Short Hairstyles: 50 Ideas on How to Rock those Short Locks!

Even if your locks aren’t waist-length, there are tons of gorgeous short hairstyles for women you can play around with.

From cuts to braids and more, these hairstyles for short hair will definitely inspire you for any occasion!

Check out all the best short hairstyles you’ve ever wished for below!

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1. Short ‘Do Accessories

One of the best parts about having a short hairstyle is that you can get creative with accessories. Pull your hair back into a low messy bun and use your favorite scarf as a chic addition to your outfit.

2. Cute Short Hairstyles with Braids

What’s more adorable than a short braid to go with your short locks? Part your hair half up half down and have fun weaving a braid down the middle.

3. Pixie Cuts with Natural Curls

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, emphasize it with a superb curly pixie cut. Let a few curls caress your forehead and you get beautiful results that are easy to style.

4. Casually Chopped Locks

Get inspired by the stunning Ashley Benson and her au naturel bob haircut. It’s super easy to maintain and your hair will be on point day and night.

5. Balayage Short Natural Hairstyles

Want a bit of color without going over the top? Balayage is your friend! These honey highlights amazingly accentuate a long bob, creating an image that’s perfect for casual and formal events alike.

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6.  A-Line Short Bob Hairstyles

It’s no wonder why A-line haircuts have gained more and more popularity over the last few years. Such a simple idea has the power to frame your face like few other styles do. Additionally, it looks magnificent with short hair.

7. Twisted Buns

In a rush but don’t want to have the same look as you do every day? Split your hair in two and twist the top part into a loose bun. In less than two minutes you’ll be fabulously ready to go.

8. Afro Short Black Hairstyles

Afro hair has an outstanding charm that can’t be replaced. If you were born this type of hair, then model it into your favorite shape. Supermodel Funke William is the perfect example of how you’ll glow.

9. Twists and Pins

This is another one of the short hairstyles that you can whip up in a minute and enjoy effortless style afterwards. Grab 2-3 bobby pins and twist a few locks to the back for a lovely half up half down hairstyle.

10. Messy Half Up Top Knots

Without a doubt, the half up top knot is one of the hottest short hairstyles of the year. This is a long example, but do the following for yours:

To nail the look, simply part your hair horizontally, secure a half up ponytail with a thin hair band and then wrap around to create a loose bun.

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11. Casual Short Wavy Hairstyles

Getting this hairstyle is a breeze if you have naturally wavy hair. All you have to do is keep your hair to shoulder length or shorter & add some color with a few highlights and lowlights. Maya Hawke looks amazing with it!

12. Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair with Long Bangs

It’s impossible to not love a pixie cut when it’s executed properly. For example, this style with super long, side-swept bangs and a shaved side is wonderful for a lady who’s not afraid to show her radiant personality.

13. High Fashion Inspiration

If you’re into the edgy and sleek hairstyles that you see in fashion photography, you should definitely check out this idea!

Designed by the famous hairdresser Anna Eshwood, this short hairstyle transforms your locks into a genuine work of art.

14. Platinum Short to Medium Hairstyles

Platinum white is always a fantastic choice of hair color for the outgoing fashionista. However, when you pair it with wavy, short to medium chopped locks, the outcome is even more breathtaking.

15. Black Short Hairstyles with an Edge

When you think about an edgy and chic bob for black hair, there are high chances that Demi Lovato will come to mind.

The grunge pop icon flawlessly rocks a short hairdo tossed to the side, serving as inspiration for plenty of girls who want a similar look.

16. Innocent Waves with a Casual Touch

With a romantic, European-like allure, a long pixie cut with soft waves and a natural hair color is one of the sweetest short hairstyles to go for.

This style works especially well for girls with small faces, so keep it in mind if you fall under this category.

17. Red Carpet Glam

If you dream of walking the red carpet one day, why not get inspired by the people who do? Julianne Hough shows how a natural wavy bob can be paired with elegant attire, creating a look fit for a Hollywood premiere.

18. Retro African American Short Hairstyles

Do you feel that your soul belongs in the 50s? Your passion for vintage glam can be transformed into the ultimate short retro hairstyle. Highlighted by soft finger curls, this style looks dazzling on dark skin.

19. Easy Braids for Short Hair

For the bohemian at heart, this loose side French braid is ideal for a short bob. What makes it remarkable is how the end is smartly hidden in the rest of the hair, giving the whole look a natural glow.

20.  A-Line Long Bobs with Ombre

Ombre hair is as popular as ever, especially when paired with the perfect A-line long bob. Part your hair a bit to the side and let the pretty shape of the A-line cut contour your face.

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21. Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Another artsy short hairstyle that is marvelous for bohemian weddings is this half up half down back crown braid. You might need a bit of help for it to turn out the way you want to, but the results will take your breath away.

22. Pastel Natural Short Hairstyles

If you opt for a natural short hairstyle like a choppy bob, you can bring the look to life with a silky color like pastel pink. Other fairy hair colors include lavender, baby blue, or light mint green.

23. Steel Gray Bobs

Another daring shade is this beautiful steel gray, that’s currently trending as granny hair. It’s a splendid hair color choice no matter what time of the year it is, and it looks brilliant with a long A-line bob.

24. Easy Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Want to leave a long-lasting impression at prom? Part your hair to the side, take two pieces of hair from one of the sides and twist them together.

Secure them with some bobby pins at the end for an amazing twisted half up short hair do.

25. Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

Regardless if your hair is long or short, waterfall braids will always be absolutely stunning.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is dyed or you’ve kept your natural tones, this hairstyle will always be admired in all sorts of situations.

