to wear, especially for casual occasions.

5. Dutch Braid Short Hair

Dutch Braid Short Hair

Initially, it may seem that Dutch braiding is destined only for girls with long hair. However, things couldn’t be farther from the truth! You can get spectacular Dutch braids even if you have hair as short as shoulder-length. For instance, you can try a classic braid down the center of your head. As an alternative, go for a set of cute braided pigtails.

6. Two Dutch Braids Half Up Style

Two Dutch Braids Half Up Style

You can look and feel like an authentic princess with a more complex half up half down braided hairstyle and get a more romantic vibe too! For the look shown above, you have to create double Dutch braids – one on each side of your head. Instead of braiding them all the way down as pigtails, section your hair and use them only for the top part. The rest of your locks can flow freely down your shoulders and back.

7. Dutch Crown Braid Hairstyle

Dutch Crown Braid Hairstyle

We’ve talked all about the beauty of the crown braid in a specially dedicated guide. Therefore, it was only natural to bring it up again when covering Dutch braiding ideas. Also known as the halo braid, the crown braid is a circular style that wraps all around your head. Whether you’re attending a dressy ceremony or a cool music festival, it’s definitely a braided hairstyle to keep in mind.

8. U-Shaped Dutch Crown Braid

U-Shaped Dutch Crown Braid

Although it comes in quite close to the classic crown braid, the U-shaped braid has a pigtails approach. In other words, you start with two regular Dutch braids on each side and once you reach the nape of your neck, you braid them into each other to form the curved part of the U.

9. Reverse Dutch Braid Top Knot Style

Reverse Dutch Braid Top Knot Style

Every girl knows that the top knot is the go-to hairstyle for a chill day or night. Although it’s a visibly casual hairstyle, it can also take on a fancy tone with the right styling. For example, you can bring your top knot to life with a reverse braid. Using the Dutch weaving method, begin from your nape and braid your way to the crown of your head. Once there, wrap the tips in a loose top knot.

10. Dutch Braid Bun with Bow

Dutch Braid Bun with Bow

We recommend creating a reverse braid with a graceful hair bow at the top if you want to take things up a notch! Follow the same instructions as above, but change the last step. Namely, after you’ve braided to the crown of your head, tie your remaining locks into a loose or tight bow.

11. Dutch Braid Headband Hairstyle

Dutch Braid Headband Hairstyle

A hair bow proves that you don’t necessarily need physical accessories to get an adorable hairstyle. The same principle applies to headbands. Instead of purchasing a headband, create it by braiding your hair. Dutch braided headbands are a wonderful idea for young girls, especially those seeking easy hairstyles for school.

12. Dutch Braid with Middle Part Headband

Dutch Braid with Middle Part Headband

On the other hand, you might not want a headband that goes all the way around. In that case, we recommend splitting your hair into two equal sections with a side braid on each. We’d usually recommend the hairstyle with a middle part, but you can go for a side part too.

13. Half Up Side Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Half Up Side Dutch Braid Hairstyle

It’s easy to see why half up hairstyles and Dutch braids are such a popular combination. They truly go hand in hand! You can even make them as unconventional as you want. Just take this half up Dutch braided hairstyle as inspiration. Obtain it making a single braid that falls down one side of your head.

14. High Ponytail Reverse Dutch Braid

High Ponytail Reverse Dutch Braid

Speaking of long hairstyles, we have another sweet idea for you. High ponytails are a fabulous trick to get the perfect sassy hair flip, especially if you have straight hair. However, a simple high pony might not be enough to fulfill your glam goals. To help you get a head-turning hairstyle, mix the idea with a reverse braid.

15. Dutch Braid Pigtails with Low Bun

Dutch Braid Pigtails with Low Bun

Going back to pigtails, we want to present an alternative for keeping your hair up. Dutch braided pigtails with a low bun are amazingly versatile. Fight the summer heat with them, or show them off at a high-class event too, particularly if you’re adorning an intricate dress. After you braid your pigtails up to your nape, twist the ends into a cute low bun.

16. Braided Faux Hawk Chignon Hairstyle

Braided Faux Hawk Chignon Hairstyle

Want to mix elegance with edginess? There’s no better way to do so than by drawing inspiration from two distinctive hairstyles. We’re talking about the faux hawk and the chignon – they look fabulous together!

17. Half Dutch Braid Pigtails

Half Dutch Braid Pigtails

If you have medium-length or long hair, you’ll want to show off your length at least every once in a while. Nevertheless, you can get tired of leaving it down. To spice things up, create a killer pigtails combo. Braid the top half and leave the rest of your hair halfway down.

