30 Party Hairstyles to Look Fabulous No Matter the Occasion!

Winter, summer, spring or fall, no matter the season, you will want to know what the coolest party hairstyles are so that you will always be on top of the style game!

To help you with this, we’ve put together lists of hairstyles for short to long hair that will have you party-ready in no time! Also, these styles are just as practical as they are pretty and varied as they can just as easily fit a wedding or Thanksgiving dinner as they can a birthday bash or night out in town!

So without further ado, let’s check out these cool party styles and cuts and pick a shortlist of favorites!

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I. Short Party Hairstyles

1. Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles

We are advocates of the beauty of short hair and it’s versatility, but even we have to admit that it can sometimes be harder to style, depending on its length. So take the easiest way out and go for a short bob hairstyle styled to be curly or wavy. You can also add hair accessories to complete the look.

2. Half Up Bun Party Hairstyles for Short Hair

Another way to style short hair is to gather it in a half-up hairstyle such as this messy bun. The one above looks close to unraveling, but a messy half-up ponytail can look just as good. Leave some face-framing strands for a cool touch.

3. Wavy Hair with Crown Braid Style

The first of many crowns to come, consider braiding a crown around the head either out with the help of the classic 3-strand technique or through a more complex braiding style. Either way, leave the rest of the hair messy, curly or even straight – all will look just as good!

4. Short Double Braids Ending in Ponytail

There’s also the option of parting your hair down the middle in two equal parts and braiding each in your style and technique of choice. Then, connect the two resulting braids in a small ponytail at the back of the head.

5. Half Up Ponytail with Hair Bow

Put a bow on those party hairstyles, literally. Even a wavy, messy half-up ponytail on short hair can look that much more elegant simply by adding a fancy bow to it – the look can be either edgier or classier depending on the width and material of the bow.

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6. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Keep things short and stylish by going for a pixie haircut with long bangs. Also, add a touch of glam to it by adding in some highlights or lowlight or even an ombre on the long bangs. Add statement earrings and be all party-ready!

7. Wavy Mohawk with Shaved Sides

This might not be a Thanksgiving with family look, but it is definitely a very cool New Year’s Eve bash or night in the club-style. The short hair was styled in a wavy mohawk whose different layers are all the brought out by the lavender highlights. Also, the sides are shaved in true mohawk style.

8. Half Braided Fade Haircut

This can easily be the next growth stage of the haircut we presented above or a self-standing look. The long bangs are left to drape over one side of the head while the hair on the other is braided to all the better show off the undercut and faded sides.

9. Pixie Haircut with Faded Sides

You can also go for a less extreme version of the hairstyle above by combining the faded and shaved side only with a pixie cut and without the undercut or secondary side shave. The light hair color also helps sweeten the look.

10. Short Tight Curls on Natural Hair

Make the most of your natural hair and showcase it by letting the short and tight curls on top grow up in a sort of afro-way. Make them pop by dyeing or highlighting the hair on top in another, contrasting color.

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II. Medium & Shoulder-Length Party Hairstyles

11. Messy Layered Bob Hairstyle

Once your hair grows longer, you can style it in a variety of ways but one of the prettiest and easiest party hairstyles will still be letting it all run loose. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a perfect example of this especially as her hair is layered and textured for additional volume.

12. Relaxed Waves in Longer Hair with Bangs

While the hairstyle above showcases long hair, the idea still stands: one of the best ways to style mid-length hair is to add in some waves or curls and also cut the bangs that best fit your face shape and style.

13. Wavy Bob with Twisted Half Up Style

There will be many bob and half-up styles in this article but first, check out this wavy long bob. The twist braid crown adds a boho touch to the whole look and also helps bring to attention the various highlights and lowlights in the hair and their different shades of blonde and brown.

14. The Ballerina Bun

We love the messy bun but first, there was the bun, the ballerina bun. This is still to this day considered one of the most elegant updos for all hair lengths and we can only say that we agree and would recommend it any day and for any occasion.

15. Old Hollywood Glam Bob

There’s a certain fascination with old Hollywood and that’s reflected in the many and varied glamorous modern adaptation of their Red Carpet and party hairstyles. In this photo, admire the way in which Brittany Snow styled her mid locks to glam bob perfection by going for Hollywood waves.

