Shaved Hairstyle For Women And Men: Tips And Advice

Shaved Head

Deciding To Shave Your Head? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re considering rocking a shaved hairstyle for women, we have you covered. Check out this edgy trend and get ready for the big chop.

A thoroughly buzzed head is not an uncommon sight amongst men, and it’s a trend that’s becoming popularized with women thanks to various celebrities that have taken that first bold step. Shaving your head offers more benefits than merely a bold, new look.

There are many reasons why people decide that they’re going to brave a bald head. And if you’re reading this now, you’re likely considering undergoing the process.

Well before you get started, this article will go over some of the most crucial bits of information that you’ll need to know before you shave your head.

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There Are Two Ways To Do It

Before you go about deciding to shave your head, it’s important to understand there are two ways to do it. You can sport a Vin Diesel style and cut your hair down to the scalp. Or you can flaunt a fine layer of fuzz across your dome to keep some semblance of hair there.

Either option comes with its benefits and pitfalls. Most of it depends on how much work you want to put into it.

If you’re daring enough to go with a bare head, then there are a few things to note before you get started on it. Firstly, make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

Most barbers recommend going with a standard razor instead of a straight razor. Why? Conventional blades are meant to take on that natural curvature of your head. This leads to fewer cuts and uneven patches.

Secondly, it’s essential to go with a razor that’s got at least three to five blades on it. This method dramatically reduces skin irritation on your scalp. And it cuts back the chances for ingrown hairs.

In both scenarios, you’ll want a sharp pair of scissors and an affordable hair clipper set with all the attachments for an even trim. Doing this keeps the costs of your hairstyle even lower.

Getting Started Emotionally

If you’ve never buzzed your head before, there are a few things that need to be said before you take a leap of faith. Our society has placed a lot of value on our hair and the way that it’s supposed to make you feel in the open.

When you first shave your head, there’s a lot of emotional turmoil you might feel for that first week or so. It’s ok, and it’s perfectly reasonable to feel that way.

This ideal isn’t a problem solely for women. In fact, many men have a deep attachment to their hair. They may feel just as vulnerable without their standard length as a woman.

Some men even choose to go bald because they’ve already begun balding naturally. They want to cut off the embarrassing remainder.

Whatever the reason, choosing this look will have an emotional impact on you whether you prepare for it or not. Confidence will build back gradually. You may even feel bolder as time goes on.

Ignore the people who can’t wrap their heads around your style choices. And be encouraged by the people who compliment you.

You may be surprised by how many people react positively towards your new look.  It’s important to own your look. Before long, you’ll rock your style like nothing matters.

Cut Your Hair First

Cut Your Hair First

Unless you’ve already encountered a mishap that has left you with no other choice than to buzz it all off, you’ll want to cut down as much hair as possible with a pair of scissors before you break out the electric clippers.

You’ll want to do this for several reasons. The first is that you’ll want to spare your clippers any unneeded stress trying to chop through your locks.

Secondly, if you have long hair that’s in reasonably good condition, cutting it as close to your scalp first will give you the opportunity to take your locks in and donate them to a charity. There, it can have an important use for individuals without hair.

Make sure that you thoroughly research whichever charity you plan to give to know if your hair will make a difference.

Buzz Off The Rest

Buzzed hair

Once you cut your hair down, or if you’re starting with short hair to begin with, it’s time to break out the clippers. Choose the appropriate adapter, or no adapter, to begin buzzing off the remainder of your hair and get started.

It’s important to go with the grain of your hair instead of against it for a more polished look when done. Going with the grain of your hair also prevents your skin from getting irritated and developing a nasty case of razor burn.

For those who intend on going the whole nine yards, you’ll likely not want to use an attachment when you go to buzz your head. Doing this leaves less resistance for your razor to deal with and it helps keep things tidy.

Once everything is shaved off, it’s time for a shower. When you’re in the shower, you won’t use nearly as much shampoo. So go light on it. You’ll want to take this opportunity to exfoliate as much of your head as you can during this shower too.

Exfoliating and scrubbing your head down achieves several different results. These include knocking out loose hair from your scalp that didn’t fall naturally, as well as washing away the clusters of dead skin that have been resting on your scalp.

By exfoliating, you’re reducing the chances of developing ingrown hairs and razor burn. It also gives your razor better access to your buzzed hair.

Razor It Down

Razor It Down

When you’re done scrubbing everything off, the people who want to shave all of it off will need to apply a pre-shave oil like this unscented shave oil by The Art Of Shaving found on Amazon.

This oil acts as a protective layer between your razor and your skin, minimizing razor burn while giving your razor an effortless glide.

Once you’ve applied your shaving oil, lather on the shaving cream. Use a shaving cream that doesn’t restrict your view for your hair, products like these give you the best view of your hair so that you’re not left with patches:

  • Aveeno therapeutic shaving gel
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide gel

Once you have that all set up, take your razor and go with the grain of your hair. Take your time too; if you rush, you could nick yourself or miss spots. It’s important to go slow with this procedure, pulling the skin taut when needed to work with the small bumps and curves of your skull.

You’ll want to start with the softer top of your scalp and then work your way to the sides of your head before finally getting around to the back. Take care of each region at a time and don’t work all over the place. Otherwise, you’ll have a choppy job and irritated skin.

When you do finally work your way to the back of your head, you can take advantage of a handheld mirror or enlist the help of a loved one or a friend to take care of the last bit. Rinse your blade often to keep each shaving stroke as even and resistant-free as possible.

Rinse Your Head Again

Rinse Your Head Again

Once you’ve accomplished the long and tedious process of shaving your head, it’s time to rinse your scalp in cold water to get the shaving gel and extra hair off of your head.

Cleaning your scalp in cold water closes up the pores in your skin so dead skin and hair won’t be able to clog up your pores and cause nasty red bumps to appear.

Not to mention, closed pores lead to the firmer skin which can help your new lookout when you decide to go out. Once you’ve finished rinsing and you’ve dried your head, it’s time to apply an aftershave lotion of your choice onto your recently shaved head.

Even if you didn’t take your hair all the way to the scalp, it might be a good idea to run some through your head anyways to protect your skin.

Don’t use aftershave products that contain alcohol though. These products dry out your skin more than anything else and can leave your scalp feeling itchy and irritated. Not to mention any touch ups that you attempt to do will irritate the skin further and make your scalp red and painful.

Keeping The Look

You’re going to love how low maintenance this hairstyle actually is. Especially since the cost of hair products is going to go right out the window after you’ve achieved your shaved head.

Even though this new hairstyle is somewhat liberating in that sense, it’s important to understand how to keep up with touch-ups.

For the people who are keeping their hair very closely buzzed, it’s all a matter of good scrubbing with shampoo. And taking the clippers to your hair every couple of weeks or so.

Most of your maintenance schedule is determined by how fast your hair typically grows. And if you didn’t know before, you’d get an idea after you’ve shaved your head for the first time.

For those who have taken their hair to the scalp, you’ll need a more detailed upkeep schedule. Since your skill will have exposure to the sun, it’s best to moisturize your scalp. Then apply a light sunscreen to protect your skin.

Keeping the hair down is as easy as keeping up on shaving it every week or so to keep the look.

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