60 Hair Accessories You Must Wear this Fall

In 2019, we’re blissfully witnessing one of the biggest comebacks of hair accessories of these past decades. Fueled by an unexpected blend of 80s and 90s nostalgia as well as the recent wave of millennial minimalism, we now get to enjoy a wider variety of hair bling than ever before.

From statement pins to oversized headbands and even hair-long chains, anything goes. So, to help you embrace the much-needed creative trend, we’ve handpicked the best hair accessories you should be wearing!

Whether they graced the tresses of Fashion Week models or were dug out of childhood memory boxes, all the pieces shown below are certain to inspire you for your fall hairstyles – and the winter ones too!

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1. Bobby Pins Hair Accessories

There’s never really been a time in which bobby pins weren’t a beauty bag essential. However, now girls are taking the modest pin to new aesthetic heights. Grab a handful of bobby pins and use them to create beautiful shapes throughout your hair.

2. Chic Hair Pins

If you’re not up for creating your own bobby pin artworks, you can always look into readymade alternatives. Today, we have tasteful bobby pins that are more than the straight line we grew up with. For a trendy upgrade, use three or more at a time.

3. Pearl Barrettes

As you’ll soon find out, pearl hair accessories are everywhere this year. The same goes for jumbo pins, clips, and barrettes. Combine the ideas and you have one of the most stylish solutions for spicing up free flowing hair.

4. Padded Headband Hair Accessories for Women

Reminiscent of 80s chic and worn by princesses for decades, the padded headband is the royal touch your hair deserves. As far as trends go, there’s no accessory that’s more popping right now. Whether in velvet or satin, the padded headband is your new pretty must-have.

5. Twisted Headbands

For a more traditional approach to headbands, you can always go back to the middle-twist version. It’s a classic choice for casual wear, especially if you want to prolong summer. Feel free to throw it into your boho hairstyle and outfit mix to keep your strands out of your face with style.

6. Chain Hair Accessories for Braids

Thanks to high-end designers, we can now use chains as the latest hair jewelry. To add a luxurious touch to your braid or ponytail, simply attach some thin silver chain extensions. The idea works both in the case of formal attire and casual monochromatic outfits that need some glam.

7. Claw Clips

We must thank hair trendsetters for bringing back the claw clip. This is the only clip that actually gathers all your strands in one place, and in less than a minute to boot.

8. Crystal Vine Bridal Hair Accessories

If we don’t go all­-out with our hairstyle on our wedding day, when will we ever? One of the trendiest bridal hair accessories of the moment is the intricate crystal vine. For wedding updos, this enchanting piece truly is the icing on the cake.

9. Tiara Headpiece Wedding Hair Accessories

Every queen deserves her crown, especially on her wedding day. So in terms of bridal hair accessory, go for a stunning tiara headpiece. The crown-like accessory will perfectly compliment a hairdo with (or without) a veil. It’s also the best addition to wedding hairstyles for short hair too!

10. Butterfly Clips 90s Hair Accessories

Cute 90s kitsch, come through! Butterfly clips are another decade-defining accessory that we’re more than excited to be back among hair trends. Regardless if they’re colorful or clear, don’t hesitate to use them in abundance for a playful hairstyle.

11. Alligator Hair Clips

We’ve been accustomed to use alligator clips for their practical, rather than their aesthetic value. Nevertheless, if you find one that is beautifully designed, use it as the highlight of your hairstyle.

12. African Hair Beads

With the rise of natural hair celebration and protective hairstyles, we’re delighted that culture-specific accessories are now ubiquitous. If you’re eager to express your roots, decorate your box braids with gorgeous African hair beads.

13. Rhinestone Statement Hair Accessories for Girls

Statement jewelry has been consistently in style for years, and now, you can wear it in your hair too. You can use bold pieces that literally say whatever you want them to say.

14. Autumn Flower Hair Accessories

Now that autumn is in full swing, you can use seasonal elements as the foundation for your hairstyle. For instance, you can create a spectacular flower crown with perennial gems. As an alternative for longer wear, use artificial variations of the same flowers.

15. Big Plastic Barrettes

With 2019 hair accessories, it’s all about going big or going home. Recent trends encourage not only jumbo pieces but also using them in abundance. So, take some time to choose your favorite big barrettes and mix and match them as you please.

16. Branches Hair Pins

If you’re not one for tacky chic, you can always take the minimalist route with simple yet powerful hair accessories. Gold, silver, copper, and rose gold pieces are all the rage and you can wear them artfully, just like above.

17. Headscarf Hair Accessories

2019 is also the year of hair scarves. Although there are numerous ways you can integrate a silky scarf into your hairstyle, we have the perfect idea to make the accessory pop. Use it as the main feature of your hairstyle by wrapping it around your head in a gypsy-like fashion.

18. Metallic Scrunchie 80s Hair Accessories

The same goes for scrunchies. While the 2000s were about discrete and functional hair ties, in 2019, we’re taking a trip back in time to the glory days of the bold scrunchie. For an 80s approach to your hairstyle, pick a metallic scrunchie with a bunny ear bow.

