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50 Stunning Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas for Women

Stunning Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas for Women

Now you can wear rose gold hair color that will perfectly match all of your favorite jewelry. You can easily recreate these looks using a mix of red, pink, and blonde tones. You can mix these colors into a hue that is perfect and unique to you. One of the reasons that rose gold hair is so popular is because it looks amazing on all skin tones.

Women are wearing this beautiful color all year long but it pops during the fall when your wear warmer tones. You should try rose gold hair if you are trying to transition to blonde or brown because it is a wonderful middle spot. Now let’s take a look at the 50 stunning rose gold hair color ideas in 2022.

1. Rose Gold on a Blonde Hair

Rose Gold on a Blonde Hair

First up is this peachy rose gold tone. Here she has kept the top section blonde and added her new color about halfway down. Finish this look off with subtle waves, and you are all set.

2. Peachy Rose Gold

Peachy Rose Gold

Here is a style for women with long hair. She has kept her hair all one length except for a few layers around the face and added in pretty beach waves, and it looks amazing. Finish it off with this stunning new hair color, and you will love how you look.

3. Split Dye Rose Gold Bangs

Split Dye Rose Gold Bangs

Another way to go is with a split dye style. She has kept most of her hair natural, with just a pop of peachy gold in the bangs and one side of her face. Finish it off with curls as they have done here or wear it straight for a sleeker look.

4. Shoulder Length Rose Gold Hair

Shoulder Length Rose Gold Hair

Shoulder-length hair is so popular because you can wear it down curly, straight, or even pull it up in a ponytail. In the photo above they went with an all-over light pink color with hints of gold and it looks so pretty.

5. Rose Gold Hair with Dark Roots

Rose Gold Hair with Dark Roots

Keeping your roots dark has so many advantages. For starters, it keeps your roots healthy, and it saves you a few trips to the salon because the grow-out period can be as long as you want. Here they have stylish dark roots with a rosy golden hue on the rest of the hair.

6. Rose Gold Wavy Bob

Rose Gold Wavy Bob

After your next bob haircut, you could add this beautiful and trendy look. Here she has styled her new look with a middle part and messy waves, and she looks so beautiful.

7. Glossy Rose Gold Hair

Glossy Rose Gold Hair

Glossy hair is such a vibe. Here she has glossy, shiny short hair with a beautiful pink and gold color perfectly blended. This would be a beautiful new hairstyle for women of all ages.

8. Soft Rose Gold Hair

Soft Rose Gold Hair

Tired of the same old long hairstyle? Well, we have found a new look for you. Above, she has added a soft combination of pink and gold to create this pretty look. Be sure to add spiral curls to show off your new color.

9. Copper Rose Gold Hair

Copper Rose Gold Hair

If you are looking for a darker vibe of our featured hair color, this copper hue would be perfect. It still has hints of rose and gold, but the overall look is much warmer. She has kept it about shoulder length and added in side bangs for a gorgeous look.

10. Warm Rose Gold Hair

Warm Rose Gold Hair

Next up is a style you could try if you are going grey. She has used a lighter tone of this style here on her short and swept-over bob hairstyle, making her look ten years younger.

11. Rose Gold Highlights

Rose Gold Highlights

For a more subtle style, just add in highlights as they have done here. She went with a pinker color here than some of the other looks on this list, and it looks so good with her light blonde hair.

12. Rose Gold Balayage

Rose Gold Balayage

A balayage always makes sense when you consider incorporating a new color into your hair. Here she went with a rose gold balayage and finished her long hairstyle off by curling the bottoms, and it looks perfect.

13. Rose Gold Bob

Rose Gold Bob

Here she is wearing a perfectly cut bob hairstyle for women. But she took this classic style to the next level by adding a light pink color with golden highlights. Wear it straight as they have done here or add in curls because either way, you are going to look amazing.

14. Natural Rose Gold Long Hair

Natural Rose Gold Long Hair

This color is so versatile and looks good no matter how long or short your hair is. She has gone with beautiful all-over color and finished it with flawless waves. Be sure to add plenty of hairspray, so you stay looking fresh all day long.