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16. Sleek Pompadour-Style Mid-Length Hair

La belle Marion Cotillard has wowed us with many hairstyles and cuts over the years, but this one is so easily adaptable and can become your go-to party look. The hair is styled in a sort of faux pompadour as the hair on top is sleek and voluminous while the locks on the sides are gathered at the back of the head and under the upper part to ‘hide them away’.

17. Straight Asymmetrical Bob Cut

The asymmetrical bob was one of the trendiest cuts you could go for some years back and is still going strong to this day. Make yours as long and asymmetrical as you desire and then have fun styling it in a variety of ways.

18. Relaxed Mid-Level Ponytail and Bangs

This medium-length hair was gathered in a very pouffy and voluminous ponytail made about half-way up the head. When coupled with the frontal arched bangs and face-framing ones, it makes for a very doll-like and sweet effect.

19. The Wavy Curly Shoulder-Length Bob

Be wild and curly and rebellious looking with a wavy to curly shoulder-length bob left to run as it wants! Pick a side so that the locks won’t lie on the center of the head and consider bringing some hair ties if you’re planning on going to a dance party.

20. Old Glam Side Swept Waves

As we’ve said, old Hollywood glam will likely never go out of style, and this photo of Cara Delevingne goes to show another way to wear it – one fit for mid to long hair alike. Simply sweep all of the hair over a chosen shoulder and then curls the tips of the hair and the face-framing strands for a retro touch.

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III. Long Party Hairstyles

21. Sleek Straight High Ponytail

Another belle of the ball, Bella Hadid is here with straight hair perfection as goes to show that sometimes, less is more. For this Red Carpet event, she simply gathered all her hair up in a very sleek and high straight ponytail.

22. Twisted Updo for Long Hair

Alternatively, twist your hair to perfection with a long hair updo such as the one in this photo. This hairstyle involves creating three tiers of twists that are gathered to form a sort of rose-like shape.

23. Three Fishtail Braids Party Hairstyles

This is one of those party hairstyles for which you will likely need some help. Although some women can self-braid a fishtail, this look uses not one but three. The hair must be separated into three sections: the first fishtail acts as a sort of crown braid while the second one goes to offer a transition between it and the third layer. Intricate, tricky, but so worth it!

24. Messy Updo Party Hairstyles

This hairstyle used to be a big hit among women back in the 90s and is slowly become just as popular nowadays (partially thanks to the 1990s revival). The hair is caught in a messy updo that adds height to the wearer thanks to its pouffed up frontal strand. Several face-framing strands are left free here, but can also be caught and tied, depending on your tastes.

25. Glam Waves for Very Long Hair

Very long hair will be both harder to maintain and to style as the hair itself will be heavier. If your hair is as long, consider going for some old glam waves but styling them central-parted and bringing each part over a shoulder.

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26. Simple Elegant Twisted Updo for Long Hair

Complicated in appearance, this hairstyle is actually easier to make than some of the ones we’ve presented above. The locks are twisted-braided over one another before ending in a tucked back pony or bun at the nape of the neck.

27. Double Braids in Ponytail with Hair Accessories

Be as sweet as pie and go for a double set of braids in your technique of choice. You can easily opt for either French or Dutch braids, for example, and then unite and end them in an oversized ribbon bow.

28. Braided Mohawk Party Hairstyles

There are several ways to rock a braided mohawk (as we actually discuss in a separate article on the matter) but this is one that can easily be worn no matter the occasion. Besides being significantly less rebellious, this style can also help showcase that wonderful hair color of yours – be it natural or with highlights, ombre, or balayage in it.

29. Messy Updo with Headband

Because of the embellished headband, this looks more like a wedding hairstyle. However, don’t be fooled by this – keep the messy curly updo but accessorize it with a hippier or more rock glam band depending on your tastes and the occasion.

30. Retro Long Hair Party Hairstyles

Go full retro with your hair and replicate this hairstyle that was commonly worn by long-haired ladies in the Roaring 20s. Many associates that period with short hairdos, style and expectations that might be further strengthened by the shorter aspect given even to longer locks.

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

This list of party hairstyles has hopefully proven helpful in finding the best style for your next big bash, no matter the occasion. We picked something for every type and length of hair, and there are styles for both wavy, curly, and straight-haired ladies.

So what’s it gonna be, a short hair left to run wild or some vintage glam waves? Or perhaps you’ll leave you locks free and styled Whichever the case, drop a comment to inspire us and others as well and have fun!

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