19. Minimalist Pins

Another take on the contemporary minimalist trend is the suggestive use of silhouettes. Animal forms are on the rise, but so are basic geometric shapes. Regardless of your choice, a minimalist hair pin is an elegant element for any half up half down hairstyle.  

20. Jumbo Bead Hair Ties

You can definitely tell that there’s a pattern going on with 90s hair accessories. Back then, it wasn’t enough to use a simple elastic for your ponytail – it had to be decked out somehow. One way to go was with big plastic beads.

21. Celtic Ponytail Wrap Hair Accessories

You can also allow yourself to be inspired by other cultures for your hairstyle (but please be wary of appropriation whenever the case). For instance, you can look and feel like a Norse warrior with a Celtic-inspired accessory like this spiral ponytail wrap.

22. Bejeweled Headbands

Now is the time to be unapologetically extra with your hairstyle by going for fabulous accessories like bejeweled headbands. As a style tip, if you’re going to wear ornate pieces like the one above, we recommend toning down the rest of your outfit.

23. Ribbon Hair Accessories

When all else fails, a ribbon won’t. There’s nothing quite like the elegance that comes by simply using a thin piece of fabric as a ribbon in your hairstyle. It works amazingly well for half up, half down hairstyles and also high and low ponytails.

24. Metal Hair Cuffs

Any protective hairstyle will benefit from the beauty and practicality of metal cuffs or beads. For some – like these bubble ponytails – they can section areas of hair. On the other hand, metal cuffs are wonderful for accentuating dreadlocks or African braids, like cornrows or Ghana braids.

25. Raw Crystal Boho Hair Accessories

Boho hairstyles have being the highlight of the late 2010s and are still going strong. Aside from loose braids and messy buns, boho chic also involves the heavy use of accessories. For instance, you can wear a halo piece with lovely raw crystals.

26. Velour Scrunchies

For a 90s take on the scrunchie, you can skip the glitz and glam of the 80s and go for a classic velour or velvet piece. The timeless accessory is your best friend for a range of hairstyles from half ups and ponytails to buns and more!

27. Bun Holder Hair Accessories

Going back to the minimalist wave, some new-age accessories are just as useful as they are eye-catching. Take this two-piece bun holder for example. Aside from looking absolutely stunning, the accessory actually helps keep a bun in place throughout the day.

28. Tortoiseshell Acrylic Barrettes

Out of all the returning hair accessories in 2019, tortoiseshell patterns are at the forefront of visual goodies. The acrylic barrettes we’ve known and adored since childhood with their small and jumbo variations for all tastes are trending more than ever.

29. Feather Headpiece 1920s Hair Accessories

Even though vintage accessories are slowly stepping to the side to make way for other retro gems, style elements from the 1920s will always be relevant. An elaborate feather headpiece is always a great choice.

30. Boho Braid Rings Hair Accessories

Yet another boho chic accessory to keep in mind are hair rings. With or without charms attached, hair rings or piercings can make any bohemian braid come to life. They’re the ideal choice for festival outfits but also for a casual day that needs some spice to it.

31. Flowery Hair Ties

We’ve talked about autumn flower crowns, but there are other ways you can work flowers into your hairstyle. For example, you can decorate your half up ponytail with a flowery hair tie. If you’re feeling creative, use artificial flowers and make the accessory on your own.

32. Head Wraps

Aside from protecting natural hair or respecting religious customs, head wraps and turbans are a beautiful addition to a woman’s appearance. Moreover, they have other useful benefits, such as shielding your hair from the elements or sun damage.

33. Bow DIY Hair Accessories

There’s no doubt that bows are in. If you pull your hair into a ponytail, bun, or half up half down hairstyle with a thin black bow, you won’t need anything else. Instant classiness!

34. Honeycomb Hairpins

Don’t you just love when a hair accessory that’s just as cute as it is functional comes around? That’s exactly what you get with a minimalist honeycomb hairpin. The bee charm is the perfect finishing touch.

35. Hair Sticks

Never underestimate the power of two simple hair sticks. Their versatility is over the roof as they can be used both for creating a hairstyle or for decorating a bun with faux bangs. Aesthetic perfection in a nutshell!

36. Faux Fur Scrunchies

Give me scrunchies, baby, one more time. We’re living for the pigtails and baby pink faux fur scrunchies look. For schoolgirl chic à la 90s Britney Spears, there are no better hair accessories.

37. Quick Bun Pin Hair Accessories

If you’re in a rush and don’t have that much time for playing around with your hairstyle, a quick pin can be a lifesaver. Just twist your bun, shove the pin in, and you’re ready to tackle the day!

38. Pearl Headbands

It’s easy to see how and why pearls have made their way onto the podium of hair trends. They glow with a sophistication that you can’t really find in any other hair accessories. Aside from clips and pins, you can count on pearls for jumbo headbands too!

