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50 Pin Up Hairstyles for a Retro Glam Look

Summer Pin Up Hairstyles

Nothing mixes sensuality, femininity, and glam better than pin up hairstyles.

What started as a poster portraying the sex symbols of the 40s branched out into an entire subculture endeared by men and women worldwide to this very day.

Moreover, it inspired additional styles like rockabilly, continually adapting to modern trends while maintaining a fabulous retro glow.

Get in touch with your feminine side with some of our all-time favorite pin up-inspired hairstyles below.

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1. Pin Up Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Pin Up Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium hair is just long enough to play around with some of the most charming pin up hairstyles.

One version that you can try out, for example, is this full rolled updo.

Not only is it a pleasure to admire, but it also has practical qualities by freeing your face.

2. Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls

It’s impossible to talk about pin-up hairstyles without bringing victory rolls into the discussion.

The elaborate hairdo is supposedly inspired by movements of fighter planes during WWII, which left roll-like trails behind them.

We’ll be showing multiple ways you can wear them.

3. Pin Up Hair with Bangs

Pin Up Hair with Bangs

Bumper bangs are a life-saver for gals who are afraid of hitting the scissors to create their fringe.

They’re actually faux bangs, created by rolling the hair inwards, in the direction of your hairline, and pinning them in place.

The final shape is how they got their “bumper” name.

4. Headscarf Hairstyles

Headscarf Hairstyles

Headscarves are an irreplaceable accessory among pin up hairstyles.

With the help of one, you can experiment with countless updo hairstyles, focusing on the top part of your hair for styling.

To top off the look, tie the tips of the headscarf in a bow on one side.

5. 50’s Hairstyles for Long Hair

50’s Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you have long hair, there aren’t any limits to the pinup hairstyles you can have fun with.

From half up hairstyles to intricate updos and more, don’t hesitate to use your imagination when planning your next look.

As always, accessories are more than welcome!

6. Pin Up Hair Bandana Style

Pin Up Hair Bandana Style

Aside from headscarves, bandanas are just as popular as pin up hair accessories.

It’s wonderful that you can find them with all sorts of prints, from stripes to polka dots, to the classic paisley pattern. Choose a design that best matches your outfit.

7. Rosie the Riveter Hairstyles

Rosie the Riveter Hairstyles

In fact, bandanas have most likely become a staple for pin up hairstyles owing to Rosie the Riveter.

Doesn’t ring a bell? How about a certain We Can Do It!” poster from World War II?

Now an invaluable cultural icon, the Rosie the Riveter look is a symbol of feminism around the globe.

8. Retro Chignons

Retro Chignons

There’s no doubt in the world that chignon hairstyles fully express elegance and good taste.

Women of all ages consider it their go-to hairstyle for formal events, from banquets to weddings.

If you want to add a pin up twist to yours, add victory rolls on the sides.

9. Jayne Mansfield Waves

Jayne Mansfield Waves

What better way to get pin up inspiration than from the most celebrated models associated with this style?

We’ll start with Jayne Mansfield and her signature wavy hair. She always had it styled with soft, loose curls that are definitive for the style to this very day.

10. Hairstyles with Large Accessories

Hairstyles with Large Accessories

As you probably have noticed, accessories play a big role in pin up hairstyles.

From headscarves to bandanas or flowers, you will often see a vintage hairdo with an eye-catching accessory.

The fun part is that you don’t have to resort to a small one; dare to go big with yours.

11. Pin Up Hairstyles with Hair Down

Pin Up Hairstyles with Hair Down

What if you’re not in the mood for wrapping your hair in a potentially uncomfortable updo?

Rest assured that you can rock the pin up look even with your hair down.

It’s all in the way you gently curl your locks, parting your hair and gracefully tossing it to the side.

12. Rockabilly Ponytails

Rockabilly Ponytails

Inspired by one of the very first types of rock and roll music, rockabilly has turned into a style of its own.

Nowadays, rockabilly can be easily identified through a blend of pin up style and edgy elements, ranging from dark makeup to tattoos in abundance.

Try the style out with a pin up ponytail!

13. Pin Up Details

Pin Up Details

In some days, you wake up completely undecided about how you want to do your hair that day.

If you’re in a pin up mood but you don’t want to get too complicated, you can add just a vintage detail to your hairstyle. Roll a strand on the side and use bobby pins to secure it.

14. Half Up Pin Up Hairstyles

Half Up Pin Up Hairstyles

In addition to a myriad of updos, pin up hairstyles include just as many half up half down options.

We recommend this alternative for ladies who feel like styling their hair, but not all the way.

You will accentuate your facial features in a beautiful way.

15. Pin Up Hairstyles for Bob Haircuts

Pin Up Hairstyles for Bob Haircuts

Unfortunately, the shorter your hair is, the more limited your styling opportunities are.

However, you’re in luck with pin up hairstyles. Sometimes, all you have to do is curl your hair the right way to enjoy that chic 40s vibe.

16. Bouffant French Twist Updos

Bouffant French Twist Updos

All the same, if you do have longer locks, you won’t have any issues at all exploring updo hairstyles.