15. Rose Gold Hues

Rose Gold Hues

For a short and sweet style, give this next look a chance. Here she has a blunt cut right passed the shoulders with a thick fringe in the front. Next, she added in our featured color and perfect waves, and it looks stunning.

16. Rosey Pink Vibes

Rosey Pink Vibes

At some point in all girls’ lives, they think about dying their hair pink. Why not do it now with this grown-up pinkish gold color? Finish it off with pretty waves, and you are going to love your new style.

17. Balayage with Rose Gold

Balayage with Rose Gold

Up next is another way to add a rose gold balayage to your look. Here she has started her look off with pink at the top and faded it down to a lovely gold color. Finish your look off with curls to show off your new look, and you are all set.

18. Peachy Rose Blonde to Ombre Hair

Peachy Rose Blonde Hair

Here is a mix of all the best things about this color. She has pink, peachy, and golden color pops throughout her mid-length hair, and it looks so good.

19. Pastel Rose Gold Hair

Pastel Rose Gold Hair

Another way to go is to add this color with a pastel hue. Here she is wearing her new pastel tones with a blonde base and finishing it off perfectly with curls and side bangs.

20. Rose Gold on a Thin Hair

Rose Gold on a Thin Hair

Women with thin hair already know how hard it can be to find the right hairstyle. But look no further because we have found you the perfect cut and color to make the best out of your thin hair. They have styled it straight here, and it looks so beautiful.

21. Rose Gold Money Pieces

Rose Gold Money Pieces

The money piece is back, and women are finding new and modern ways to wear this retro look. Here she kept most of her hair natural and dark and added a trendy money piece in the front.

22. Rose Gold Balayage with Bangs

Rose Gold Balayage with Bangs

This beautiful girl is wearing her dark hair cut right passed the shoulders with thick bangs added in the front. She has also added our featured color by using a balayage, which was an excellent choice because she looks amazing.

23. Rose Gold Copper Balayage

Rose Gold Copper Balayage

For a darker vibe, you could always go with this copper color. She has kept her hair long and added in even waves here. This would be an amazing hairstyle that would look so good on women of all ages.

24. Rose Gold Mullet Cut

Rose Gold Mullet Cut

Mullet hairstyles are back in style and better than ever. She is wearing her mullet with rose and gold hues mixed perfectly to match her skin tone.

25. Reddish Dark Rose Gold Hair

Reddish Dark Rose Gold Hair - a woman wearing a black top

If you are looking to add this color to your style in the wintertime, you should try this warmer look. Here she has parted her hair on the side and added in pretty waves to complete this look.

26. Short Hair Rose Gold Color

Short Hair Rose Gold Color

Up next is a subtle way to incorporate this pretty color. In the photo above, she has kept most of her hair dark with even highlights. She has perfectly styled her hair with beach waves, showing off her new color in all the right ways.

27. Rose Gold Ombre Hair

Rose Gold Ombre Hair

This next look is giving off serious mermaid vibes. She has grown her hair extra long here and kept the roots dark but added a perfect ombre in the rest, which looks perfect.

28. Mid-Length Rose Gold Hair

Mid-Length Rose Gold Hair

Mid-length might be the most popular length for women. Here she has added overall coverage of this pretty color in her hair and finished it off with perfect curls.

29. Deep Rose Gold Ombre

Deep Rose Gold Ombre - a woman wearing a white shirt

Ombres are so popular for women who are looking to add color to their hair because it gives them an even look. Here she went with a deep rose gold color, and the results are timeless.

30. Metallic Rose Gold Hair

Metallic Rose Gold Hair

Metallic tones are right on trend in 2023. Here she has an almost brassy tone coming through her short wavy hair, which is such a vibe.

31. Faded Hair

Faded Hair

Another way to add this color to your hair is shown above. She starts with a pinker tone and then flawlessly fades down to a light blonde. You can wear this style straight for a sleeker look or add waves as they have done here.

32. Pixie Hair

Pixie Hair

This short and sassy style has a pixie cut and dark rose color added throughout. She kept the base of this style dark, and the two colors complement each other so well.