39. Pin Up Bandana Vintage Hair Accessories

Although far from being a recent craze, pin up hairstyles have proven their perpetual relevance from the 1950s onwards. Nothing beats a classic red paisley bandana wrapped in a timeless Rosie the Riveter fashion. We can do it!

40. Laurel Wreath Prom Hair Accessories

Want to emulate a Greek goddess on prom night? We have just the right hair accessory for you! A chic laurel wreath halo to hold up your half up half down hairstyle.

41. Plastic Beads

For a more playful take on Fulani braids, African American queens can also rock plastic beads instead of wooden ones. They provide a wider range of colors and other customization options to match every mood.

42. Artsy Low Ponytail Pins

The low ponytail is our go-to for freeing our face of loose strands without too much effort. But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t transform our hairstyle into a work of art. A minimalist two-piece silver pin will do the trick!

43. Halloween Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can help you get into the mood of your favorite holiday. For example, if you’re a Halloween geek, express your spooky spirit with a glitter bat hairpin.

44. Adorable Thanksgiving Hair Accessories

Thanksgiving is a time for appreciating the special in your life. Even though a festive Thanksgiving hairstyle might not work that well for a grown woman, it’s perfect for a daughter, little sister, or niece. Use colorful pipe cleaners and a sock bun to create an adorable turkey silhouette.

45. Thin Gemmed Headband Christmas Hair Accessories

Christmas, on the other hand, is often regarded as somewhat of a fancier holiday. With classy Christmas parties galore, you’re going to want a hair accessory to do your formal outfit justice. For that, we recommend a thin, gem-incrusted headband with gold details.

46. Snap Clips

Just like butterfly clips, snap clips were must-haves for anyone growing up in the 90s. The more colorful, the better! As expected, these whimsical hair accessories are very much back in style.

47. Silky Scarves

We’ve previously praised the adaptability of hair scarves, and here’s another example that proves our point. Your bun will come to life with a silky scarf – we guarantee it!

48. Starfish Mermaid Hair Accessories

Mermaid hair took over the hair game, and for good reasons. Feminine and creative alike, a mermaid hairstyle with starfish accessories will make anyone wish they could trade lives with Ariel for at least a day.

49. Pearl Pin Hair Accessories for Updos

Most of the pearly hair accessories we’ve presented were larger than life. However, you can use pearls as the fine detail that pulls your hairstyle together. For instance, a chignon with a subtle pearl pin will look just gorgeous!

50. Stone Encrusted Barrettes

From bedazzled headbands to crystal halos, we also have barrettes that we can use to make our hairstyles sparkle. Whether you use one or two at a time, barrettes decorated with stones are the way to go!

51. Square Resin Clip Hair Accessories

If you want an out of the box approach to hair accessories, combine different trends. For example, take the resin clip trend and, instead of using the classic oversized snap clip, mix it with the minimalist wave and get a hollow square pin.

52. Solid Flat Hair Pins

Not the one for frame-like hair accessories? No worries, you can rock solid metal pieces and be just as fab. When shopping for yours, we recommend choosing a piece without any other design details for a classy look.

53. Link Chain Hair Accessories

Some accessories are destined only for the most special of occasions. You won’t want to wear a massive link chain waterfall braid on a daily basis. Nonetheless, when you do, you’ll be the center of attention!

54. V Shaped Halo Accessories

French painter and sculptor Edgar Degas once said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Succeed in doing this with an artful V-shaped gold hair accessory, and your work here is done!

55. Studded Headbands

The padded headbands that are so popular right now come in a number of shapes and sizes. If a velvet or satin piece won’t cut it for you, go full rebel with a leather and studded one.

56. Yarn Braid Wrap Hair Accessories

In addition to all sorts of beads, women with afro-textured hair can use vibrant yarn to customize their braids. The pieces of string can be wrapped around the braid in a criss-cross manner for woven locks.

57. Stretch Combs

Back when millennials were kids, there was nothing quite like the satisfying sensation of pulling your hair back with a circular stretch comb. To top it off, it would also keep your strands out of your way, and stylishly so.

58. Unique Hair Accessories for Short Hair

It’s great to hop on hair trends and share your passion for accessories with fellow girls. However, nothing beats hunting for a unique piece that you won’t see every other day. The extra time is worth it.

59. Hair Clips Frenzy

Why settle for one accessory when you can have them all? In 2019, you can step out of your comfort zone and pile on as many pins as you’d like!

60. Childhood Gems Galore

Last but not least, you can apply the same principle to your favorite childhood hair accessories. Bring on the colors!

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So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

With the risk of triggering some serious impulse buying, we’re happy knowing that you now have all the hair accessories inspo in the world!

From where we stand, the current hair bling craze is the creative outlet we all needed deep down inside. Sure, nothing beats leaving your freshly washed locks down, but why not take advantage of the trend to further express yourself?

Now more than ever, our mane is a tool for depicting our personalities through accessories. Regardless if you’re a 90s baby, a stylish art student, or no matter how you decide to describe yourself, your hair canvas awaits!

So, how will you incorporate hair accessories into your personal style? Which pieces sparked your imagination? Let’s continue the convo in the comments below.

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