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Winter Hair Colors 30 Stunning Ideas for a Whimsical Look

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Let your style show and shine through no matter the weather by going for any of these very pretty and trending winter hair colors – complete with some styling ideas too!

And you know what we’re talking about – the glorious winter days when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose and snowflakes are falling all around in a winter wonderland sort of way.

Or when the sun is shining without burning on the other coast. Or, in real life, when you are barely holding on to your hat because of the wind – but your hair still looks fabulous because you went for one of the colors below!

winter hair colors collage

I. Brunette Hair Inspiration

1. Sombre Hair

sombre hair

We’ll start this list of winter hair colors by showing you a beautiful sombre hairstyle. In case you did not know, sombre is the more subtle version of ombre as in it, the lighter shades are blended in more smoothly with the darker base.

2. Gray Babylights on Dark Hair

gray babylights on dark hair

Transform your brunette hair and make it some shades lighter without dyeing – simply add some well-placed babylights. These are a very subtle version of highlights that, in this case, come in several shades of gray but which can also be used to further darken the hair.

3. Babylights on Choppy Bob Hairstyle

babylights choppy bob hairstyle

Alternatively, use babylights to bring into focus the fact that you have a textured and layered haircut. For example, this photo goes to show the beautiful way in which the lighter babylights bring into focus the choppy, short to mid-length bob.

4. Cinnamon Brown Highlights on Brown Hair

cinnamon brown highlights on brown hair

Brown highlights on brown hair can be nothing less than stunning and as far from boring as possible. In the photo above, the dark brown base is brought to life by the beautiful cinnamon highlights and the tips and overtones in different shades of red. It’s the perfect Christmas day look!

5. Caramel Brown on Wavy Brown Hair

caramel brown on wavy brown hair

This might initially look like a more summery, even fall hairstyle, but it will look just as amazing in the wintertime. The caramel brown highlights are perfectly placed to create a face-framing effect and the caramel tips help complete the look.

6. Chocolate Brown Winter Hair Colors

shades of chocolate brown hair

No list of winter hair colors (or holidays) would be complete without chocolate – more specifically, dark chocolate. Leave the milk chocolate for summer and go for this darker hair that will really stand out among the snow.

7. Ash Brown Hair

ash brown hair

This shade of ash brown is so subtle that it seems almost gray and is an absolute eye-candy. Depending on how it is styled, it can either look really elegant or very rebellious. Basically, the perfect color for a party hairstyle or even a wedding one.

8. Ashy Ombre on Mid-Length Hair

ashy ombre on mid length hair

These wavy mid to shoulder-length hair is made all the more stunning by the perfectly applied and executed ashy ombre. This starts off from a dark base of natural roots and ends in significantly lighter, almost white tips.

9. Short Hair with Light Gray Curls

short hair with light gray curls

Make your short, tight, natural curls really stand out by dyeing them in this lovely shade of gray and leaving the sides in their natural color or color them too in a significantly darker tone to obtain a striking effect!

10. Long Silver Winter Hair Colors

long silver hair

Also, consider adding a touch of frost to your looks and transform yourself into an ice queen – but one with a warm heart. These shades of gray start from shadow roots and become almost silver at mid-length before ending in darker, charcoal tips.

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II. Blonde Hair Inspiration

11. Honey Blonde Balayage

honey blonde balayage

You’ve noticed and will continue seeing quite a few examples of balayage on this list as this dyeing technique helps blend in the colors in a smoother manner – exactly what you would want for winter.

This way, you can also add and wear shades that are more commonly associated with the warmer months (like these honey blonde and brown) simply by adding them on a dark base.

12. Rose Gold Winter Hair Colors

rose gold hair

Another beautiful example of balayage and of how you can wear light, summery shades in the middle of winter. The rose gold was applied on dark hair and roots so that the overtones and undertones are muted and more pastel than vivid. Also, the rose ends in light blonde, almost white tips.

13. Winter Strawberry Blonde Hair

strawberry blonde hair

Similar to the rose gold above, strawberry blonde hair can also be adapted to be worn as winter hair colors. Just make sure to go for the muted shades so that the color won’t stand out in a stringent way. Also, consider adding some shades of rose gold and even copper to the mix for wonderful results.

14. Silver and Gold Winter Hair Colors

silver and gold winter hair colors

Christmas decorations are not the only place where you can combine silver and golden hues – your hair can be a beautiful canvas for it too! However, be careful to pick complementary shades so the colors will work together and not against one another.

15. Pearl Blond Hair

pearl blonde hair

Shine like a pearl for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and every other day by going for this magnificent shade of pearl blonde. This will work just as well on same-colored or darker roots and will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to any attire – and no matter the way the hairstyling. After all, you can make it as messy or as polished as you want and still look amazing!

16. White Platinum Blonde Winter Hair Colors

White Platinum Blonde Winter Hair Colors

Adapt that vibrant, summery-platinum blonde and make it winter perfect by adding lighter overtones and bringing it down a few shades. The hair here is also very prettily styled, and so simple too – just opt to keep the hair mid-long with choppy ends and to style it in a wavy, slightly messy way.