A popular choice back in the day was the bouffant updo, styling in a French twist. The curls on top truly are the icing on the cake.

17. Pin Up Hairstyles for Black Hair

Pin Up Hairstyles for Black Hair

At a glance, it may seem that afro-textured hair isn’t the most suitable for pinup hairstyles.

You would be surprised to find out that it looks spectacular when styled in this fashion.

All you have to do is relax your hair with the proper product and twist it to perfection.

18. Rita Hayworth Curls

Rita Hayworth Curls

Another pin up icon is undeniably Rita Hayworth. The ginger bombshell proves that soft curls are always the way to go with pin up hairstyles.

It helps if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, but you can also recreate the look by curling your hair.

19. Side Swept Pin Up Hairstyles

 Side Swept Pin Up Hairstyles

Just when you thought that you couldn’t get any more feminine with a pin up hairstyle, you see how a side swept one looks like.

Isn’t it amazing how far a detail can go for an irresistible hairstyle?

So, if you’re going half up with your hairstyle, think about bringing the bottom part to the side.

20. Gibson Roll

Gibson Roll

The Gibson roll is among the hairstyles specific to the pin up aesthetic.

It resembles a chignon, but it wraps around the back of the head, all the way from the left side to the right.

Make sure you roll your hair from the tips inwards to get these gorgeous results.

21. Bettie Bangs Hairstyles

Bettie Bangs Hairstyles

Ask anyone – Bettie Page is almost synonymous with pin up. The beloved icon is known, among other traits, for her short, mid-forehead bangs.

So much, in fact, that this bangs style is now named after her, as the Bettie bangs.

22. Bridal Pin Up Hairstyles

Bridal Pin Up Hairstyles

In the last few years, pin up hairstyles for brides have become more embraced than ever before.

It’s easy to see why; they add the ideal amount of grace to complement a wedding gown. For your bridal hairstyle, don’t hesitate to add the perfect hair pin to match your dress.

23. Pin Up Hairstyles for Weddings

Pin Up Hairstyles for Weddings

What if you have to attend a wedding, but not as a bride? Regardless if you’re a bridesmaid or just a guest, you can look to pin up fashion for inspiration.

Any rolled updo will do, such as the ornate one portrayed in this photo.

24. Beehive Hairstyles

Beehive Hairstyles

Long before Beyoncé and her dedicated following, we had the beehive hairstyle. The retro staple consists of a bouffant bun, which naturally resembles a beehive.

Even though it peaked in popularity a decade or two after the pin up trend, it is often combined with vintage details.

25. Victory Roll Stacks

Victory Roll Stacks

Looking back at photographs from the 40s, we can clearly see that victory rolls were a must for women in those years.

We love how they expressed their creativity through their hairstyle, like stacking victory rolls.

26. Pin Up Hairstyles for Short Hair

Pin Up Hairstyles for Short Hair

Indeed, short hair is harder to style in a pin up manner, but it’s not impossible.

Actually, you can use accessories and the power of your imagination to make your own custom look.

Try parting your hair to the side and rolling the bangs inwards. After that, add a large flower.

See? You’re fabulous!

27. Messy Pin Up Hairstyles

Messy Pin Up Hairstyles

Owing to the fact that modern times call for messier hairstyles, we can make an exception for the pin up hairstyles of our times.

In other words, you can modernize your classic hairstyle by tousling your hair. It will add a cute contrast to your appearance.

28. Betty Grable Poodle Hair

Betty Grable Poodle Hair

Ah, Betty Grable, what a phenomenal woman. Not only was she an absolutely enchanting actress, but she was also a prominent style icon of her time.

Her signature “Poodle Hair” has inspired a new generation of women to wear curls on top with pride.

29. Psychobilly Hairstyles

Psychobilly Hairstyles

What do you get when you mix rockabilly with punk vibes? Psychobilly, together with the afferent hairstyle.

Work up the courage to rock an edgy chic look, adding any punk rock accessories you’d like to your psychobilly hairstyle.

30. Single Roll Pin Up Hairstyles

Single Roll Pin Up Hairstyles

We often see victory rolls in pairs, or even more. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t show off a single roll in a glamorous way.

We especially encourage women with shorter hair to try this approach to get the pin up glow they strive for.

31. Finger Waves

Finger Waves

Considering that finger waves were a must in the decade preceding pin up fashion, it’s normal that they would ultimately influence the latter style.

If you want to get the best of both worlds, you can work finger waves into your pin up hairstyle.

32. Pin Up Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Pin Up Hairstyles for Natural Hair

We’re happy to showcase another heart-stopping pin up hairstyle for our natural haired ladies.

For this version, you don’t even have to put too much time into relaxing your hair.

Just aim to style it in a faux hawk way, pulling the top part a bit over your forehead like bangs.

33. Bun Hairstyles

Bun Hairstyles

Not a beehive kind of gal? You can always switch from a bouffant bun to a slightly smaller one.

To make your look even more memorable, save a portion of your hair in the front for a posh roll. Just like that, you’re all ready for any fancy occasion.