33. Rose Gold Waves

Rose Gold Waves

If one color is not enough for your epic style, these lovely shades of purple and blue look great when added in with our featured hair color. Here they have added peekaboo highlights and finished it off with beautiful curls.

34. Curly Rose Gold

Curly Rose Gold

Women with curly hair already know how hard it can be to find the right hairdo, but look no further because here is a trendy hairstyle you will love.

35. Short Rose Gold Hues

Short Rose Gold Hues

Keeping your hair this short has plenty of advantages. It keeps the hair off your neck, is easy to style, and looks so good. After you decide to cut your hair this short, try adding pretty rose gold highlights; you will love your new look.

36. Coil Curls

Coil Curls

This pretty woman has coil curls that are dyed perfectly to match her skin tone. You can ask your hairdresser to blend the hair dye until you get the perfect color for you.

37. Messy Rose Gold Hair

Messy Rose Gold Hair

Messy hairstyles will always be in style because they are easy to do and leave you looking fabulous. Here she has styled her freshly dyed hair with messy curls and a middle part; she shouldn’t change a thing.

38. Shiny Rose Gold Hair

Shiny Rose Gold Hair

Everyone knows that shiny hair is healthy hair. If your hair doesn’t shine bright like in the photo above, you should ask your hairdresser what they recommend next time you are at the salon so you, too can have shiny hair.

39. Seamless Balayage

Seamless Balayage

Up next is a look for all the ladies out there with long hair. Here she has added a beautiful rose-tinted color to her hair while keeping the top dark and natural. Keep your hair parted in the middle and add side bangs to get the whole vibe of this look.

40. Pink Rose Gold Hair

Pink Rose Gold Hair

Some women prefer wearing stronger hints of pink when wearing this look. That is what she has done here, and she finished her style off with beach waves for a flawless look.

41. Blonde to Rose Gold Ombre Hair

Blonde to Rose Gold Ombre Hair

Here is another perfect example of how to add an ombre with rose gold. She kept the top naturally light and let the new colors blend perfectly. The best way to style an ombre look is with beach waves, just as they have done in the photo above.

42. Gorgeous Highlights

Gorgeous Highlights

This next look keeps the hair cut right at the shoulders with a pinkish rose gold look. She went with one solid color here and added just a few waves; it looks flawless.

43. Face Framing Hair

Face Framing Hair

Another way to add a subtle amount of color to your look is to add it to the layers that frame the face. Here she went with an orangish tone and curled the hair away from the face to show it off.

44. Angled Wavy Hair

Angled Wavy Hair

Angled blunt cuts look so good, no matter what length you are aiming for. Here she kept it longer in the front and added highlights throughout. Wear it curly for a lovely look, or keep it straight to show off your new blunt-angled line.

45. Sunset Rose Gold Hair

Sunset Rose Gold Hair

Everyone loves a good sunset. Here she has taken all the best colors of mother nature and added them to her hair to create this beautiful sunset color. She added thick side bangs and a few layers around the face to complete this pretty look.

46. Brunette Hair

Brunette Hair

Rose gold looks so good when you add it to your natural brown hair, just as she has done here. She used an ombre technique that leaves the top section darker and fades down to a pretty golden hue.

47. Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde will always be in style, no matter how old you are. In this beautiful look, she has her hair about shoulder length and keeps it curly after adding in a gorgeous strawberry blonde hue. She also added trendy micro-bangs to make her look more unique.

48. Pink Balayage

Pink Balayage

Everyone knows that a balayage is a great idea when you are thinking of adding color to your style. Here she went with a darker tone on the top that fades perfectly to a pink rose and gold-tone.

49. Rose Gold Copper Blonde Hair

Rose Gold Copper Blonde Hair

Up next is a darker way to wear your hair. She has added a pretty copper hue to her short wavy hair for a fresh fall look.

50. Full Head Rose Gold Hair

Full Head Rose Gold Hair

Last but not least is a hairstyle for women who like to keep their hair long and natural. She has a full head of our featured hair color, which looks natural and beautiful.


Are you ready to make your hair appointment at your favorite salon? If you want to make sure your new rose gold color stays as long as possible, you will need to invest in a good hair color shampoo, so your colors do not run. Please leave us a comment and let us know which number you will try!

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