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    III. Redhead Hair Inspiration

    17. Shiraz Red Winter Hair Colors

    shiraz red winter hair colors

    Syrah or Shiraz is a variety of wine made out of dark-skinned grapes. Besides being very enjoyable as a drink, it’s also a stunning color that will look absolutely stunning on your hair (not clothes!). So ditch the classic mulled wine hair color and go for Shiraz red for an extra dash of elegance.

    18. Fiery Red Short to Mid-Length Hair

    fiery red short to mid length hair

    Make your hair pop! and be a true pop of color against the wintery blues and whites by going for a fiery red hair color – just as the one above. Check out the photo to see how good it looks on short to mid-length hair and with the slightly longer than usual baby bangs.

    19. Copper Red Hair Color for Winter

    copper red hair colors for winter

    Copper is usually associated with fall hair colors and it actually was one of the season’s hottest trends. Also, copper is such a versatile base, that you can also adapt it to make it fit and perfect for winter as well!

    Just make it a few shades darker and keep the overtones muted. The retro waves above also help add a touch of elegance and make it the perfect events look.

    20. Amber Winter Hair Color Ideas

    amber winter hair color ideas

    Another very similar but still different redheaded option is this very pretty and sweet amber. Its a great addition to this list of winter hair color as it is pretty easy to wear and also understated enough that you won’t stand out too much (unless you want to).

    21. Red to Copper Ombre Hair

    red to copper ombre hair

    This red to copper ombre transition reminds us of a crackling fire – one that would warm us during those long and cold winter months. This impression is further strengthened by the waviness of the hair as the locks were styled in loose, side-parted waves.

    22. Dark Burgundy Ombre Tips

    dark burgundy ombre tips

    You’ve seen a variety of ombre and balayage examples, but now, we’re taking things back to the basics by presenting an example of dark, almost raven hair with dark burgundy and wine highlights. These were loosely applied on the crown of the head but placed closer together to create a face-framing effect on the front.

    hair motive logo small

    IV. Unconventional Hair Inspiration

    23. Dark Purple Winter Hair Colors

    dark purple winter hair colors

    Unconventional hair colors were all the rage this year, so why not continue rocking them even well into the new year? Be party-ready at all times with this dark purple hair color that also mixes in midnight blue. The half-up top knot hairstyle is also very messy and cool and good for everyday wear.

    24. Blue and Purple Highlights

    blue and purple highlights wavy bob

    Another way to wear purple and blue is to go for chunky highlights. This works well for women that aren’t interested in blending in the colors but instead, would rather show off each one.

    So take a look and see how many shades you can spot. We’ll start: there’s teal and purple with some violet and also some midnight blue highlights.

    25. Peacock Green Hair

    peacock gren hair

    Peacock hair was a trend all of its own some years back – one which you can bring back by blending in the colors of your choice. Admire the raven base that was brought to life by the mix of blue and green shades most of them in darker hues so they would better fit with the brunette. The loose waves also help bring out the different colors and mixes.

    26. Smokey Blue and Gray Winter Hair

    smokey blue and gray winter hair

    We’ve talked silver and gray on blonde and brunette hair, but this hair color deserves a category of its own. It’s a really dark almost charcoal gray that lightens up to a more steel gray.

    However, what makes it really stand out is the addition of iron and smokey blue overtones. The high and messy bun half up, half down hairstyle helps bring out all these different shades too.

    27. Blue Denim Ombre Hair Color

    blue denim ombre hair color

    Keeping with the blues and the grays, here is another mix and another different way to sport both these colors. This ash brunette base is lightened up (but only a bit) by the ombre work and the lighter gray highlights. The element that really stands out, in this case, are the blue denim hair tips that make for a very feathery and choppy end to the hair.

    28. Gray Bob with Light Blue Highlights

    gray bob with light blue highlights

    These gray with light blue overtones can be the perfect winter hair colors for either a mature lady reader whose hair is turning naturally wintery on its own or for a young gal who is still playing around with the gray hair trend. Either way, the perfectly cut short bob and hair color make for a very styled and stylish look.

    29. Pastel Pink Winter Hair Colors

    pastel pink winter hair colors

    Invoke those early days of spring when nature is just waking up by dyeing your locks in this very pretty pastel pink shade. The hair is kept wavy and messy and wispy at the tips for a very fae-like look – the only thing missing is the flower crown! Alternatively, style it straight and add the appropriate hair accessories for a more wintery look.

    30. Bright Yellow Hairstyle

    bright yellow hair

    You’ve invoked the first days of spring – now go a bit further and think full-on nature in bloom! The hair is styled in a very voluminous wavy bob that is styled only slightly asymmetrical and which plays around with the shadow roots. The makeup game is on point too – see how the eye shadow perfectly matches the hair color – and is so gorgeously applied too!

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    So, What Is YOUR Hair Inspiration?

    Be it winter on the slopes and among mountains of snow or in an area where it’s mostly rain or even a lot of sunshine, there is definitely something for everyone on this list of winter hair colors. There are also some pretty cool styling ideas – as you can see, wavy and messy hair are still very much in!

    Now that you’ve seen all the many and different winter hair colors that are trending and so pretty to wear, what’s it gonna be? Are you gonna go for a very wintery look with a silver or gray combo or very out of the ordinary with a fiery red? Comment and let us know and happy winter, everyone!

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