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26. Shaved Pixie Cuts

We all know that the pixie cut is one of the loveliest short hairstyles on its own, but what happens when you combine it with shaved sides? You get a glamorous hairstyle you’ll fall in love with, that’s what!

27. Rose Gold Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Another vintage-inspired look for short hair reminds you of Marilyn Monroe with her gorgeous big curls. The twist? A sheer shade of rose gold as the icing on the top for this lovely hairstyle.

28. Easy Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Any girl that has had bangs before knows that they’re pretty hard to maintain. However, it does get easier if you have wavy or short curly hair.

This short hairstyle is spiced up with side swept bangs that complete the look perfectly.

29. Pastel Braids

What happens if you mix pastel hair with neat braids? The result is a short hairstyle that will make heads turn. Strut your bob with two half up French braids that end in cute loose buns for an amazing impact.

30. Electric Short Hairstyle

Those who listen to Paramore know that Hayley Williams is the queen of eccentric hair colors. Even though we usually associate her with fiery tones, she here inspires us with electric blue short hair.

31. Sleek Pixie Cuts

The beauty of short haircuts like pixies is that you can style them in multiple ways. In addition to edgy styling, pixie cuts can also be elegantly swept to the side for a chic result.

32. Messy Braids

As A-line bobs usually start short in the back and get longer in the front, you can easily style the front part as you please. This messy fishtail braid is done on one side to create a dynamic and playful look.

33. Curly Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

Keep the curls coming! This is one of the easiest hairstyles for African American women that require virtually no maintenance. All you have to do is add a bit of mousse for styling and you’re good to go!

34. Medium to Short Curly Hairstyles

This is the longer version of the aforementioned hairstyle. Nevertheless, the styling recommendations are the same. Let your curls fall naturally and only add some mousse to shape them if required.

35. Bright Purple Pixie Cuts

This is one of the edgy pixie cuts that work like a charm for girls who aren’t afraid to show their personality. Aside from the brilliant violet tone used, you can see a subtle A-line cut that makes the whole look complete.

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36. Inverted Long Bobs

If you want a well-rounded hairstyle that looks fantastic from any angle, an inverted long bob is just what you need!

The base is about an inch above your shoulders and is styled inwards, but the slightly curled longer part in the front makes it picture-perfect.

37. Short Hair Hairstyles with Dutch Braids

Naturally thick hair looks incredible when styled in Dutch pigtail braids. Don’t worry if a strand or two escapes the braid – it all makes the hairstyle even more memorable.

38. Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

If your face is round, an inverted bob with casual bangs is just what you’re looking for. This short hairstyle complements the shape of your face while framing it just right.

39. Fishtail Braids

No matter if you go for one or two braids, the fishtail technique really is one of the most original you can go for. For shoulder-length hair, try parting your hair half up half down and braiding the top part into a fishtail.

40. Seasonal Short Hairstyles

If Christmas is your favorite time of the year, why not improvise a wreath-like crown and add it to your short hairstyle? This looks even more beautiful if you have a pastel hair color, like this icy baby blue.

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41. Short Hairstyles for Girls with French Braids

A great number of girls or women avoid cutting their hair short because they think they won’t be able to style it in braids afterward.

Nonetheless, even chin-length hair can be braided with ease. For instance, try two loose, large French braids and see how it goes for you.

42. Crochet Braids with Short Hair

Another one of the benefits that natural afro hair has is that it can be gorgeously styled into crochet braids. Even though these twisted braids are usually used on long hair, they look just as charming on short locks.

43. Effortless Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Embrace your natural waves or curls and let them fall naturally across your face. This long pixie cut looks fabulous for ladies with oval-shaped faces.

44.  Easy Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Taylor Swift shows how thick hair can look outstanding even when short. If you have thicker locks, go for a choppy bob with bangs and don’t shy away from your natural volume.

45. Mixed Colors

There are quite a few hair colors that look even better combined than they do on their own. For example, tones of gray, ash blonde, lavender, and violet have a spectacular impact on short wavy hair.

46. Playful Curls

It’s not easy to have bouncy and voluminous locks. However, if you were born with curly hair, it’s likely that yours is this way if it’s cut properly. Have fun with your curls!

47. Braided Short Hairstyles Black Hair

Afro hair looks exquisite when braided, but what if you don’t want to go for full braids? Short black hair can be styled with three side braids that are elegantly twisted out into the rest of the curls.

48. Strawberry Blonde Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Not sure what color to give your new short haircut? A bob is absolutely charming in a rose gold, strawberry blonde or copper shade.

49. Half Up Bow Hairstyles

Scarves or bandanas aren’t the only accessories you can use with short hair. Curly or wavy hair, in particular, looks wonderful if you add an adorable bow to your half up half down hairstyle.

50. Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women with Big Curls

Last but not least, you can always leave your hair down and around your shoulders, especially if you have big and bouncy afro curls. Well-placed, uneven bangs make the look even more delightful.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

To conclude, there are countless short hairstyles that are cute, elegant, playful, or bold (or all!).

In the end, it’s best to choose a style that represents your personality. Don’t rush and take time to explore your options!

After that, rock your short hairstyle like a superstar and come back and tell us how great it felt!

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  1. Eden says:

    Who says curly hair can’t have bangs? Zendaya is proof that you can not only wear bangs with your natural texture, you don’t have to straighten them out to look incredible.

    • HM Editor says:

      We so agree! Zendaya looks amazing with her curly hair and bangs, and we have some great examples here too of how you can wear your curly hair with bangs, just that most of ours are side-swept options.

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