18. Feed-In Dutch Braid Pigtails

Feed-in Dutch Braid Pigtails

Inspired by traditional African Ghana braids, we present the feed-in Dutch braids hairstyle. The name comes from the way the braids appear to feed into the hairline, right at the center. When you peel all the layers back, these two feed-in braids are just like braided pigtails. Just make sure you pay special attention to the starting point at the top of the forehead.

19. Top Section Dutch Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

Top Section Dutch Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

Are you searching for something that’s a little sporty and a little snazzy? We’ve got your back with a braided top ponytail idea! The key is to maintain the Dutch braid only for the upper section of your head. Afterward, use a regular three strand braid for the rest of your hair.

20. Dutch Braid Hawk with Low Ponytail

Dutch Braid Hawk with Low Ponytail

You don’t have to braid all of your hair to get an impressive faux hawk. In fact, you can do a braid cross and leave the left and right sides of your hair fall freely. End the braid in a low loose ponytail and you are good to go!

21. Four Dutch Braids for Long Hair

Four Dutch Braids for Long Hair

Why settle for two Dutch braids when you can have four? Take your braiding skills to a completely new level by weaving your locks into four thick braids. When you get to the base of your neck, connect them and obtain a lower pigtails hairstyle.

22. Dutch Braided Space Buns

Dutch Braided Space Buns

Want to boost your Dutch braids? Space buns are the way to go! You can also make yours even more alluring by braiding the buns too. Apply the reverse braiding technique for your pigtails. Add the cherry on top by twisting the three-strand part of the braids into adorable buns.

23. Dutch Braid with Bangs Hairstyle

Dutch Braid with Bangs Hairstyle

No matter what types of bangs you have, rest assured that you can make them work with Dutch braid hairstyles. One of the most effective ways to highlight your bangs with Dutch braids is with a headband and by leaving your bangs loose.

24. Loose Dutch Braid Updo

Loose Dutch Braid Updo

Delicate, sweeping, loose updos for long hair are enough to make anyone’s jaw drop in admiration. Thanks to Dutch braiding, you can make your updo look even more sensational! Use Dutch braiding for the upper part of your hairstyle and leave a few face-framing strands for a feminine boost.

25. Multiple Half Up Dutch Braids

Multiple Half Up Dutch Braids

If you’re a ‘90s baby, you’ll surely remember how popular this hairstyle used to be. So play around with your hair by braiding a small section of the roots and tying it all off into multiple little ponytails.

26. Cornrows Dutch Braid

Cornrows Dutch Braid

You can add as many braids as you want to the mix by going the cornrows way. One way is to create your Dutch braid cornrows down your head, from hairline to nape. Alternatively, you can go for a 360-degree approach and unite the braids in a ponytail. Based on your tastes, you can leave the ponytail in your regular hair or continue the braids and tie them up.

27. Dutch Braid Updo Roll Hairstyle

Dutch Braid Updo Roll Hairstyle

As far as updos are concerned, many Dutch braid hairstyles look quite similar. When two braids are part of the look, they almost always end in a low bun or a chignon. For an out-of-the-box approach, transform the low bun into an exceptional roll. This hairstyle is a nod to the feminine pin-up style of the 50s.

28. Triple Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Triple Dutch Braid Hairstyle

So, we’ve shown you how to rock two or four Dutch braids at a time. But where does that leave us with the midway option? Have no fear, because we have an eye-candy concept for three braids too! The look resembles the half braided hawk hairstyle we brought up before, just that you have three Dutch braids instead of one.

29. Intricate Dutch Braid Updo Hairstyle

Intricate Dutch Braid Updo Hairstyle

If you have more advanced braiding skills, feel free to experiment with as many braids as you’d like, from wide to narrow and everything else in between.

30. Combination Reverse Braid Updo Hairstyle

Combination Reverse Braid Updo Hairstyle

Even more so, you can mix and match a variety of braiding styles for a unique updo. From three, four, or five-strand braids to fishtails, twists, or knots, your complex braided hairstyle will sparkle with originality. Use the Dutch braid as your main technique or just as an addition to the overall look.

Ready to Change Your Look?

All in all, we’re sure you agree that learning how to Dutch braid shouldn’t be that intimidating. You might not get everything flawless on your first try, but practice makes perfect. Even more, we’re confident that all the diverse hairstyles we presented will help unleash your creativity.

So, how did your first Dutch braiding experience go? Did you pick up any other tips and tricks that you’d like to share with fellow braiders? Tell us all about how it went in the comment section below.

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