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Hairstyles for Women

Side-swept Vintage Hairstyles

50 Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Whether they’re from the 20s, 60s or any decade in between, vintage hairstyles definitely have a charm of their own. ...

Opal Hair Long Curly Hairstyles

50 Long Curly Hairstyles

Enchanting and inspiring, long curly hairstyles for women are absolutely delightful to witness or wear yourself. If you ...

Pastel and Bright Blend

50 Peekaboo Highlights Ideas

What do you get when you mix playfulness, courage, and creativity in a single hairstyle? Peekaboo highlights! One of ...

Deep Magenta Hair

50 Magenta Hair Color Ideas for Bold Women

Women with strong personalities will often explore fearless options for expressing themselves, such as using magenta ...

Dorothy Hamill Wedge Haircut

50 Wedge Haircut Ideas for Women

The wedge haircut has been in style for more than half a century (at least!). Even though it has had its spikes and ...

50’s Hairstyles for Long Hair

50 Pin Up Hairstyles for Retro Glam

Nothing mixes sensuality, femininity, and glam better than pin up hairstyles. What started as a poster portraying the ...

Super Cool Hairstyles

50 Timeless Hairstyles for Women over 60

They say that age is just a number, and we couldn’t agree more. No matter if you have reached a mature chapter in ...

Purple Braid

50 Beautiful Plum Hair Color Ideas

Plum hair color is slowly but surely transitioning into one of the most endeared hair trends of the year. With ...

Softly Straightened Hairstyles

50 Spectacular Hairstyles for Women over 40

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she’s determined to get a fresh start. In many cases, this involves a ...

Fishtail Crown Braid

50 Creative Crown Braid Hairstyles

Is it possible to get a chic, royal or boho look without spending your whole paycheck at your hairdresser? Of course it ...

Icy Blonde

50 Inspiring Blonde Hairstyles

If blondes truly have more fun or not we do not know for sure, but what we know for a fact is that they have an ...

Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

50 Sensational Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

It’s crystal clear why bob hairstyles for black women have been so popular lately. They’re extremely stylish, ...