34. Pin Up Hairstyles with Side Bangs

Pin Up Hairstyles with Side Bangs

With bumper bangs and Bettie bangs galore, it’s hard to imagine most pin up hairstyles without a front fringe.

Nevertheless, you should know that vintage-styled side bangs are to die for. In the end, you should pick the pin up bangs style that represents you the most.

35. Vintage Mermaid Hairstyles

Vintage Mermaid Hairstyles

We never thought we would hear the words “pin up” and “mermaid” in the same sentence.

Be that as it may, we were genuinely taken aback when we came across this beauty. It goes to show girls with mermaid hair can pull of pin up glam flawlessly.

36. Complicated Updos

Complicated Updos

Creativity plays a major role in pin up hairstyles. The more complex you get with your version, the more eye candy the outcome will be.

That being said, we encourage you to team up with your favorite stylist and “cook” up the pin up hairdo of your dreams.

37. Simple Pin Up Hairstyles

Simple Pin Up Hairstyles

On the other hand, simplicity is always appreciated with vintage styles too.

In these cases, you can really appreciate the femininity that results from the hairstyle.

As a result, you can consider just touching up your hairstyle a bit with some retro inspiration.

38. Pixie Pin Up Hairstyles

Pixie Pin Up Hairstyles

To prove a point about short hair and pin up hairstyles, take a look at this mesmerizing shot.

Not only does the model have an actual pixie haircut, but she also succeeded in getting it styled amazingly with a vintage touch.

39. Retro Housewife Hairstyles

Retro Housewife Hairstyles

Whether you support the housewife lifestyle or not, you have to admit that this hairstyle is breath-taking.

In a way, it actually mixes business with pleasure. It gets your hair out of the way, but with incredibly stylish results.

40. Pin Up Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Pin Up Hairstyles for Straight Hair

When you think of pin up and graceful women, Veronica Lake is almost sure to come to mind.

The inspiration that we want to draw from her appearance is how she styled her straight hair. Without overdoing anything, she gently made her hair wavy at the tips and in the front.

41. Side Shaved Hairstyles

Side Shaved Hairstyles

If you’ve decided that rockabilly matches your personality, you can start thinking of ways to take your look to the next level.

One bold but beautiful way is to shave one or both sides of your head.

Style the rest of your hair in a faux hawk and with a bandana and you’ll be dazzling.

42. Braided Pin Up Hairstyles

Braided Pin Up Hairstyles

Box braids have never been so marvelous! No matter what type of braids you have, you can find a way to turn them into a pin up hairstyle.

It’s all in the rolls, not to mention the impact that the right accessories can have.

43. Modern Rolls

Modern Rolls

Sadly, complicated pin-up hairstyles may not be appropriate for all environments.

If you’re required to tone down your look a little, you can use a few details that will express the same style.

You can see the perfect example in this photo, with a subtle roll on each side.

44. Colorful Pin Up Hairstyles

Colorful Pin Up Hairstyles

Why not bring some brightness in your life? A sensational way to do so is by combining a pin up hairstyle with a vivid hair color.

On the flip side, if you already have colorful hair, take this as encouragement for exploring vintage hairstyles.

45. Diagonal Victory Rolls

Diagonal Victory Rolls

If you want to play with the overall silhouette of your hairstyle, start thinking about various shapes and angles.

For instance, you can level up a victory rolls hairstyle by placing the curls at opposite points to create a diagonal line.

46. Inverted Hairstyles

Inverted Hairstyles

What really impressed us about this vintage hairstyle is the high fashion vibe it has. It’s a fantastic look for women with soft, straight and silky hair. Additionally, your hair will fall easily into place if it’s shoulder-length.

47. Pin Up Hairstyles with Dreadlocks

Pin Up Hairstyles with Dreadlocks

Believe it or not, pin up hairstyles look outstanding on women with dreadlocks!

If you have thinner dreadlocks or even sisterlocks, you can follow the same method we talked about with box braids.

To put it otherwise, roll your way to bumper bangs and grab that bandana.

48. Side Part Pin Up Hairstyles

Side Part Pin Up Hairstyles

Ava Gardner is the last inspirational pin up gorgie we’ll be admiring. With her look, we want to point out her side part specifically.

As long as your hair is softly curled all around, you can part your hair to the side and leave a few larger curls in the front as bangs.

49. Half Pin Up, Half Dreads Hairstyles

Half Pin Up, Half Dreads Hairstyles

Another way to rock pin up dreadlocks involves having dreads only halfway through your hair.

If dreadlocks are only in the second part of your hair, use your natural hair on top to get some beautifully contrasting rolls.

50. Big Pin Up Hair

Big Pin Up Hair

Thinking of leaving your hair down for your pin up look? Make it big! Use hairspray and subtle teasing to make your curled locks lusciously voluminous.

We also think the flower accessory on the side is cute, especially considering the lively color of the hair.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, pin up hairstyles will definitely continue to live on for decades to come.

The grace, attitude, and allure they provide are beyond comparison, regardless of the personal details you choose to add.

To make one of these hairstyles truly yours, select your favorite foundation and build up on it with elements from your personality.

We’d love to learn about your take on a pin up hairstyle in the comments section!

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